"About Me" section character limit errors?
Posted 3/2/11 , edited 3/3/11
So a friend made me a piece to put into my profile.

I added the text/pictures and it said I had 50 or so characters left. I hit save and was given a notice of the section had to much in it. I ended up cutting it back to around 150 characters to spare (according to the counter) and it finally accepted it.

Just wanted to note that the character limit feedback is off on the profile pages.
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Posted 3/2/11 , edited 3/3/11
The problem is that our system doesn't accurately count multi-byte characters. In your case each ♥ is taking up the equivalent of 10 characters instead of 1 but our system doesn't count it like that. So you should only look at the character count as a semi-accurate guide and submitting will give you an accurate response.
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