***RULES of Avatar: Last Airbender***
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Posted 3/25/11 , edited 3/26/11
0. Read ALL the rules and ALL the info on this page.

1. First and foremost, NO GODMODDING OR POWERMODDING!!!

2. Be ACTIVE!! Post at least twice a week.

3. No killing unless the other person allows it.

4.This is a QUOTE RP group. You can RP however way you like, just as long you're quote the person you're talking to. (Makes it easier to respond)

5. Ask/Tell the Creator or MODs/Avatars if your have a problem through PM, the Wall, or the Question's/Comments/Concerns? forum.

6. No inappropriate and/or explicit behaviour. BUT you are allowed to swear and have romances.

7. Be semi-literate. Meaning have at least ok grammer so people understand you.

8. Be kind and considerate. No Trolling or Flaming or Spamming.

9. No advertising your own group(s) without the creator's (crono1036) permission. If you want your group advertised, PM me.

10. No creating forums without the creator's (crono1036) permission. If you want to make a forum, ask me.

11. Invite them buddies of yours!

12. Last but not least, HAVE FUN~!
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