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♕ ; Ice Making Class
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11

OMG thank you soooo much Risaaa (:
I'll work on those things asap. Your Mio avii is freaking awesome, especially the text, haha I'm trying to learn how to do those pretty text things :\
As for the border, I'll need to find a tutorial as well :S That's how idiotic I am...but thanks for the advice! And it's okay if it's harsh, I think the harsher the better as long as you're honest :DD

Thank you! I'll get the assignment done within these 2 weeks or so
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11

arteest wrote:

Okay sorry for the lateness.. these are the tips I promised to give you. xD
For your troubles,
1. Text : Everything about the text must MATCH the THEME of the graphic. I suggest for you to always add gradients on every text you do. Try to avoid making strokes/shadows/glows too thick. I highly suggest that you DO NOT use the bevel and emboss option. I also suggest that using colorful colors as strokes such as, red, blue, etc etc. ANY color besides black and white, it makes the text weird. So I suggest that you only use black and white for strokes(thick strokes). xD
2. Filling in empty spaces : Hmm.... you can always use some PNGs or a clone of the main photo. ;D
3. Weird text textures : .... Hmm idk how to answer this... maybe you can show me a sample? O:
4. Photoshop : Well, I suggest you take your time wandering about. xD That's what I did. Haha.
5. Simplicity : It's not a bad thing... unless you don't like simple edits. P: Practice mixing patterns(dashed, checkered, blabla) with brushes. Also get a lot of different kinds of textures.... But you don't need too much. Just around 400 will do. xD I have 1,636 textures. LOLOLOL.

1. -feels busted for doing that.- XDD
2. I see -feels stupid for not thinking of that XD-
3. Where it technically should go with the image, but feels awkward..? XD -makes something quickly-

5. I have exactly 446. WTF SO MANY.

arteest wrote:

And that's cool that you wrote the text. Did you use a tablet or did you use your mouse? O:
Well anyway, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. O:
Maybe it looks a bit empty.... hmm add a border! :3
Also, I think the background is a bit odd.. if you look at the left side, it's pure pink/white/blank. at the right part... the one behind her hair strands, it's dark... soo watch out for stuff like that. it makes it look weird. xD
i think your copyright is standing out too much. since most of the photo is bright... then BOOM, you use a black copyright. XDD also i think it's in the wrong position.. it could look better under the clone of the photo. xD

well hope those helped~
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A tablet, because I have like 6 fonts because I have a new computer. D: I do art too, so I have it handy, but it's not pretty. XDD

Border? -does not like these after using photoscape-

-did not even notice that oddity in the bg- o__o

I was going to put it there, but it looked really crowded in that one area. And yeah, my copyrights are always inappropriately dark, because one of my gfx advisors told me they were too light before xD;;

Thanks for all the stuff.
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/27/11
Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/23/11

yes, yes. your advice helped me so much. XDD

thanks a lot sensei! XD
wuaa, i got a praise from risa-sensei. XDD *happy*
oh, then try to look at this, i gave it border :

you're not a noob sensei. >:D
thanks a lot for the point. XDD *jumpjump*
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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11

I've done my assignment! It's really crappy but I tried to make it simple. I made 2 versions, so please have a look at them asap! :))
The first one is just normal and the second one has a bit of a pixelated effect on certain areas. ^^
I used a PSD colouring, a few brushes and a few PNG decorations, just so you know. As for the layer masks thing, I didn't apply it here because I thought it wasn't really suitable.
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Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/27/11

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F / teh Big Apple. 8D
Posted 4/27/11 , edited 4/27/11
Sensei, I`d like to sign up for this class. .w.

How active are you?: I`m online at least every other day.
What can I call you?: Tsu.
Your graphic style?: depends on my mood. >o>
Troubles with?(text, etc): everything. .___. mostly decorations/textures.
Photoshop version?: CS3.
Some samples:

*Naruhina Designs is the copyright I use on other websites, btw. x3
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Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/30/11

erm....well....7days after you replied...i did the assignment ~ owo hehe
mehh welll HERE IT IS....i hope the pic isnt LQ T^T i made it for my friend :l3 so yeah i hope thats okay ~
i cant tell whether or not gfx need borders or not = o = i fail .__________. yeah............i probably did bad :l3
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22 / F / Mai own AniManga...
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/6/11
How active are you? : Active enough i guess since i'm free... ^^
What can I call you? : Yuko // Yuki will do... =)
Your graphic style? : not always the same... I made them depending my idea each day, can be same and can be different.. =)
Troubles with?(text, etc) : Textures, texts and the others like d effects... Ima kinda confused will the textures i use fit for d pic or not and so for the text.
Photoshop version? : CS2
Some samples :
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