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Impression Winter anime 2011
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Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/29/11

taildvailn wrote:

I did a quick skim through the forums and was surprised to find the lack of Madoka posts, maybe it's not nearly as popular here as it is in Japan, or maybe not that many people on CR have heard of it. Give it a shot though, I'll just say the title is misleading, anything more than that would be spoilers imo, haha.

There's an entire discussion thread here. Quite a lively one in fact especially in the middle of the series when we there were a lot of clues and a lot of speculation but no definitive answers yet.

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Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/29/11
1. Mitsudomoe s2 - 10/10 Except for the first ep it was great and most of the time hilarious. Great op and ed too.
2. Kimi ni Todoke s2 9/10 Becaus I just love Sawako. Even though all the misunderstandings has been very annoying. Great op.
3. Fractale 9/10 Love the Studio Ghibli adventure movie feel, and love Nessa. The ed is pretty nice.
4. Kore wa Zombie - 9/10 Hilarious concept with the zombie, necromancer, magical girl and vampire ninja xD The fantasy scenes with Yuu is great :D
5. Gosick - 9/10 The first ep was pretty boring to me, but I don`t drop anime after just one ep. Luckily it became really interesting in ep 2 and I`ve enjoyed it alot ever since.
Victorica is very cute. The op and ed are good.
6. Yumekui Merry - 8/10 Merry is the biggest part to why I watch it, but I also like the plot alot.
Has my favorite op from this season.
7. Madoka Magica 8/10 Was pretty sceptical to start watching this becaus it is a magical girl anime, but since someone said it wasn`t the typical mg anime I gave it a shot and I`m glad I did. It`s pretty dark, weird and stuff and has a great story.
8. Freezing - 8/10 The 7 or so first episodes were meh to me, but then it became really good with the whole crisis they`re in now.
The fan service is retarded :P
9. Beelzebub - 7/10 Ep 1 was awesome, it quick became not awesome But it`s good enough to keep me entertained in those 23 min or so, and the episodes doesn`t feel longer then that.
10. Infinite Stratos - 7/10 The harem is tiresome, but the action and characthers make up for it.
And nice not retarded fanservice :P
11. Hourou Musuko - 7/10 Nice slow paced one. Better then Aoi Hana, which I didn`t like.
The op and ed are nice.
12. Rio: Rainbow Gate - 6/10 Nice fan Service, but retarded sometimes.
That just about the only thing I like about it, and Mint.
13. Dragon Crisis - 6/10 Meh
14. Onii-chan np Koto - 4/10 Crap, shit and all that. Worst of the season. I haven`t watched the 3 last episodes, but I`m sure my score won`t go up.
15. DD Hokuto no Ken - Dropped after 1st ep. It was shit.
16. Starry Sky - Dropped after 5 min, hated the damn bishounen with sparkles around them :P
Made me sick.

Think that was all.
Haven`t watched Level E though.

Index II is from the fall season.
Bleach and Fairy Tail is deffinitly not from the winter season :P
If they didn`t start in the winter season, they can`t be mentioned along with those who did imo.
Bleach started fall 2004 and FT started fall 2009.
Index II started fall 2010.
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Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/30/11
The anime I liked this season were Gosick, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Freezing, Infinite Stratos and Beelzebub. Also watched Wolverine but gave up on it after like the 5th episode. Overall, this season was really good. Next season looks even better.

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Posted 4/25/11 , edited 4/25/11
Black Rock Shooter XD (this winter or fall) can
wait XD
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Posted 4/25/11 , edited 4/25/11
OK so this is only a list of those I watched, so by no means comprehensive.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - 11/10

The greatest show to have graced the anime industry for a while now, possibly since Code Geass R2. It truly is another EoE masterpiece. Absolutely stunning.

Kore wa Zombie desk car - 8/10

Fairly entertaining, with some decent characters. Novel concept of a male Masou shoujo. Plot feels a bit rushed though and certain aspect is unexplained, like what happened to the psyco yandere girl...

Yumekui Merry - 7/10

Great start, promising story, and then the ending...Would have been a lot higher if JC Staff didn't mess up big time on the ending.

Infinite Stratos - 7/10

Expected typical harem with some mecha added in as a afterthought, got exactly that. Nothing exceptional but entertaining nonetheless. Also Charlotte.

Freezing - 6/10

The guilty pleasure of the season. Was just as bad as I thought it would be but at least there were lots of fanservice.

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