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Batman The Animated Series.
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Posted 11/29/12 , edited 11/30/12
I wish cartoons could be like that again, but I think the content was aimed more at the adult audience than the children. I watched it as a kid but I never saw how deep it was until I was older.
Tyger, Tyger was my favorite episode.
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Posted 12/6/12 , edited 12/6/12
It's a shame though when they released the DVD season of the show they were not in order. They just threw a bunch if episodes on one disc and was like " here is season one for you!" I love how the superman animated series tied in with batman with the cross over episode. Was amazing.
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Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/7/13
This show was batman for me, especially the joker by mark hamill, simply a winning combination.

Always loved the ep where Harley joined, because the innocent guy the joker uses to try & kill everyone, manages to give the joker a taste of his own medicine.

Also love how this worked into static shock, teen titans, the justice league too.
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Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/18/13
One of my favorites from childhood, and I still watch episodes regularly. For awhile I think it's really the only "true" Batman we had as far as movies/tv shows go. I really don't think there is anything to complain about as far as the show goes, it had something to offer everyone. It was kid friendly enough that kids could watch it, yet had that mature feeling to it so adults could also enjoy it.

The writing was top notch on this show and Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, among others, really captured the essence and feel of Gotham City. The voice acting is also, in my opinion, some of the best in the history of voice acting. So much so that even after 20 years of the show's debut when I read a Batman comic, or any other comic with the Batman universes characters, the voice of the characters from the show are the ones that pop into my head.

All in all a great show that definitely stands the test of time, and one that any Batman or comic fan for that matter should check out.
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Posted 6/19/13 , edited 6/19/13
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