~~Shugo Chara! Doki to the Third!~~

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Posted 3/6/11 , edited 3/6/11
Easter is back, and badder than ever. Will the Guardians, along with a few new companions, be able to stop them before it's too late?

Time for the Guardians to make a stand! Please sign up below!

~~As a Guardian/Easter/Character Bearer~~

Grade (1-6 for Guardians, 1-8+ Easter):
Rank or Chair:
Shugo Chara(s):

~~As a Shugo Chara~~

Egg Looks:
Character Bearer:
Character Change:
Chara Nari (Character Transformation):

~~As a Normal Person~~

Can they see charas?:


1. Please put all outside-of-RPing talk in (), [], {} or /\.
2. No god-modding, spotlighting or powerplaying.
3. Not all normal humans can see charas!
4. NO MARY-SUEING. I will not tolerate it.
5. You may have up to three RP characters.
6. Yes, I know that I mixed up the classes below in Characters. I don't really give a rat's behind on your opinion of it, so just let it be. Don't flame me for it.
7. If you read all the rules, put "Eyze Sheleg!" in ORANGE on the Other part of your form.

Alrighty then! Here are the characters!

I. King's Chair - Tadase Hotori. 5th grade, Star Class. He has blond hair with one bang sticking out, and red/burgundy eyes. SHUGO CHARA(S): Kiseki. [RP-ed by taodog17]
II. Queen's Chair: Rima Mashiro. 5th grade, Star Class. She has REALLY REALLY LONG blond hair that's wavy, and amber eyes. SHUGO CHARA(S): Kusukusu. [Not RP-ed yet]
III. Jack's Chair: Nagihiko Fujisaki. 5th grade, Moon Class. He has really long shiny POIPLE hair, and brown eyes. SHUGO CHARA(S): Temari, Rhythm. [Not RP-ed yet]
IV. Ace's Chair: Yaya Yuiki. 4th grade, Moon Class. She has short blond/brown hair in pigtails, and brown eyes. SHUGO CHARA(S): Pepe
V. Joker's Chair: Amu Hinamori. [Kill me now.] 5th grade, Star Class. She has pink hair which she wears differently every day. Gold eyes. SHUGO CHARA(S): Ran, Miki, Su, Dia. [Not RP-ed yet]

~~The Other Guardian Branches~~

Vi. Joker of Spade's Chair: Rakki Yakkaina. Long Nadeshiko-styled hair that's teal, and green eyes. Has a huge crush on Tadase. SHUGO CHARA(S): Mitashi, Han, Nakurai. [RP-ed by taodog17]


Ikuto Tsukiyomi - Tall boy with blue hair and blue eyes. SHUGO CHARA(S): Yoru. [Not RP-ed yet]

Utau Tsukiyomi (Utau Hoshina) - Tallish girl with long blond hair in pigtails. SHUGO CHARA(S): Il, El (Iru and Eru) [Not RP-ed yet]

Thankee for considering my humble RP!
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