Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 4: You may do as you wish… *Kimi no suki ke re ba i*
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You chan, Genie of the Sacred Mountain.
Chapter 4: You may do as you wish… (Kimi no suki ke re ba i)

I woke up warm and snug in yet another strange place. As the soothing melody coming from the pentatonic chime, gracefully swinging in the wind, reminds me of a lullaby… I slowly fall back into slumber… It’s almost dawn….

While the sun unhurriedly begun its ascent over the horizon, the cheerful sound of the finches celebrating for a brand new day brought me back from a deep sleep… as I slowly opened my eyes for the second time.

The ceiling made-up of finely woven bamboo strips presented itself. While, the fire that kept the room warm through the night has long been extinguished, and the oil lamps that lit up the place with their warm glowing light has all been exhausted… Even then.., the refreshing sent of jasmine and mint incense, still lingers in the air… As the stream of sunlight filtered through the paper thin shoji window gradually brightens up the room … It’s another blissful morning.

Feeling hot and sweaty under the thick blanket… for the first time I noticed a bare leg, sticking outside, on my right, and what it seemed to be a long black hair and a barely covered arm on my left.

‘Good Grief, what just happened!?’ I thought… Although, I must admit, the shocked expression on my face would have probably said it all… loud and clear.

‘I don’t want to say it… but the idea of three some crossed my mind… However, I wondered, why… I can’t remember doing anything… that could possibly… lead me, to this embarrassing moment.’ *sigh*

Afraid of discovering, what exactly happened under the blanket. Shin forced himself to remember what happened after they ate all the yummy dinner delivered door to door by the Kannushi Monk, yesterday. While pulling his hair out… Hmmmm…. Let me see….

Yesterday afternoon, after embarrassing ourselves in-front of the Monk, and accepting the fact that it doesn’t matter; what we do now… We will never be able to turn back the time or justify ourselves; why we are so darn attracted to each other. Honestly, I can’t understand it myself… either.

So, I started tidying up all the debris that fell from the roof, while You chan went after the Monk for a reason… I hope….

While, waiting for You chan; I wondered… how on Earth, did I managed to screw my life this badly… while lying on my back staring at the clear blue sky through the big gap on the roof, (thanks to You chan). I’m not really sure, how to rationalize what’s going on with me; it feels… as if, I was absorbed into a bedtime story… And yet, this is the 21st Century, for crying out loud!

Lost in my own deep thought, I didn’t notice that You chan was standing right next to me, curiously wondering what am I doing… staring at sky, or the big gap on the roof.

“What are you staring at?” You chan curiously asked. As he lay; by my side and looked at the direction I’m looking at.

“Nothingness…” I replied, with a sad tone of voice.

“You are still wondering; if I am real or just an illusion, aren’t you…?” You chan added with a sympathetic tone of voice.

“Yes…” I replied without any hesitation.

You chan rose… with a sincere expression on his eyes, as he focused his gaze on me…

Afterwards, he put his hands on top of his chest, where his heart is…, with a sad tone of voice, he softly said, “that really hurts… you know…especially coming from you, my beloved Shin.”

You chan took a deep breath and then honestly asked, “If I can prove it to you… that I am here for real… will you let me..?”

“You may do, as you wish”, I replied.

At that very moment, we both abandoned reason, or any logical thoughts, and let ourselves get carried away… by instinctive desire that lies within the deepest crevices of our hearts… with our feelings well and truly entwined, we become one….

During that sheer moment of madness and ecstasy, my racing heart could not contain itself, and both of us could not deny the intense feeling within… as our body temperature rises, droplets of sweat covered every inch of our skin… every move that he makes drives me insanely uncomfortable and yet, I couldn’t understand why… I let him do as he wished: until the steep pressure was finally released…Aaaah! A blissful feeling of satisfaction, descended over us like a cool soft cloud… It feels like heaven… with all of our strength worn out, both of us flaked… together… side by side.

After a while…, You chan leaned over me, with his ear on top of my chest, listening….

“Your heart beat is almost back to normal, Shin.” He raised his head and looked at me, biting his lower lip, blushing; when he said, ‘That was beautiful, Shin…. Let’s do it again!’

“WHAT!!” that was my initial response. However, I nearly freaked out, when I realized that I can hear his voice, even though his lips were not moving. “What’s going on?” I asked You chan.

‘Can’t, you tell the difference…?’ His voice still echoes in my head.

‘Man… what difference? The only difference, I can see here; is the fact that I’m crazy and now, I’m screwed as well.’

‘I see… Ha ha ha ha!’ You chan laugh his heart out. ‘Haven’t you noticed it yet… silly’, He added, while ruffling my hair.

‘Good god! I’m talking to you in my thought!?’ taken by surprise, I replied with both of my hands on top of my mouth.

‘Yup! This is the effect of second stage bonding.’ You chan replied with a lovely sweet smile on his face.

‘This is too much…!’ I thought, then, I fainted….

I woke up, piggy back riding on You chan’s back. Which is… so warm and comfy… “Where are we going…?” I whispered.

“Hey, you’re awake… feeling better…?” You chan replied, “by the way, took the liberty of deciding for both of us : that old shack is no longer safe, besides it’s just a temporary…. Oh, were here!”

You chan put me down very gently… And then, I noticed… that I am wearing his Yukata and he was wearing my clothes... But before I could say something out loud… He put his hand on top of my mouth and then shook his head. ‘Just calm down a little Shin… otherwise… ‘

‘Why do we have to communicate using mental telepathy again? I’m a little confused… You chan?’

‘Foxes have a very good hearing. Just follow my lead…’ You chan said.

As soon as we approached the thick hedges of shrubby plant; it opened up like a gate… and revealed a traditional Japanese cottage with a neat and modest garden.

A kannushi Monk opened the main sliding door for us with his head slightly bowed down as a gesture of respect.

And there she was… a long haired young lady dressed up in a Japanese kimono… a living portrait of Yamato Nadeshiko… on her hand and knees as a gesture of outmost respect, as well as a very warm welcome for the return of her master.

“Okaeri nasai, Uji Gami sama” she uttered with a soft sweet voice, while her head bowed down.

‘Shin, you have to respond to her… go on… say something like… Tadaima, Youko chan, then, pat her head a little.’ You chan’s voice echoed in my head again. ‘Just do it! Trust me…’ He added, without blinking an eye or gazing at me. So I did… exactly, as he said.

The young lady or rather, Youko chan raised her head, to reveal a very pretty face with a bashful little smile. “Please follow me…” she said, as she walked gracefully ahead of us leading us to the main reception hall.

The sun was almost halfway down the horizon. When I happen to glance outside the open sliding doors leading to the veranda… I can hear the sound of a flowing river close by… along with the soothing melody of crystal chime as it swings gently with the wind… it was very relaxing.

Youko chan closed the sliding door behind us, when we reached main reception room. There was a little table with a tea pot and a couple of tea cups, as well as pieces of cute little tea cakes with the shape of a chrysanthemum flower in full bloom, already in place, with red sitting cushion on the opposite side of the table facing each other. And another red sitting cushion next to a stringed instrument called “koto”.

The atmosphere was very relaxing… especially when Youko chan started playing the koto with a pleasant melody, which somewhat gives the impression of cherry blossom petals dancing into the wind. However, my realistic sense tells me that I am no longer in Kansas anymore (like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz).

Looking at You chan, wearing my clothes… gives me an odd feeling, as if I was looking at myself… to think that after sharing those intimate moments of sheer pleasure, our scent would have probably; almost similar, if not the same as well.

It was then, when Youko chan asked me to follow her on the adjoining room… While You chan, did not even twitch an eyelid. He just sat there….

‘For crying out loud, what am I suppose to do now…You chan?’ I asked using telepathy.

‘Don’t worry… She’s not going to eat you, as long as she thinks… that, I am, You. Ha ha ha! You chan’s laugh echoed in my head, while here I am… shaking like a leaf… out fear of being eaten by a pretty foxy lady.

‘YOU little…!’ I replied to You chan’s laugh.

The adjoining room looked like a nifty little private room with a nice little window overlooking the garden. But, it doesn’t matter what I do to distract myself… for the sake of calming myself down. I’m still shivering… with cold hands and feet.

The outside temperature dropped like a stone as soon as the sun sets. So, Youko chan closed the little window carefully. It was then, when the foxy lady Youko chan started getting too familiar with me.

“I tried everything to set you free, from that horrid confinement…” She said, “I’m so sorry, all I can do is to wait for you…” She added, as she wrapped her arms around me, in a tight embrace.

In a way; I feel sorry for her, I also know how difficult it is to wait for someone… it must have felt like eternity. *sigh* Out of compassion, I instinctively granted her the same affectionate embrace…. It was then, when she noticed my cold hands.

“Poor thing… Your hands were like ice!” she exclaimed, after grabbing my hand and rubbing them with hers.

Just when I felt a little bit at ease… She reached out for one of her hair pins and pricked the tip of my index finger. “Ouch!” As soon as the blood started dripping… she licked it off and then eventually… She put my entire-- index finger inside her mouth and sucked it like a popsicle. This time, I learned… that popsicle melts… not because it was made out of ice, but because, it felt…. Sooo… Good… Aaah!

I was almost in-trans… by the time she lets go of my finger… and then, reached for my lips…. I couldn’t do anything… When she begins to slide her hand inside of my yukata and caressed my bare skin, so tenderly… I felt so helpless… I was about to close my eyes and let her do whatever she wants, when I heard her whisper, “You may do, as you wish…”

Ah! That was it! My mind cleared up and I remembered You chan.

Confused, weakened, and uncoordinated, I stood up; forced open the little window and jump out of it… As soon as I land on the ground… I run as fast as I can, without even thinking where to…. Until I slipped and fell into the freezing water and got carried away by the flowing river… That’s all I can remember: about last night… That means… You chan, saved me…?

I tried to lift-up the thick blanket… But, I couldn’t do it… with my face blushing out of embarrassment…. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what three naked bodies looked like underneath. Therefore, I tried to talk to You chan using telepathy, but no avail… he’s probably still sound asleep. So, I reached out and feel my way under the thick blanket for You chan’s head… but, when I finally though I’ve found it… I changed my mind... I’ll wait… instead.

With the sun shining through the shoji windows, a shadow of a man quietly walking outside, suddenly stopped, when he reached the sliding door leading inside our room. “Sumimasen, Uji gami sama” he softly said, “I prepared some freshly brewed honey and ginger tea, I’m coming in…”

The Monk nearly dropped the tray containing the pot of tea and tea cups, when he noticed the extra body parts exposed outside the blanket. I must admit, I’ve never seen a Monk with a bright red shocked expression on his face before… I couldn’t help it…. *I chuckled* Afterwards, he left in such a hurry, leaving the tea tray barely inside the sliding door.

It was then, when You chan finally woke up. He crawled on top of me from inside the blanket and popped his head out, few inches from my face.

“Don’t scare me like that!!” You chan cried out… “I thought I lost you again…”

I have no idea; what he meant, when he said,” I thought I lost you again”. However, I don’t think, that it is appropriate to ask him about it, right now… Therefore, I decided… ‘For now, I’ll just go along with the flow…’ I thought, while caressing You chan’s hair very gently, as he leaned on my chest, where my heart is… listening….

The sensation of You chan’s bare skin next to mine, still gives me some goose bumps to say the least… probably because, even though I happened to have some previous relationship before, I’ve never been this intimate with any woman, let alone another guy.

Speaking of a woman… “Good Grief!! Where did she go?” I asked rather suddenly, as I pushed You chan over the side and sat-upright.

“Don’t worry…. She’s sleeping over there…” You chan said, while yawning at the same time.

“There…? WHERE?!” I asked again, anxiously.

A cute little red fox emerged from under the blanket; she sat on my lap and licked my cheeks. Then, I heard You chan saying….

“Shin, meet our pet, Youko chan,” with a teasing smile on his dial….

“WHAT!! She’s a real… FOX!?” I instinctively replied, out of shock.

To be continued....
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27 / Australia.
Posted 3/22/11 , edited 3/22/11
Author's note:

I tried my best to describe the ambience of the every scene; as if I was there myself. I hope you could see it too... in your imagination. *Smiles*

Although I must admit, it takes a lot of effort to describe something that could make anyone blush without using those words that would consequentially go againts Pg 13.

To make you smile and blush, even for just a moment or two is what I'm hoping for.... My happiness is tied up with your happiness.

Please, smile for me....

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Author's note:

For those who managed to drop by and browse a little... please try not to get intimidated by the sheer volume of words you could see on your monitor. It's not the size that matters, but what it reveals from within...

Thank you for dropping by... *Smiles*

Posted 3/23/11 , edited 3/23/11
Bwuahhahaha! He slept with himself, who is somewhat a bear, and then he gets a three sum with himself again and a sad is that? LOL
Umm...just out of curiosity, how does Shin knows how Kansas feels like? O.o
Yes, you didn't use any profanities and yet, you captured the moment! YAY! This one was longer, too! I can't wait for the next one to come out!
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Dearest Jenny,

Thank you for the quick summary and review. Even though, I must admit; I am a little bit offended... Thank you, nonetheless.

To answer this particular query, Umm...just out of curiosity, how does Shin knows how Kansas feels like? O.o

The part where Shin mentioned that he is no longer in Kansas is called "Metaphoric comparison".

The flow of the plot is not the common A-Z. Simply because, it start in the middle... and then a flash back, afterwards, it catches up to the end.

This story is not a fluke, if you don't mind me saying, I actually put a lot of research into it. To be able to conceptualize a story based on impossible possibilities is not easy. Especially when you have express it using correct grammar. *Smiles*

Once more, thank you for sharing my happiness.

Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/5/11
Totally comprehend. Thanks for the review. Yep, happiness-now I am going to go read the next chapter! <333
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