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Posted 3/27/11 , edited 4/12/11
These are the characters currently up for roleplay. If a name is highlighted in RED it is taken, no exceptions. Message a moderator if you'd like to add a character from the story we may have missed

You can't play a role until you are approved by a moderator on the character submission form:

-If you wish, you can change animal roles into human roles.

Alice ( Alexisthewolf )

Mad Hatter ( SugarCloud )

Cheshire Cat ( Demonscar )

Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dumb

Red Queen (Hearts) ( LoliCinderella )

March Hare

White Queen (Diamonds)


Black Queen (Spades)


White Hare

The Caterpillar (Absalom)

The Dodo

The Lory

The Knave of Hearts

The King of Hearts

The Jester

Knave of Spades

King of Spades


King of Diamonds

Knave of Diamonds

The Gryphon

Bill (The Lizard)




Alice's Sister (Lorina)

White Kingdom Guards*

Red Kingdom Guards*

Black Kingdom Guards*

*These roles have infinite people playing them. They aren't boring though, make your character memorable!

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