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Code Geass RolePlay

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You may only roleplay if you've claimed a character or you've created a character.
You may enter characters from other anime here as well as long as you claimed the character.

Begin RolePlaying!! xDD
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Does the time period at which we start the RP matter? I prefer playing Suzaku before he lost his mind over Euphie's death.
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The roleplay starts from when Lelouch just got his Geass. Nothin' bad happened yet so far. We also dun have to follow the story where Euphie dies, we dun have to go to all that crap. In this RolePlay no bitch dies. ( Euphie, Shirley, and etc. )
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Suzaku woke up in the infirmary, only to be met with a pair of lavender blue eyes staring back at him. "What's going on? Where am I?" He tried to sit up, the pain in his ribs screaming at him, but Suzaku wasn't one to back down from a little pain. He stared up at the man in a white lab coat, waiting for an explanation.

// Good. I hated when she died.
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"Sigh. Why the hell do I have to go along with what Arisa is plotting?!" I thought to myself as I walked along the halls thinking hard.
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"You're in the infirmary in the Military Research and Development. You almost died, Kururugi," the man had a very... Suzaku didn't want to think negatively about the person who saved him, but he had a very annoying voice. It was also somehow uninterested in Suzaku's well-being. "I don't know what happened," White-lab-coat, as Suzaku had temporarily named him, was bent over a large computer, his fingers tapping away at the keys and his eyes seemingly enchanted by what was on the screen. "But you're lucky Cecile and I found you." Despite his interest in what he was doing, White-lab-coat's tone didn't sound like he cared much.

Suzaku could only stare at the man. "I don't mean to sound rude or informal, but who exactly are you? And how do you know my name?" The soldier again attempted to sit up, and this time succeeded with only a small amount of pain. "And who is Cecile?"

Without turning to look at the brunette, the man answered, "My name is Lloyd Asplund, and Cecile is my assistant. I don't mind you being informal with me, but she'll really bite your head off." Finally, Lloyd looked away from the computer and addressed Suzaku. "Starting today, you will work under me. You will be my guinea pig for my newest, and if I do say so myself, best, project. And last, and certainly least, you will attend school at Ashford Academy." The lavender-haired man smirked and crossed his arms, leaning against the counter. "That last one is compliments of Cecile."
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Arthur randomly walks in and jumps on top of the bed next to Suzaku.
"Growl. Hiss. Snarl "

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Suzaku was taken off guard when he felt a light weight next to him. He smiled at the cat, and even as it hissed and snarled, the brunette reached out to pet the cat.

Lloyd on the other hand was completely out of sorts. The man jumped onto the counter, feeling sick at the sight of the feline.
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Arthur cautiously watched Suzaku, and whenever the human attempted to pet him, he painfully bit him. Afterwards, Arthur ran out of the room. "Growl. Hiss. Snarl."
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I closed my eyes for a bit and then opened it. "Sigh"
I walked in class and as I came in I saw a girl with long blonde hair at the front of the room standing next to the teacher.
My eyes widened as soon as the girl turned and looked at me.
"A-Arisa?" I stuttered.


"Lelouch." I said with a smile. I went and hugged him.

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"Gah!" Suzaku's eye twitched as a small pain shot through his hand. "Well," he sighed and stared at the
retreating feline. "That was strange." Even as strange as it was, it was somewhat comical. Suzaku
looked toward Lloyd, who was still on the counter. "I don't think he'll really hurt anyone. You can get

Lloyd was frozen to the spot until the little cat left the room. "How did that get in here!?" He slowly slid off
the counter and straightened his clothes. "I'm aware of that, Kururugi." Lloyd's voice betrayed his words. "Now," the man turned to his computer once more and tapped at a few keys. "I'm going to print off your class
schedule, and you'll be starting school tomorrow."

As the printer spit out the paper that held his schedule, Suzaku got quiet. After a while of looking over his
classes, the soldier spoke. "Isn't Ashford a Britannian academy?" His expression was full of worry.

Lloyd could only stare at the teen as he fretted over going to an all-Britannian school. "Yes..." he
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Karin d' Scwertz

I looked around the lab and smiled as I saw Lloyd. "Lloyd-san" I walked up to him and gave him a hug.
"Huh? Who is this we have here? Suzaku-kun?" I said as I walked to take a closer look.
"It is you." I smiled and gave him a hug, then I saw Arthur. I picked up Arthur and held him close to my chest.
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Kallen: -walks in-
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"Are you Karen-san? I'm Arisa. Nice to meet you." I smiled and then gave her a hug.
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Yes thts me Nice to meet you arisa.
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