✔ Exam Test
Posted 3/22/11 , edited 6/5/11

For most of you who wanted to sign up as a Student Application. Send your answers to SuckMyAssBitch or iiMikan. They will see what percent you will be assign in Class A or B

1.) What would you do if someone is trying to bullied you?
a) Tell the teacher
b) Beat them up
c) Leave them
d) none all above

2.) When will you make friends with?
a) Talk
b) Chat with small groups
c) Chat with bigger groups
d) Other

3.) When you see a girl crying for help? What would you do?
a) Talk to her about what happen
b) Leave her there
4.) What's your personality?
a) calm, nice, caring
b) mad, sad, hurt
c) funny, loving, cute

5.) Optional Question
What class do you want to be in?
a) Class A
b) Class B

6.) Bonus Question
What can you do to make this world a better place?
a) Work hard
b) Study hard to get a perfect grade
c) Ditch classes
d) Be a better reader and never ditch class
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