The Red Wolf Showcase
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Posted 3/21/11 , edited 3/22/11

Storyline: In Red city there is a master criminal by the name of Red Wolf. When the case of the mysterious thief get's too out of hand for Kantimura Ryuzaki, he calls in detective L. Little do they know he's more of a dangerous criminal then they could realize.

Kantimura Ryuzaki: Rookie police officer who was given the task to take down the Red Wolf. He's realizing now that the Red Wolf must be stalking him to frame him for the crimes. Age 22

Maya Caseka: The top officer in the city. She's been given the case as a test from Captain Sanders and was assigned a rookie partner as punishment letting her other partner, his son, die. Age 24

Captain Sanders: A chubby cheif detective who is the boss of Kantimura Ryuzaki.

Red Wolf: A mysterious character that steals from houses and banks. He has never left a clue of who he is. He claims that he want's Kanti off of the case or he'll make sure that he is framed for the whole thing.

The Mayor: Dissapaired from the city a day before the Red Wolf began robbing houses. He was found dead in Kanti's house after he got home from work. The gun that killed him bared Kantimura's finger prints.
(More will appear as the story develops)

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