League Of Legends:Quest for Grey Warwick

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Posted 3/1/11 , edited 3/2/11
Join me in playing one of my most favorite games of all time, League of Legends. An Epic game filled with team work and challenge. Over 60 Champions and counting, free to play on line game. Fight 5v5 or 3v3 or hit the fields of justice by yourself. New maps coming out soon for everyone to enjoy. I have been playing this game for 6 months now and can not stop playing every night. If you are looking for a game join me in this one. I can help you get started and teach you the basics of playing. With over 600 games played and owning every champion in the game I can start you on a road to victory. Join me in playing by going to this link and adding my name to your friends list, I have many smurf accounts and enjoy playing with new people.

Quest for Warwick: Every time you have someone use your link to start a new account and play to lvl 5 you get 1 friend referral point, after 50 referrals you receive 1 special skin to use on Warwick, a champion character.


I hope I see you on the Fields of Justice
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Posted 6/7/11 , edited 6/8/11
gimmie your account name, i will add you and we shall play!

im LHKite, add me up
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Posted 9/15/12 , edited 9/16/12
www.twitch.tv/cdollars Stream for Free giveaway ! Make sure to follow
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