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Suzaku refrained from rolling his eyes at the unimaginative comments and went to the seat that the teacher had told him to sit at. His emerald eyes widened when he saw Lelouch sitting in the seat next to his and slowly sat down. He wanted so badly to talk to him, to ask him if he was okay from the other day in the Shinjuku ghetto, but he wasn't sure how his childhood friend would take it if an Eleven started talking to him as if they'd known each other for years. So Suzaku opted to go with the 'Hi stranger' approach. "Hi," he turned in his seat and smiled warmly at Lelouch. "What's your name?"
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"I'm Lelouch, Lelouch Lamperouge." Lelouch said without looking at Suzaku.
When he turned and faced him he was surprised. "Su- !!" he stopped himself from blurting out his name.
"Suzaku?" he asked in a whisper.
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Smiling warmly at Lelouch, Suzaku leaned in closer. "Are you okay, Lelouch?"
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"What are you doing here?" Lelouch asked him.
Arisa walked up to them and smiled. "Hey, Suzaku-kun."
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"I'm-" Suzaku opened his mouth to explain everything to Lelouch when a girl walked over to him. He couldn't let her know that Lelouch had been in the Shinjuku ghetto, at least not until he knew why. "Uhm... Hello," he smiled kindly, his bright, green eyes softening. "What's your name?"
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"I'm Arisa, that's not nice Suzaku-kun, you don't even remember me. I'm Lelouch's cousin." Arisa says smiling.
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Suzaku gave a dumbstruck look and looked around. "I-I'm sorry, Miss Arisa," he smiled sheepishly. "A lot's happened since I last met you, I guess."
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"It's okay. I don't mind. As long as it doesn't happen again." Arisa laughed a little.
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