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KukaixUtau game o-o
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Posted 6/18/11 , edited 6/18/11
uh night night? lol
i will be not posting for a while cause 2 weeks before school ends and it will be busy so i hope you guys will continue it while im gone ^^

Anne: I wonder where they are?!?
Stacey: Maybe we should chara nari and look for them
Yua: Probably that is a good idea haha
Miki: Well then lets do it!

Miki: Dream Chef!
Stacey: Ultimate Sport!
Anne: Fabulous Writer!

Yua: I forgot to mention it but i dont have a chara... but i have this strange egg though!
Miki: You will soon have one Yua but anyways just ride with me!
Miki: Let's go Yua!
*All of their flying boards appeared and started to look for them*

Utau: According to my senses the fangirls are trying to find us
Kukai: Yeah and yaya is chasing us too!

Kutau both ran so fast yaya couldnt keep up with them.

Yaya: Uh....where did they go Aika chan?
Aika: I have no idea! But can we at least rest yaya?
Yaya: Where could they be?
Aika: *feels ignored*

Em: Where the hell are they?!?
Setsuko: I have no idea
Em: What about you Shuun?
Shuun: Nope
Em: Ughh.. how can we lose them!?!??!

Em found the other fangirls with their charas

Em: Oh look the other fangirls have charas too!
Setsuko: You just found out about it?
Em: Ehh....

Miki: Look its that fangirl!
*All of them went down to see Em*
Stacey: Hey whats your name?
Em: Its Em this are my charas Shuun and Setsuko
Anne: Thats a nice name!
Yua: I know i dont have a chara and all but can we save this chit chat and start finding them or we are going to lose our fangirl ish by just staying here and chat?
Miki: You know she is right
Anne: What are we wating for lets go!

Em chara nari with Shuun

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Posted 6/23/11 , edited 6/24/11
I'm back from hell! I mean SCHOOL! :)) plus, Yua's 1st unknown chara's name is gonna be Kimma
chara nari: Angel Star

kyara change: She's gonna have angel wings

??? : *Popped out of Yua's egg*

Yua: Eh?

??: I'll explain later, let's kyara nari too immediately before we lose those two!

Yua: Kyara Nari: Angel Star!

Yua: I wish you guys could catch up! *trying to catch up Kutau*

( With the Kutau couple)

Kukai: Let's kyara nari so we could move faster

Utau: Yeah, I guess that would be good!

*both kyara naried*

Kukai: *using his skateboard*

Utau: *using her bat wings*

(With the fan girls)

Anne: Wait a second! I can't catch up *pant* *pant*

Miki: come! *patting the free space of her flying board* Ride with me first

Anne: kk, *sat beside Miki and un kyara naried*

Yua: I think I see them!

Em: Meee tooo! wait are they in a chara nari form?

Miki: *saw Kutau* Think sooo...

Stacey: I'll catch up with you guys later, my mom's calling! Report to me all the news kay?

Em, Miki, Anne, Yua: Hai! Roger! *salutes* *and flying after the couple*

Stacey: *went down, un kyara naried then went home*

ENDING! :)) sorry if it's short I can't think of anything anymore! =_='

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Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/25/11
welcome back from hell! i mean school lol anyways did you draw that yua or just found it o-o

Kukai: You know we could've chara naried earlier
Utau: why didnt you say that for the past 2 hours!!!
Kukai: Uhh... hehe....

Miki: Musical notes! *music notes appeared and miki caught kutau*
Yua: Nice job miki! *high fives her*

my bad for doing it so short i am too tired and busy too!
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Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/25/11

I will be changing MIKI's (my character) guardians! I will be having three guardian characters! And will be adding pics of them too so read it kk??
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Posted 6/25/11 , edited 6/26/11
This is my new charas
Dark Angel

Upgrade Version of Dark Angel

Wolf Angel

Upgrade version of Wolf angel
Dream Singer

Upgrade version of Dream singer

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Posted 11/16/11 , edited 11/16/11
Hey, Can I join?
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Posted 11/16/11 , edited 11/17/11
???:*hand by knees from tree sleeping*
(Now im stuck fail....)
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