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Posted 3/5/11 , edited 3/5/11
OK. We ALL understand its like WoW in many aspects, who cares thats how WoW beat EQ, but enough of that. I didnt see a RIft thread so I decided to put one in. Like the Topic Description says What do you think?

I think It can be a good contender to WoW Especially for those who want to start out their first MMO would probobly go to Rift first for the fact it just came out so theres not any expantions on it.

Though if it survives long enough it will have to Compete with Star Wars: The Old Republic mad by Bioware...BIOWARE. that name alone gets Blizard shaking in thier boots so this game has a long tough road ahead..Hell for all I know it can beat WoW only to be beaten by SW:The Old Republic or stand side by side as Really good MMO's for their Genre Later on.

Anyways that my Option of it so far, best place to start talking about it would be here I guess.
Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/4/11
To be honest, When I seen previews of this game and actual game play it made me want to pick up the game.
I'm going to do more research on it before I buy it. But thanks for your input on it also.
This will be my first real MMO because I don't count the other online games. lol
First time a MMO made me want to pick up a game. LOL
I hope in the future it does battle w/ WOW because I'm getting tired of hearing that game. hahaha.
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