The Red Wolf Chapter 1
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Posted 3/21/11 , edited 3/22/11
Disclaimer: I in no way own any rights to anything about deathnote at all. This is simply a fan fiction going on 4 years into the future after Light was killed. This fanfiction may have some violence and language may not be appropriate for minors.

Chapter one: The Red Wolf Thief
There are three things about my job that I hate. One would be that I hate my boss, Captain Sanders. The next thing would be that friends continually tell me that this town is too rough to be a police officer. Last… Well two weeks ago there has been a few strange things happening. There was the disappearance of the mayor of the town and a few perfect robberies happening.

My name is Kantimura Ryuzaki. I’m a police officer of the RPD. Red city. A town filled with nothing but corrupt business men, rich people and the mafia. The rest are all just pawns to the master plan of the Red Wolf.

Red Wolf is the name of a thief that has continually been able to steal from homes perfectly without leaving a single trace of his identity. What’s worse would be that he’s been doing these perfect robberies for a the past two weeks. We suspect that the mayor that disappeared is behind all this in some sort of conspiracy. That, and anyone who wants to correct me can do so, is complete bullshit. The mayor is far to fat and lazy to rob a 14 houses perfectly. But that’s just my opinion.

“Ryuzaki! My office. NOW!” Captian Sanders yelled.

My boss wants me to file those reports on all the things stolen in the houses. A couple flat screens, a couple game stations… It would be so much easier if I could just put all this on one sheet of paper and file it.

“Right away sir!” I replied. As I got into his office he seemed to have a smile. I wouldn’t hate my life right now if I knew it was a happy smile.

“Ryuzaki, you have been working for the force for how long now?” Sanders called.

“A couple months now sir but I…” he cut me off right there.

“That’s correct. And what has been your main job outside of patrolling for the past two weeks?” He said now leaning back in his chair.

“Well, It has been to file all of the robbery reports sent in.” I was about to say something else but he cut me off again.

“Now, Ryuzaki, tell me. What have you been doing?” He said.
Screwing your wife? Putting pee in your coffee? Smashing your skull with a sledge hammer? I thought to myself. I’d be so happy if I could say that. Or if it were true. “I was… Well I was going to get around to it sooner or later,” I said. He looked at me. It wasn’t a very happy about the look he was giving me now.

“You’re so fired if you don’t get on that now!” He yelled.
I ran out of his office before the bastard could say anything else. I stormed to my desk and picked up some coffee I brewed a few minutes ago and drank some. I smashed my head into the stack of files and left it there. A few seconds later I looked up and saw Maya. She looked a bit worried. Probably boyfriend troubles again. She was beautiful, blond hair, not too tall, not too short, green eyes, and had a smile that could outshine the sun. The only thing is guys don’t like her geeky attitude after a while when she dates them.

“Come on Kanti, you know this isn’t that much. It’s only 20 papers.” Maya said.

“20 papers front and back,” I cried. Literally too.

She took my cup of coffee and moved it in front of me. “Listen up, I’ve got to tell you something about the case we’ve been assigned to.” Maya said.

Oh yeah, we’re partners. We were assigned to work on catching the Red Wolf. I have no idea why I, the rookie, was assigned with Maya, the professional, on a case that is an A ranked assignment. “Spill it. Any leads right now would help us.”

“We have a confirmed note written and sent in to the new mayor’s house. It’s threatening him to give him 30 million cash or he’ll disappear too. It’s in handwriting, print, so we atleast have some sort of evidence. We found no fingerprints, no description of the guy who sent it to the mailing office and no one can tell who even delivered it to the mailbox. He had no mail that day.” Maya said. She seemed a little too enthusiastic about it actually.

“That’s just great. This guy must really know how to sneak around.” I said. I took one big gulp of coffee and nearly burned my throat. “What now? Do we go to his house and investigate? I’m up for a visit if you are.”

“No,” she pushed my paperwork in front of me. “You’re going to work on this while I put this letter into our evidence. Later we can go for a drink. Deal?” She said. I sighed and nodded. But that’s when it hit me. She just asked for a date didn’t she? That was casual and cool, maybe her boyfriend really did break up with her after all.

Later that day when I finally finished, took me hours because I kept having to get up and stretch… and watch TV.
“Took you long enough,” Maya said. She was outside in her car waiting for me. I’m pretty surprised that she either knew what time I was getting out of the office or that she waited this long. Either one is pretty cool.

“Yeah it piled up on me near the ending. A couple of stores were robbed you know?” I said.

“Red Wolf?” she asked. I shook my head.

“Too sloppy. Plus I don’t think stores are his style anyway.” I replied. We made it down to a quick restaurant, not classy but still not a dump. We stopped in and she got a beer, and I got a cola. Beer isn’t really something I like to drink to be honest. She lit a cigarette and for a second, everything began to slowly move. Almost like I was in a dream, or some sort of concert with too many lights. We talked about the case, that moved to her boyfriend troubles, then it moved to questions about me and my life. Don’t ask how, I wasn’t paying attention much.

Finally when I got home I fumbled for my keys because I felt something was wrong. It seemed to throw off my balance. Then suddenly, there it was. Written on my door was letters that I ignored before somehow. “Red Wolf, 1115” written on the door. I instantly called Maya.
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