Examples of risk-taking/conflict
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Basically, I have been given these topics for a project work and have absolutely no idea how to tackle them. Sure, risk-taking=business ventures, but I need specific examples and it would be great if it's something community-based ( since there is a possibility that I will have to carry it out). And risk-taking can be things like companies employing ex-convicts and medical personnel working during critical periods, when the viruses are highly contagious (such as during SARS).

And there must be a need for those risks to be taken. Drink-driving may be risk-taking, but there's no logical, rationale need (that's what my teacher thinks anyway) for it. Hence, it doesn't qualify.

Thanks for any help given
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a few years back i was when i was an OJT employee at a local electrical repair shop I had my share of risk taking. My boss is a foul mouthed old goat but his heart is in the right place and likes to lend his trainees to various organizations for volunteer handyman work. he gets all the glory after all we're just disposable peons and he's our overlord.

anyway.. he had this crazy idea of going cross country in his busted minicab and drive from prison to prison to train inmates on basic house wiring and installation.

plugging in an electric powered equipment and feeling around to see if it's grounded? that's a risk
in the passenger seat with a half blind senior citizen behind the wheel? that's a risk..
getting locked in a cell full of murderers and thieves not knowing if you'll be taken hostage? that's a risk
the boss yelling at those murderers and thieves for not knowing how to wire a 3-way switch? that's a risk
driving in the middle of the night knowing you're in a known rebel infested territory? that's a risk

all in all i had fun during that trip and met the most interesting people.. like that nephew of a Columbian druglord caught smuggling heroin. he was literally the only inmate without a cell he has a little cottage on the roof of the prison and he's roomies with the prison dog. great guy actually.
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specialists working with radioisotopes~
go search it up
and erm... shouldn't you be SEARCHING the internet instead?
like, googling and etc?
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