I need mods!
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
Correction, I need someone to do my dirty work. Hahaha, Joking. :3 Just looking for someone to help me with my dirty work.
Posted 2/12/12 , edited 2/12/12

Username: VampsKiss

I think your group has potential, but you do need help. I noticed no one has posted in a long time. I have some groups of my own that i am trying to keep active and there is a group called Oblivions Gate that belongs to a buddy of mine that i revived for him, when it died. I like your group and want to see if i can help you with it. I do not have graphics skills or ability at all, but i can put pics and edit. I can recruit people and motivate them to be active which is what i am doing with my groups and Oblivion. I am creative when i want to be. I hope you will consider me for the position as your mod. Haven't done my character yet. But i will be a vampire here, spreading my darkness around for all to enjoy.
Sincerely, Autumn
Your friendly CR vamp ~ o,..,o ~

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