Why not host unlicensed old material?
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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
I am sure that folks always post suggesting new anime to stream. I want to know why Crunchyroll doesn't just pick up some old series that have little to no chance of being licensed in the US. If anything, putting them up here would increase those chances and be a boon for the original creators in Japan. Wasn't that the original goal for this site; to provide legitimate anime streaming that would help stem the flow of pirated material eating away at the anime industry? Take a look at the list of US unlicensed anime series here: http://www.animesuki.com/series.php

To name a few that might catch your eye:
Future Boy Conan by Hayao Miyazaki
Akagi (most bad-ass mahjong drama ever)
Cutie Honey
Dragon Quest - Yuusha Abel Densetsu
Lupin III (season 1, the rest was licensed by geneon)
Parappa the Rapper
Valkyria Chronicles
all the xxxHoLiC sequels

There are loads of practically forgotten series that I would love to discover on here. Of course, this would require more manpower to go find out if something is unlicensed, and get the OK from the creators or Japanese license holders just to maintain friendly business.
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