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Posted 3/1/11 , edited 3/2/11
Ok, I know that with the way that I see things going right now, no one has been on in more than a few days, so what I was thinking, since no one is sure what we were doing or what is happening right now, I have something that I am doing for money to build a company with.
The people that are able to help me get a percentage of this, seeing that I can do this on my own, but I rather have others in on this whole adventure.
I make meshes and rigging, which is sorta easy if you get the information needed for each of these things, but doing the research and getting the stuff needed for each of these is something not so fun, but the profit is nothing to sneeze at.
What I am doing is making meshes to be used in animation and game creation for independent users. These are a group of meshes sold as a download at the cost of $2.99 a piece or $300.00 a whole set.
The first set I am creating is tanks from WW1 all the way to present with a few extra ones for future or gaming purposes.
Along with this whole thing I am also using these to set up a game I call the Puzzle Labyrinth. There are 100 levels to this game. And caution, it is not for the faint at heart, or easily frustrated.
Each floor has three puzzles. One puzzle on the labyrinth floor and the other two covering the door of their choice to leave by. The problem is that one floor leads up the other leads two floors down. Each puzzle is different. Each floor is different.
Along with these puzzles, there are not hints, no clues, and you have to figure a way out yourself. The story line is easy. You have to escape your own nightmare of your own creation. Some one locked you in the maze and you made it, but they switched the programming.
The floors maze switches at random, and the doors switch at random, making it very hard to go up or down and you never know which floor you are on until you log out, or win, or reset by getting caught by one of the creatures in the game.
You have to solve the puzzle on the floor first to unlock the puzzles on the doors, and then you have to choose which door to go into.
Now I know this whole plan seems really hard, but when you log out, it will save your progress, but it automatically updates, making it impossible to log out before getting caught or if you are unable to finish a puzzle.
Each floor has a timer of 15 minutes. In those minutes you have to finish the both puzzles, or be sent back to start.
To aid the players, some puzzles are really easy on the floors, but the doors are another subject. Each of those are hard and they can be anything from finding the differences in pictures to a rotating puzzle, or a jigsaw puzzle made out of squares.
I am putting a radomizer on the puzzles and on the maze and on the the door locations.
The creatures I am putting in this whole thing can be anything from just a spirit, or a hell hound put in front of each door and you have to find the objects to kill the dog of the door you want to enter.
There are a lot of puzzles that I have studied in getting started with this, and am trying to put this on a hand held system for the psp, ds, and Ipad.
I have someone helping find some of the pictures I need to make the meshes, but he is busy. I also have three websites ready to sell the downloads on. I really need some help with both of these projects. If you want in, I am ready to have some help.
Just tell me by Monday of next week because after that, I am going to have to go looking for freelance helpers.
Let me know if you want in on this post.
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