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Welcome to the moon kingdom

Its the most powerful place in all the magic dimensions . This kingdom is ruled by the Vampire Princess and her spiritual companion
( white fox ) . here we also have a water portal that conects the mermaid's kingdom with ours.

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i walked into the Moon Kingdom. i was here i visit my friend The Vampire Princess Katiria. as i got there, all i see her sitting at the end of a pond. i call out to her "Katiria!" she truns around to look at me and waves back...
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I hear a voice calling my name and as I turn around I see that the person whos calling for me was my friend
the Demon Princess,I waved at her smiling and said " hello Chihiro*, come . its ben a while sence you came to visit me ".

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Yea, it been really long. It warmer here than in hallow city. How has the kingdom been doing?
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its been very peacefull here ^^ . But how about ur kingdom Chihiro*?
Posted 3/12/11 , edited 3/13/11
Well everyone has been ok. But I have decided to make it summer for a while. But, there this guy who keeps bothering me. And he's disterbing the kingdom. Should I get rid of him?
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*looks worried* Who might he be? is he a new comer to your kingdom Chihiro*?
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*mermaid approaches from the water* Your Majesty, if you need to get rid of someone, i you gladly do it for you or at least freeze them with my ice powers
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* turns around and sees Ichigo*
Oh , what a great timing Ichigo* , I think youll be a great help for princess Chihiro *smiles*
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Posted 5/22/11 , edited 5/23/11
*Ichigo lowers her head and bows*
Thank you for you kind words Liz-sama
*Looks towards Chihiro-sama*
When would you like to depart Chihiro-sama?*Transforms into a human*

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