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Posted 3/26/11 , edited 3/26/11
Head Tutorials - There are a few easy steps to follow

You can start the anime / manga face with a simple circle. A circle shape is ideal for drawing the anime head.

Now divide the circle that we just drew into 2 parts by making a vertical line in the center.

Now you should divide this circle into 3 equal parts horizontally. Your circle should look like the one above now.

Now that you have separated the face / head into 3 equal portions, you should know why. The three parts of the head are reserved for the hair, forehead, and the eyes.

Now that you have done all that is outlined above, it is time for the next part of drawing an anime / manga face. Draw another imaginary space, as shown above. This space that you draw should be the same size as the 2/3 of the circle (from the top of the circle to the 2nd horizontal line is 2/3 of the circle).

Now divide the newly constructed space horizontally (as shown above). This space that we just drew is for the anime character’s nose and mouth.

The next thing to do is to create guidelines for the face by drawing a ‘V’ shape line (as shown above). This process is very helpful for fleshing out the face. These new ‘V’ shaped lines must be connected properly to the circle (as shown in the picture).

Before placing the eyes on your Anime / Manga character’s face, make sure that they are spaced evenly. A set of eyes is one eye apart. To achieve this, place an imaginary eye between the set of eyes (Try to think of a cyclops manga head).

Now place the eyes to its guidelines (in a future tutorial, we are going to help you draw many different types of anime / manga eyes … learn how to draw female / girl anime eyes).

Now place the nose within its guidelines as well.

Now place the mouth just below the nose within its guidelines and within the ‘V’ shape. (We will be teaching you how to draw anime / manga mouths and lips in a future tutorial).

Now draw the shape of the cheek (this will vary depending on the character’s facial shape). Since there are many different types of facial shapes, you can basically do any shape that you want…just notice that cheeks basically come down in a capital ‘L’ like shape on the left and a backwards capital letter ‘L’ like shape on the right. If the character is chubby or fat, the cheeks will be much more rounded.

The anime character’s ears and eyes are aligned since they both belong within the same guidelines.

Now just start the hair from the hair guideline that we drew (the top horizontal line). The hair line starts at the point that the top horizontal line and middle vertical line meet. (An anime /manga hair drawing tutorial is coming up soon).

Now draw the iris, pupil and the eye’s glare. Erase the guidelines to finalize the anime / manga face.

Colorize or shade in the Anime / Manga head and face the way that you want to.

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