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Post Reply Post Fahrenheit News Here......plz
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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
Ah Sa Wu Zun acted together for the first time.
Scared beaten to death by fans and hence don't dare to film kissing scenes.

Caption: Wu Zun and Ah Sa has not even started filming and there is already chemistry between the both of them

Wu Zun and ah Sa are casted in Liang Zhu. Although the movie haven't start filming yet, but the both of them appeared to have chemistry when they appeared for the promotional event yesterday. Ah Sa jokingly said that she scared will be beaten up by Wu Zun's fans and hence do not dare to ask director to add kissing scenes.

The 《2008美亚娱乐+天下媒体新闻发布会 was held yesterday and many artists appeared, including Kelly Chen, Gigi Leung, Shawn Yue and Charlene Choi

Liang zhu is Wu Zun's first timg filming a movie. Regarding the news of female lead changing from Ah Gill to Ah Sa, he laughed and said that he only knew of this a few days ago. He was disappointed cause he cannot work with Ah Gil but look forward to working with Ah Sa. "I believe the filming will be very fun." Asked if he is worried of rumours, "Not really. I am really nervous filming the first time. But Ah Sa said that she has filmed 30 plus movies, i havent filmed even one. I must definitely get pointers from her.

Wu Zun do not wish to express his perferences in working with Ah Gil or Ah Sa and he quickly divert the subject to filming movies is his dream. Also, there is rumours that there are at least 3 hollywood filmd expressing their interest working with Wu Zun. and Wu Zun has to film in english. His manager declined to comment.

After one big round, Ah Sa got back the female lead.

Asked if she will ask director to add or cut out kissing scenes, "How can a girl talk about this? If it is in the script, I don’t mind. But I cannot forcefully add. His fans will beat me to death. She said that initially the company wants her to film in this movie. but it crashes with her schedule so she didnt accept. But in the end, the female lead went back to her and she thanks Wind and Storm 2 《风云II》 for giving in to her to match her hectic schedule.
Ah sa expressed that Ah Gil has taken leave and clear all her work on hand. When asked if she is happy, "She made her own choice of taking a break." When will her break end? "As soon as possible I hope!"
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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley (Please Credit or Link if this will be posted elsewhere)

Jiro Wang famous as a thrifty, recent he has been taking a taxi to get to work, with a face helpless look, he said: "I feel really heart aching, it's because of lack of sleep, vitality not well, and earlier while riding the scooter bike home I crashed into a traffic safety island, my mother won't let me ride it now!

"Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan/Rolling Love" is crazily rushed in filming, he only sleeps about 2 hours in a day, earlier after work while riding home, would doze off once stopping at a red light, each day have to awakened by horns. After riding into a traffic island this has awakened his senses that it's too dangerous, he said: "Luckily getting off work is middle of the night about 2 or 3 am, there's no cars, I wasn't going fast when I crashed in to the traffic island, it was only minor injuries, but my mom was scared to death, so it's a good idea to not let her worry."

Jiro really likes to ride, but even though he doesn't have enough to buy a heavy duty bike, he rides a scooter, the work crews exposed saying, if they run into fans visiting the set, after work he might perform a bit of simple biking techniques and skills, at one time they were infront of a municipal goverment building, he played coolness and circled, the fans were so happy; screaming loudly.

After the incident Jiro thought seriously, if he should get a car for transportation, but he said: "Gas cost, parking fees, maintenance and license all adds up, and you can't sleep in the car, it's more economical to just take a taxi." And he also only takes the early morning morning ride route from home to the filming set, after getting of work he would rather wait until all crew is finished work to get a ride, saving money is still the highest principle.
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Posted 3/26/08 , edited 3/26/08
Yea same news as dreal_gurl91 but watched on tv... Angela couldnt go cause of heart problems..

Calvin got skinnnier cause he caught a cold / flu ??
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08


source: AsianFanatics

short translation description:
more negative news, "aaron angrily scold at gui gui, someone is getting shun.
Aaron is rumored to be gay again, He got into a serious verbal fight w/guigui. His managment co YY was extremely angry that the situation. They decided to stop filming his newest movie "Blossom loves undefeated" and probably will not give him work for a while as a warning

Aaron has been running into bad luck this yr. The release of His movie "Pi Li MIT" from first half of hte year has been postponed indefinitly. Now "blossom love undefeated" has stopped filiming. The crew said he's the youngest of hte Ferenheit, but he also is the most rebellious. Everyone is giving him leeway because of his age, but worried that his attitude would cause him trouble at some pt.

He has been rumored to be gay ever since his debut, Gui Gui was his only rumored girlfriend by the gossipers. Before the halt of "Blossom...", there are eyewitness that saw them get into a verbal confrontation and almost got into a fight. But Aaron denied by saying, "the rumors are overexaggerated, I always vebally fight w/guigui". He also said he's not sadden by the film stoppage. He's glad that he has more time to practice for concerts

The halting of "blossom.." would cause a loss of $2M. The produce explained that the reason for the stoppage was because of Ferenheit's concert later this year, Aaron's would be too busy and not enough time to do the film. He strongly denied that Aaron's being replaced because of rumors of being gay.

credits also too redvhanz23
from fahrenheit global

got this in an email from a friend....

Hidden Text:
又傳負面新聞 炎亞綸怒罵鬼鬼 桃花喊真人被冷凍


流年不利 新戲無下文


差點打架 炎矢口否認


換角風波 劇組有話説


arghhhhh!!! arron n gui gui got into a fight!!!!!!
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
Wu chun and calvin chen went in the philippines last july 12-14 to promote the romantic princess
they also attend the conference in the ABS-CBN.,
where in calvin ask if the character of cai "playboy" in Romantic is the same as in real life
he said no his serious about girls and he respect the girl he love., in present wu chun and calvin have no girlfriend because of there busy schedule,
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/17/08
wahhhh!!! i'm soooooo happy coz chun and calvin visit our country (philippines) and many fans of them and me are sooo happy!!!!this two guy is soooo cute and they really like our food called ADOBONG MANOK hahaha!!!!i hope there's a second time!!!!i wish and hope??? that they will visit our country again .... not only the two boys but the whole band FAHRENHEIT.......!!!!!!
Posted 10/16/08 , edited 10/17/08
I want to know the latest song of fahrenheit?
Can anyone tell me?
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Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/1/09
Me too! Can anybody tell me all the new songs by Fahrenheit?
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