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Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/30/11
Chaos (Void) - genderless (sometimes poetically female)

Phanes (Appearance) or Himeros or Eros elder (Procreation) or Protogonos (the First Born) – male
Phusis (Nature) or Thesis (Creation) – female
Erebus (Darkness) – male
Aether (Light) – male
Thalassa (Sea) – female
Hemera (Day) – female
Nyx (Night) – female
Ananke (Compulsion) – female
Chronos (Time) – male
Gaia (Earth) – female
The Ourea (Mountains) – male
The Nesoi (Islands) – female
Uranus (Heaven) – male
Tethys (Fresh Water) – female
Oceanus (Ocean) or Hydros (Water) – male
with Aether

Pontus (Water, the Seas) – male
Tartarus (the great stormy Hellpit, which was seen as both a deity and the personification) – male
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