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Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/21/11
Welcome to the KHR Adoption Agency thread!

Our group's goal is to spread the KHR love... And babies. Lots of babies.

You can adopt~
Any baby character, even the 5 yr old versions of older characters, or any character under 15.

You may also- Select any character you wish to be your husband/wife/BF/GF/lover/WHATEVER. lol. We don't judge.

We highly recommend you chat with other people and role play within our group.

There will be members role playing as certain characters directly from the series, and you should too! Lets keep this fun!!!

Both co-founders will be very active, and would love to role play with you.

If you would like to adopt a baby through us, please send a message, with whom you want to adopt (2 at most) and we will make an "adoption form" - Basically a picture of your baby, your user name, the date and the official KHR Adoption Agency logo that you can use on your CR pge,and will be in our pictures

~~ <3
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