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Anime guys are so hard to draw - here is what you will need --->

Eyes, nose, eyebrow placement, chin, hair, clothes, body features--all of these elements develop the overall character of an anime guy. You create the anime guy and make him your own by giving him strength through his eyes and other facial features. Drawing anime guys takes a little bit of practice, but it won't be long before you're on your way.

Make the character come alive by making the eyes stand out and giving meaning to them--angry, sad, wicked, mad. Triangular, square, slanted, circular, oval or squinting slits show the character's immediate mood.

Draw an anime guy with pointed ears; most characters have this trait. Draw a simple line for a mouth or a circle for an open mouth. For the most part, anime guys show no teeth.

Sketch spiky hair. Anime hair is usually long and flowing as opposed to short and flat. Simple yellow or brown are the usual colors.

Draw the upper torso with muscular definition. Draw concave, six-pack stomachs and make them look powerful. Draw a torso as if it were a triangle, with the wide end of the triangle being the broad shoulders and the tip being the waist.

Note that the hands are usually clenched into a fist. Draw anime hands this way for ease of sketching. It is always easier to draw hands holding something.

Draw the anime guy performing some kind of action. Show the way the character is feeling by drawing eyes that say something without dialogue.
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