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Radio 1/2:

Anything Goes Broadcast Arts has been on the air at WSPN 91.1 FM since 1997, bringing everyone the best in Japanese pop and rock music every week! Anime theme music also has a home at the show, from the newest titles to the old classics!Your humble host, Mamono Hunter Stevie, comes to you every Saturday night from 6-8 PM (in New York)... and WSPN streams online, so everyone in the world can join us too! Your requests are always welcome! Please check out my profile for all the information on the show's schedule and how to tune in online! I'll also be watching this forum whenever I'm on the air... so if you have a request or a question, please feel free to post it! Let's all have a J-POP party every Saturday night! See you there!

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You find yourself in a "virtual" representation of the studios at WSPN, the radio station which broadcasts the Radio 1/2 show. Around the room, you can see everything needed to play awesome music: two turntables, three CD players, a cassette tape deck (believe it or not) and a Mac computer loaded with music and Internet access... and it's all connected into a big sound board with volume sliders and remote start buttons. Above the mixing board are two boom microphones, and on the wall nearby is a phone for taking requests...

There's also some open counter space with stools set up so guests can have a seat to chat. Scattered all around the room are lots of storage binders filled with hundreds of Japanese CDs from all kinds of styles... and standing in front of the mixing board is a casually-dressed man tapping his foot to the beat of the music playing...

He turns to greet you.

"Welcome to the studio! I'm Mamono Hunter Stevie, host of the Radio 1/2 show... thanks for dropping by!"

He grabs a seat on a nearby stool.

"I'm here every Saturday night from 6-8 PM playing all kinds of great music from Japan: J-POP, J-Rock, anime themes... of course, that's the time I'm on at the 'real' studio. You'll have to figure out what time that means where you live... you can check out my profile to find that out! I've got a link to a great page that tells you when my show would start in cities all over the world... and there's also a link to our Internet stream too!"

He waves happily to you.

"Whenever I'm on the air, I'll be watching this forum... so if you're listening and you want to make a request or ask about a song I played, feel free to post here and I'll respond as soon as I can... and don't forget to grab something to eat at the cafe while you're here! Music and food go great together, and you know I'll be chowing down on something great from the cafe while I'm here!"

He grabs the mouse for the Mac and starts surfing the Web.

"When I'm not hosting the show, you can still find me hanging out at the studio sometimes... and you're always welcome to hang out here too! I'm happy to talk about anything when it comes to music... I'm happy to answer questions or chat about your favorite artists... and if you know about some great Japanese music, let me know here! I'm always looking to learn more and more about the world of J-POP!"

He stops surfing and starts rooting through one of the CD binders.

"I'll also announce special events about the show here... if we get a good group of J-POP fans going here at the cafe, I have some fun ideas in mind! So stay tuned!"

He gives you the "thumbs up" sign.

"Remember... Saturday nights are for J-POP! See you again soon!"
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As you check in on the studio, you can see Stevie putting up a poster on the front door. Looking quickly, you can make out the headline:

APRIL ANIMAYHEM: Anime Theme Tournament

Stevie notices you and waves.

"Hey~! Thanks for dropping by! In honor of the college basketball tournament going on right now, I've decided to start my own tournament at Radio 1/2! It's going to be a 16-song tourney to determine the show's Anime Theme Champion!"

He holds a piece of paper with an empty bracket on it.

"Starting on April 9th's show, listeners can vote in one-on-one battles between two theme songs... the one that gets the most votes wins and advances to the next round... until at the end of the month, we crown the champion! I'll talk more about how the competition will work right before we start, but I wanted to get your help first..."

Stevie holds up the bracket.

"I want to get people's opinions about which anime opening themes to have in the tournament. There's going to be four brackets with four songs in each bracket (16 songs in total), and each bracket will have a theme based on when the anime was first broadcast... we'll have a 1980's bracket, a 1990's bracket, and 2000's bracket and a bracket for brand new anime... that way, the 'Final Four' will have one anime theme song from each decade! Old school vs. new school! So here's the years that count for each bracket..."

1980's Bracket: 1980-1989
1990's Bracket: 1990-1999
2000's Bracket: 2000-2009
New Bracket: 2010-2011

"The show's date is based on when the show *started* to air... so if a show started in 1999 and aired until 2003, it would fall in the 1990's bracket. Got it?"

Stevie takes the empty bracket and posts in on the wall in the studio.

"So, I want people's suggestions on which songs should be in the tourney... you can visit me here in the forum and post your favorites! Just two rules... you can only make one suggestion post, and you can only suggest one song for each bracket. If you don't know many anime themes for one of the brackets, you don't have to make a suggestion for that one. Just recommend for the eras you know, and recommend your absolute favorite..."

Stevie raises a finger to emphasize this point.

"If you see that someone else already suggested the theme you were planning to recommend, you should recommend it too! I'll give more weight to songs that were suggested by more people... so please let me know what songs you'd like to see in the tournament!"

Stevie bows.

"If I get a good response here, I'll come up with some other fun ideas where your voice can be heard on the show! Thanks for your help!"
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2000's Bracket: Fruits Basket OP, For Fruits Basket by Ritsuko Okazaki
2010-2011 Bracket: Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu OP, Perfect-area Complete! by Asou Natsuko
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