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Posted 3/29/11 , edited 3/29/11
The B E S T of the best .
She is the big sister i`ve never had .

The best friend i`ve always wanted .

The best Bunny chan in anywhere .

1. She is true to herself and to everyone around her . That`s just one of the things that i absolutely love about her .
2. She is really awesome and she is the greatest thing on crunchyroll that has ever happened to me (:
3. She is much sweeter than candy O: Craaaaaaazy stuff hey ? But seriously . Look at my page and you`ll understand .
4. She is a genius and she`s creative . She makes THE BESTEST gfx`s ever , and she is suuuuuuper smart . Like , einstein is jealous O:
5. She is loyal . Never once has she stabbed anyone in the back . When she promises something , she keeps her word .
6. She is lovely . Have you SEEN her picture ? She is drop dead gorrrrrrrrrgeeeeeeousssss (;
7. She is cute ~ Hehehe . "Bunny" is all i have to say (:
8. She is gentle . The way she talks to you just makes you feel warm inside ^^
9. She is protective . If someone tries to hurt her friends , she`ll stick up for them . She is like my guardian angel <3
10. She is cooler than an ice cube B] She knows what`s in and what`s not (:
11. She is thoughtful . She thinks about the things she will say before she says it so you won`t get hurt .
12 . She is all heart . She will do so many things for everyone to the best effort that she can give (:
13. She is true . She`ll never lie to you . Well ... the only time is if its for your own good . But that is rare . ><
14. She is better than most of you . I won`t lie ... she`s like , my favourite person in the entire crunchyroll universe . LOL <3
15. She has an amazing smile . Its so BIG AND WHITE . LOL , picture perrrrrrrrfect (:
16. She is super huggable . Well ... at least i THINK that she is . I`ve yet to hug her in real life ><
17. She is super caring . When you have a prblem , she`ll always be there to help you out (:
18. She is so tough . No matter how much the world wants to push her down , she always fights for herself and defends herself (:
19. She is so full of energy :DDD It is terribly difficult to be down when you`re around her , so just give in and let yourself flow to the beat of her happy drum .
20. She is perfect . The perfect Bunny Lauren chan that i`ve ever known , and ever will know . For that , she deserves everything and more .

Maka and Crona are so close . They love and care for each other in a way that is unexplainable . Their sincerity to each other is real and deep , no matter what kinds of people try to tear them apart . Maka is always there to save Crona , and always pulls her out of her darkness . You see , Bunny chan is my Maka . As Crona , i will always make sacrifices for my Maka because she is the most important to me . As long as she is there in my care , i will do all that i can for her . Even though most of the time my dark mood is prominent in my personality .

She is as caring , as selfless (in case you didn`t know , selfless means very generous+giving) , as loving , and as sweet as Tohru Honda is . Even when Kisa was hurting and being mean to her , Tohru kept fighting to understand Kisa , and in the end , the two became closer than sisters . Bunny , i will always care for you just as dearly as Kisa cared for Tohru because Kisa knew that Tohru understood her , and for that she was forever grateful . I am so glad i found the Tohru in my life <3 You .

Bunny and i mirror each other the way that Kari and Naminé do . They are one in the same , but they are both there . They both exist . Both of them are similar in some ways , but in most ways , they are different . However they still live their lives knowing that there is someone else just like them . Bunny , you are my Kari . You are the person who has helped me form the way i am right now . You are my inspiration and i will always look to you with great respect . Never be anything less than you are Bunny , because you truly are the best ... when you believe . <3

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