Posted 3/28/11 , edited 6/26/11
Group Rules

1.) No advertising without consent from one of the mods or the creator.

2.) Everyone in this group is to be secretive and not tell just anyone about the group's secrets and involvements with things. Only loved ones and people who will join this group can know secrets about this group and what goes on in this group

3.) All members must try their best to work as a team and become untied with other members in this group but working solo is still acceptable.

4. ) Invite your friends and contribute to this group as much as you can and be involved in this group's activities.

5.) Spread this group's influence both on this site and other sites and even offline.

6.) All members must be committed to this group by staying with it and being as active as they can and contributing as much as possible.

7. Take this group seriously and do not mock it in any way.

8. Do not commit any wrongdoings or anything against this group such as stealing info from this group, making an opposing group to this group, abusing any power if someone is a mod or has some power over others.

9.) No pornographic or explicit pics. We want everyone to be able to enjoy this group and to have a friendly atmosphere and make people want to join and not leave or have us banned or in trouble with the site's mods.

10. No person or group of people in this group is put above anyone else here in this group. Everyone is equal and has equal say no matter race, religion, creed, sex, or beliefs.

11. No double agents or spies or traitors allowed EVER!!!!!

12.) All members must follow these rules and respect the authority of this group.

13. Break any of these rules and you will be warned. Break the rules a second time and that will get a member suspended for a week. Break the rules three or more times and that will be member permanently removed no matter what power he/she may have or how important that person is to the group.

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