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Impression Winter anime 2011
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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
OK, so winter anime 2011 has now officially come to a close. So what did you think of this season for anime. What anime's are you hoping for the next season coming up next week. Also name your top 10 Favorite anime for this season.

I thought it was a pretty good season for anime. A lot of good shows went out. Some of them might go into a second season. A couple of them can go for more then 3 season. Next season is the one i can not wait for. Come on Gintama. It's the one anime we all be hoping for to return after it was canceled 21years ago. I am gonna be doing this after every season.

My Top 10

1. Kore wa Zombie Desu
3.Level E
4.Onii-chan no Koto nanka
5.Dragon Crisis
6Mitsudomoe season
7.Rio Rainbow Gate
8.Hourou Musuko Wandering Son
9. Fractale
10. Freezing

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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Zombie and Level E were much more than I had expected and they really made Mondays worth waiting for. Beelzebub I do enjoy but I am chomping at the bit for them to finally get into the actual cool parts of the series. Dragon Crisis was ok, nothing spectacular or surprising but fun enough to enjoy.

I actually never got back to Rio. Watched a couple of episodes, meant to get back to it at some point but just haven't gotten around to it.
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26 / M / California
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
2: Kore wa Zombie desu ka
3: Gosick
4: Index II
5: Yumekui Merry
6: Freezing
7: Infinite Stratos
8: Beezelbub
9: Dragon Crisis
10: Beezelbub

I did a quick skim through the forums and was surprised to find the lack of Madoka posts, maybe it's not nearly as popular here as it is in Japan, or maybe not that many people on CR have heard of it. Give it a shot though, I'll just say the title is misleading, anything more than that would be spoilers imo, haha.
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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
You are asking for an Impression of this season so far. I can only mention of what I have seen so far. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to view all the shows coming out a season.

1) Freezing - Lots of action. I enjoyed every minute of what I saw. I was fearing this would be a little bloody for my taste after only seeing the first episode. I first saw a heavily edited version. I initially thought they censored lots of blood and gore. Then I saw an unedited version. This anime just has lots of nudity, not as much blood that I imagined. Some time passed before I went back to it. I'm glad I gave it a second chance (unedited). In my opinion, this is the best series of the season.

2) Gosick - I would say this was the second best of the season. Every espisode ended in a way that made me want to see the next one. Many people will point this is similar to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. So far, I would have to agree. I will see more since it is 24 episodes long. If you like mystery, this is one I would recommend.

3) Infinite Stratos - What can I say, I like Harem Anime. I like to picture myself in the shoes of the protagonist. I know it is a dream that will never come true.

4) Rio Rainbow Gate - Boring. I was hoping this would be promising. It tries to be fun, but it is not. I still pushed myself to go through all the episodes.

5) Kore wa zombie desu ka? - O.k. I like the comedic points it had. It fit in it's own wierd universe. I should see how it will end when I have time. I would say this was the average anime.

Well, this is my impression of this Winter Season 2011. I might view the other stuff when I have time. I would like to know your impressions as well. This might give me an incentive to know why you liked a show I did'nt see yet to go and see it.
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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
gosick, madoka magica, to aru majutsu II, and dragon crisis are the only ones worth it consolation prize to yumekui merry for trying but just not making it

fractale lost my interest

level e is in the gray zone i dont feel motivated to watch it

dont quote if ur just going to hate

that about sums up my thoughts im sure ive missed some anime o well
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Ehh... Guess it's time for me to start writing up my reviews. This post will serve as a reserve.


Infinite Stratos

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Majou Shoujo Madoka Magica (STILL WORKING ON IT)

Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Infinite Stratos - The Dunois arc being the highlight of the show, and afterwards just quickly taking a nose-dive in almost every department.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka? I like the comedy and once you give the story some leniency it isn't that bad. However having an immortal protagonist right from the start reminds me of 200+ episodes into Bleach. It just kills the excitement.

Rio Rainbow Gate Dropped it on episode one, never looked back.

That is my lighter opinion on the three shows I've watched this season.
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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Here's mine, even though it's an exact copy of my post in another thread...

1. Level E - 9/10 - Keeps on getting better and better
2. Mitsudomoe 2 - 8/10 - Eps 3-8 were great. Shame it had to end so early...
3. Beelzebub - 8/10 - Lost a bit of it's early charm, but is still good.
4. Kore wa Zombie desu ka - 7/10 - Nice comedy, decent action, bad storytelling.
5. Fractale - 7/10 - Interesting setting, enjoyable right from the start, story is really picking up.
6. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - 7/10 - Overrated but not bad.
7. Gosick - 7/10 - I don't particularly like the setting, but the mysteries are pretty good.
8. Yumekui Merry - 6/10 - Interesting concept and good characters, lacks something though...
9. Freezing - 6/10 - Entertaining
10. IS Infinite Stratos - 6/10 - A bad harem setup, but is saved by good characters
11. Hourou Musuko - 6/10 - Pretty interesting
12. Wolverine - 5/10 - Rough around the edges, but action packed.
13. Cardfight!! Vanguard - 5/10 - I don't know why, but it's pretty entertaining and has a nice feel.
14. Kimi ni Todoke 2 - 5/10 - Annoying.
15. Haiyoru! Nyaruani (TV) - 5/10 - Kinda went nowhere, but it was a refreshing series
16. Dragon Crisis - 5/10 - Just plain average...
17. Rio Rainbow Gate - 5/10 - Better than what most people give it credit for, but still nothing special.
18. Onii-chan no Koto - 4/10 - Has some good comedy parts, but most of it is just crap...
19. DD Hokuto no Ken - 4/10 - Haven't really seen enough of it, but it is OK so far.
20. Starry Sky - 4/10 - Meh.
21. Suite Precure - 3/10 - Why did I pick this up...?
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40 / M / South Carolina
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Excellent season in my opinion

The excellent anime
1. Madoka Magica
2. Gosick
3. Kore Wa Zombie Desu K
4. Level E
5. Yumeuki Merry
6. Index II
7. Fractale

The average
8. Bleach
9. Fairy Tail
10. Dragon Crisis

Not Good.
11. Freezing
12. Infinite Stratos
13. Beelzebub
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22 / F / California Girl ;D
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
The ones that I enjoyed were:
-Kimi Ni Todoke 2nd Season
-Kore Wa Zombie Desuka
-Level E
-Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika
-Mitsudomoe 2
-Wolverine (2011)

I really didn't like Yumeiko Merry,Starry Sky,Infinite Stratos,Freezing.
Didn't finish Fractale because I lost interest.
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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11

taildvailn wrote:
I did a quick skim through the forums and was surprised to find the lack of Madoka posts, maybe it's not nearly as popular here as it is in Japan, or maybe not that many people on CR have heard of it..

You must have not visited the Anime Motivational Posters topic since Modoka began.

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Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Only been watching 4 series this winter season, but the ones I did watch I have enjoyed alot. Gosick, for me, was the best. The anime style used, the characters, settings and the mysteries....all of it made it into a really great show.

Kore Wa Zombie Desuka, Beelzebub and Level E are the other three shows I have been following, they certainly were not bad at all either.
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45 / M / Canada
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
Madoka is probably one of the best I've seen this season. It's been one hell of a surprise.

If it ever hits DVD over here It's an automatic for my collection
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52 / M / Champaign, IL
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/29/11
This season was very strong! As of right now, with many of the shows yet to finish, this is where they stand with me:
1st place - A tie between Gosick and Madoka
Gosick is pretty much what I expected, but I was expecting quite a bit of it. Madoka was one that I wasn't planning on watching and it totally blew me away! It is a strong show.

2nd - Wandering Son
This show may end up my favorite of the bunch over time. The pacing and depth of the show are impressive, and I love the way that the characters and the topic matter have been handled.

3rd - Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
This is a well wrought tale, with significant twists along the way. There is a certain amount of "cliche elements" in the telling, but what sets Kore wa Zombie desu ka? apart from the crowd and saves it from being a cliche ridden also ran is the way it turns each and every one of those cliches on its ear, pokes a wet willy in it, strips it of its dignity, and then tells it "It is OK! People still love you even with all your warts!" In other words, the show has an overriding irreverent tone and a mocking sense of humor about itself and the various genres from which it harvests its plot fodder. The show is extremely well written and funny, eliciting several "laugh out loud" moments per episode on average, but at the same time, it actually approaches tear inducing tenderness when it takes the time to focus on the protagonist and his savior/master/goddess of all that is dandere, Yuu. (I said almost... I don't think I have cried yet, though I am a notorious softy... just ask my kids.)

4th - Yumikui Merry
Merry is a fun story and a good action anime. I like the characters and the concept. There have been some spots where it dragged a bit and seemed to lose focus, but then it seems to be too rushed near the end. I just can't see it coming to resolution in 12 episodes. If it gets a 2nd season, it will probably jump into my favorites, but as it is I will probably read the manga to get the whole story...

5th - Dragon Crisis!
Yes, it is a cliche ridden and fairly predictable story, but it is well done and for the most part well animated, the music is great, and the voice acting is superb. It also has a good sense of humor, both in the content and about itself.
The story also finished strong, with a satisfying romantic touch, though the fact that these late teenage characters have designs that make them look like little kids (and Rose is supposed to be a loli, I realize, though I guess you could say that dragon aging is different than human,
) And I know that the "coming of age tale" is a big part of the story. It just makes the it stay in the sweet category instead of the pit of the stomache, "OMG that is so romantic!" category like Toradora!, Otome Youkai Zakuro, or Ah! My Goddess.

The rest:
Infinite Stratos - Enjoyable harem antics with an actual plot reason for the harem situation, good action scenes, but too much fluff and predictability, though the 11th episode did catch me off gurad. I wasn't expecting that...

Fractale - This one is redeeming itself at the end. The middle was losing me, but the story is coming together in the end.

Freezing - If this was not so over the top ecchi, it would be up in the top 3. The story is strong, the main characters are compelling, and the action is pretty good, though it spent too much time on the cat fights and not enough on the Nova. I really am enjoying it, just like I enjoyed HSOD, but the fan service is just too flagrant an unneeded. Clothes coming off in combat? Not a big deal, since they are basically formed by the girls' powers, but is it really necessary to have panty shots of girls in normal, everyday conversation?

Level E - The first 4 eps were about as good as I could have liked, but then came the color ranger arc and it lost me.

Beelzebub - I just don't find it that funny and the characters are too entirely unlikable for me to keep watching...
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Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/29/11
To Aru Majutsu no Index 2 - This contends with Madoka for my favorite this season. The second season of this anime really surpasses the first. The action is better and more plentiful and the plot becomes more focused on the conflict between science and religion. More Accelerator also makes the second season even greater.
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - The most surprisingly great anime this season. You go in thinking its gonna be just another magical girl anime but begin to realize that it isn't. Its very interesting to say the least.
Level E - This anime was surprisingly really funny. I don't think I could get enough of the prince trolling people.
Beelzebub - Another good comedy. I really like Oga's character. That being said the plot is kind of repetitive but it throws a lot of zany antics into the mix.
Fractale - This anime is very well produced. The story starts of somewhat light but really picks up as you go along.
Gosick - The setting is kind of unique and I like the mystery aspect of it. The main characters are likable as well. It's story mainly revolves around solving various cases but the characters do go through some developments as well.
Yumekui Merry - Another somewhat unique anime. Like others have said though it seems to stagnate in some parts but overall its still good.
Kore wa Zombie desu ka - Its certainly unique. It kind of takes a bunch of ideas and mixes them together for a mixed result.
Freezing - I dropped it after the 2nd or 3rd episode. The plot and characters were so bad and the only real focus was on the ecchi factor.
IS Infinite Stratos - Its an extremely generic harem anime aside from its saving grace which is the mecha fights. The plot is close to nonexistent and the characters are also generic. If this show didn't have half decent mecha fights I wouldn't bother with it.
Wolverine - As a fan of Wolverine I've enjoyed this so far. Some things are a little over the top but its certainly better than the Iron Man anime.
Dragon Crisis - I found this anime enjoyable for the most part. The action was good when it was present and the story was also good. The end was rather anticlimactic in my opinion and the way the villain died was worse than the way Domon and Raine killed the Dark Gundam.
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