Sakura Ch.4: Cherry Blossomed Face
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--> Outside of their apartment continuation from ch. 3

I don't understand..I don't understand..I DON'T UNDERSTAND at all!

"Sakura, open the door right now!"

I am banging on his door nonstop.

"Sakura, I am not joking! Open up right now!"

I closed my eyes and kept banging on the door. When I realized it, I had hit his mouth because he opened the door at the wrong time. Oops.

"Seriously, venom, don't come knocking at someone's door when you have already angered them." He checked his watch while blabbering to me, "What do you want?"

"Ah-sorry about your mouth. And I-"

"Kindle? No, not them. Chairman my father? Lame. Apology? Accepted." Wow, that was a good interruption from
Sakura; what a jerk.

"Will you listen to me, dope?!"I yelled at him.

"No." He shook his head around.

"Why not?"

" I told you not to bother with my situation and you did." He said so and looked at the side with a blushing face.

"Leave me alone."


Wow, he is really angry at me.

"You know, you could start by not slamming the door!"

Snaps, I messed up again...Argh, I can't function right now. What the heck? I am so bothered. What did I do that was so wrong though? I don't understand depressed people at all.

*Door opens*

"Eh?" I said with shock.

"You", he pointed at me with a franking stare, "come over here!" He shouted.

I looked around me..


"No, the talking dog behind you."

I looked back and jumped to become pestered, "Stop joking around with me." I said and looked away.

"Seriously, come over here. I demand you to come over here."

"Why? Aren't you mad at me?"


"Then what do you need me for?"

"I can't simply get rid of my first friend in a long time like that, idiot!"
FRIEND? Did he just call me a friend?

"Did you just call me a friend?"

Blushing he responds, "Stop making me repeat myself, weirdo." He covered his face and started mumbling to me,"I don't want to think of another way to die or another reason to die...I just want someone who is willing to be my friend."

"You know that what you said just now totally makes me want to laugh, right?" I said.

"No duh?! That's why I am blushing!"

"Ehehe, it's kind of cute though!" I jumped a bit and smiled while scratching my head. "When guys blush, it's sort of adorable...ehehehe.."

He looked at me in silence and disturbance. Oh crap, I shouldn't have said that; now he is uncomfortable with me!
He smiled back at me and showed his dimples off. He sure does smile a lot for a depressed guy.

"Thank You, Mei."

"What for?"

"For caring about your weird neighbor."

" problem!" With much enthusiam, I put my hand next to my chest.

"That time, down by the water, I thought you were calling my name. How did you know it was me?"

"Huh? Ah, actually, I was singing a song named 'Sakura.'"

"You were singing?" His face turned pale as if I spat poison at him.

"Yeah.." I answered back with my eyes rolling around, "I was singing."

"Were you?"

"Really! I was."

"Ahaha! You need voice lessons, chick!"


"I think I am starting to like you gradually more and more."

I froze and looked straight at him. His face swirled with strawberry shades.

"What? Is it wrong?"

"Ah..l-li-like me?"

"Not in that way! What are you thinking about?!"

"Oh...ahahaha!" I am embarrassed.

Silence ran through us for a couple of seconds..He kept looking at his side door and his face kept blushing harder and harder. While I was standing in front of him and finally, my back turned against his face.

"When I have the confidence to-" He stopped half way and took a deep breath, "When I have the confidence to-confidence to, I will tell you about my life! I am too unorganized, so please wait!"

That was so sudden of him.

I turned back at him and gave him a warm smile.

"I can wait!"

Silence broke through again and he was still looking at his side door.

"Oh, you wanted me to come over, so here I come!"

I walked towards him and his face turned really red and he flushed me out.

"No, don't come!"

"What? Why? You told me to come over there. You demanded me to!"

I walked near him and I stared at him without any blinks.

"Stay back!" He grumbled with a super red face and he wouldn't look at me at all. Sakura kept pushing me backwards.

"What is it?"

"Don't come near me!" He stepped back into his house, "Sorry, next time, neighbor!", and closed his door tight at me.

Really? This guy is weird. What he did was pretty- awkward. I feel as if he has a thing for me. But what am I to praise myself about? Think straight....Hmmm...Well, I guess he isn't mad at me anymore and I guess I am his only friend. How nice. I wonder why he would say that to me though. Am I that reliant on? Huh, gives me perseverance somehow though. Aww, but his face was like a rainbow! So many shades of red I met with today from Sakura! By the way, what time is it?

I looked at my phone.

"2:14 P.M.?! Holy time! I am almost late for work! I have to go get ready now! FUDGE!" (Author's notes: Fudge is what my friends and I use to replace the bad term) I charged into my house and got ready. Did I really take that long to talk to him and to go to the music store? I am so terrible!


"Hello?" I am running on oxygen right now. "Samurai?! Who wants to be a samurai when they can be a Daimyo? What the crap? Quit trying to swindle me, losers! I am a hard-worker! By the way, if I am late to my work, I will come slaughter your company! Stop calling me!"

I rushed my way outside of my door.


Did someone open the door? I looked back to see if someone was behind me.

"Have a good day at work!" He said and waved gently while his refreshed face glistened at me.

I paused at the moment and observed his face. Heh- he really resembles Miura.

"I will! Thanks! You too, Sakura!"

I dashed to my work place.

"What am I going to do about this?" Says Sakura and covered his cherry blossomed face with his palm. He somewhat maintained a shameful and embarrassed look. "She is really cute..."

To Be Continued when I am, again for the third time, not lazy! Thanks for reading.

Author's Note: Because I care about my buddy Koji, I double spaced it!
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Like i said in your first Chapter, if you ever come back, feel free to reupload/recreate.

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