Im looking far a Anime
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Posted 3/22/11 , edited 3/22/11
ok... so here is the deal i saw a Anime last year, before i bought my new PC and really liked it, but now i cant find it anywhere. the Anime started out with 3 kids id say about 10-13 one a boy and two girls i think and they were eating Popsicle s not sure anyway their was a meteor shower or something that gave some kids powers...i think it was mentioned that it was the atmosphere don't really remember anyway the story moves on and the the kids get older and one of the girls has been killed and i believe her grave is next to a tree with a fence around it...could someone please tell me what the name of the Anime is......
Posted 3/22/11 , edited 3/22/11
Ayakashi is what you're looking for.

I'm pretty sure that's the series.

BTW, next time, please use the "Anime Help" Thread.
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