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Here are the races that you may choose to take: Goron, Zora, Hylian, Gerudo, Kokiri, or Fairy. If you choose to be a fairy please list what element of fairy you will be, please post the race, name, ect of your character in this thread. I will be posting a separate thread for the actual rp, this story will take place about 5-6 years after the current Zelda timeline. Someone is trying to once again ressurect Ganondorf, but who is it? Our characters must find out, and stop it before all of Hyrule becomes in danger.
My character:
Name: Miyuki
Race: Zora
Abilities: Miyuki is very skilled in using magic and creating potions, she also knows some basic fighting skills and uses them when nesseccary to defend her people or those she loves.
Age: 17
About Miyuki: Miyuki is the daughter and princess of the Zoras, she is looked up to by many of her people. Her mother died at a young age and so she is cared for by her father and maids, she is greatly known by her people for her excellant use in magic and wants nothing more then see to it that peace is maintained throughout Hyrule.

Please post your character information here, thanks and I hope you all enjoy this group^^
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My Charater
Name- Akimitsu
Race- Hylian
Abilities- He is very skilled with herbs and making medicines. He is fairly skilled with a sword but when someone he cares and loves very much is in danger, he becomes a master with one. He is also pretty good with a bow and arrow.
Age- 14
About Akimitsu- Akimitsu has no memory of his past. He lives by him self. He has a sword, a bow and arrows and a sheild. He wants to become a hero and save the land of Hyrule. He is rather shy. He has a horse, Akiyo, who when he woke up as a child on his back. Akimitsu has one thing that is very important to him- his grass made braclet that was on him when he woke up.
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sorry i took so long
Name: Mako
Race: fairy
Abilities: can change her size and ther things (unsure as of yet)
Age: unknown
About: shes a stuborn thing she has a good sence of right an wrong and she has a little bit of a hard time speaking hylian. she like most fairys grew up at the deku tree but was never given a partner like other fairys

Pics; fairy form

hylian form
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Name: Alieah
Race: Hylian (princess)
Abilities: She's an incredible healer and a skilled warrior on her feet, she has the abillity to take on a sheikiah form so she won't be dicernable as a princess in batte. She can shoot her mother's light bow and is a musician of the ocaraina on her downtime.
Age: 18
About Aleiah: Aleiah is the daughter of th current Zelda and Now knighted and wed into the royal family, Link. She cares about the hylian people often sneaking from the castle in a hand-maid's dress to mingle with the towns's folk and have a good time. She loves her parents but hates the fact that they rarely let her do anything from the risk....hence why she sneaks out. She wants nothing more than to be normal like everone else.


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