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Haine confessed her love for Takanari.
But the one who was there turns out to be Shizumasa…!?
Shinshi Doumei Cross Chapter 42 – Left behind and torn like tree leaves

Haine: What should I do?
Shizumasa-sama overheard me!!
He is aware that I know Takanari-sama was the one who drew the picture book!!
He knows that...the one I love is....Takanari-sama…

Shizumasa: Touya, bring him here.
Takanari: Ugh…
Haine: Takanari-sama!!

Shizumasa: Don't worry. I'm just making him more obedient. That's all.
Haine: Takanari-sama is in pain!! Touya-kun let him go!! Touya-kun…? Eh…? It can't be… No way… Touya-kun, are you the one who told Shizumasa-sama to come here…?

Takanari: Touya…Do you intend to betray me…?
Touya: I have never thought of betraying you. I am never yours to begin with anyway. I work for the Touguu family. So it's only natural for me to obey the words of the head of the Touguu family.

Haine: Touya-kun!! How could you!! Touya-kun!! Do you realize the meaning of those words you've just said!? Ah! The strap…
Shizumasa: Hmm… Haine, do you realize what is it you are trying to do too?

Haine: Eh…?
Shizumasa: He is a kagemusha. A "shadow" is only capable of doing what a shadow does; he is unable to go anywhere without me -the real form- It's pointless even if you love him because there is no way you can get married.
Haine: What does he mean…?
Takanari: Shizumasa, don't say it. Please, don't say it!
Shizumasa: Know your place! Stop confusing Haine's heart! You are someone who doesn't even exist in this world.
Takanari: Don't say it!!!


Shizumasa: Touguu Takanari…died when he was seven years old. This is a copy of his death certificate.

Haine: Eh…?
Shizumasa: From the moment when it was decided that he will be the kagemusha, he has been pronounced dead to all those who knew of his existence.
Haine: What…? Wait My head... can't keep up with it
Shizumasa: Someone who doesn't have a family register is incapable of getting married. He can't do anything. He doesn't even has freedom in this world that is governed by human beings. He can't be anything but my shadow anymore.
Haine: Ta-Takanari-sama…No way… And yet I… I still said that my dream is to be a "bride"…
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Shizumasa: Take him away!
Touya: Yes.
Haine: No…Takanari-sama!!
Takanari: Haine!! Don't touch me!!
Haine: Wait! Don’t go!! Takanari-sama wait! Please! Don't take him away!!
Takanari: Haine!!
Haine: Takanari-sama!!

Shizumasa: Haine, I'll send you home. Here's your bag. I'll pretend I didn't hear your confession earlier on, so…

Haine: You went overboard!! Shizumasa-sama…!! How cruel! How cruel! This can't be happening…!!

Maguri: Get off me already, Maora! You're heavy.
Maora: Whatever, just turn over the page!
Maguri: No it's not. See, your phone is ringing!!
Maora: Why it's Haine-chan~ What is it~? Do you want to come over and play? Maguri is here though…
Haine: Mao-cha…
Maora: Eh!? W-what's the matter!? Why are you crying!? Haine-chan!?

Maguri: What the hell…it's Haine? Hey, what's up?
Maora: Hey Maguri!
Maguri: Hey you ugly woman?
Maora: Why you!!
Haine: I'm sorry…I'm sorry I can't protect Takanari-sama…

Ushio: Kagemusha…So ever since the start of high school, the Emperor was a different person?
Maora: So that person is…called Touguu…Takanari? The older of the twins…

Maora: So where's Takanari now?
Haine: It's all my fault…I couldn't choose between Shizumasa-sama and Takanari-sama. I wasn't able to make up my mind…Takanari-sama…I finally realize how I truly feel You were always by my side... So close to me…

Maora: Maguri!!
Maguri: Why didn't you protect him with your life!! If you really love him, you should have stopped the car even if it cost you your life!! You have no idea how much I… How much I have to go through before I was finally able to give up on him…!!
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Ushio: Stop it Maguri! Haine was really shocked too! There's no way she could have done that! You should be able to understand just how much pain Haine is experiencing now better than any of us!?
Maguri: That's precisely why I can't forgive her…
Haine: Maguri…
Ushio: Anyway, let's go look for Takanari!
Maora: In that case, Maora will go investigate whether the Emperor is at home or not!
Ushio: You can do that!?
Maora: When I sneaked into the Touguu house with Haine-chan back then, I became really good friends with the maids there~
Haine: I…I'll try to email Kasuga!

Ushio: Yeah. That might be the most effective way of all.
Maora: Ushio-chan, why don't you go ask Senri-sensei? Why must you hit me?
Haine: Ushio, what's wrong? Did something happen between Sensei and you!?
Ushio: Eh!? No…Ah…Fine… I'll ask him when I see him.
Haine: Everyone, thank you so much…
Ushio: Stupid! It's weird for you to thank us…
Maora: Yeah, that's right. We are doing this because we want to.

Ushio: All 5 of us want to be together with one another. I'm sure Takanari feels the same way too.
Maora: He can stay at Maora's house if he has no place to go to.
I'm sure Papa can find a job for him.
Haine: Mao-chan...Ushio... Yeah…

Haine: Maguri...I'm sorry. I'll search for Takanari-sama. I will definitely find him. So please forgive me.


Maguri: That's a promise!! You promise me you'll definitely find him!!
Haine: Maguri... Yes.I promise you (aww ♥)

Maora: What is this…Work!? All of these!?
Haine: For some reasons, all the clubs, associations and committees submit it simultaneously…
Maora: And I was just thinking of going to all the Touguu secondary residences within the metropolitan area today too!! Just when I received information from the maids…
Ushio: Well most of it only requires us to look through it and stamp our names on it…
Maguri: This one needs some documents though…
Haine: Takanari-sama didn't come to school today… So who's the one who prepared all these work for us…
Shizumasa: What's the matter? You should be able to finish these in no time.

All: Shi-Shizumasa-sama!?

Shizumasa: From the looks of it, it seems like all of you are aware that I am the "real one".
Haine: So the one who prepared all these work is Shizumasa-sama…?
Shizumasa: I will be the Emperor from this day on. All of you will have to listen to my orders.
Maguri: Who the hell cares whether you are real or not! To us, Takataka is our one and only Emperor!!
Ushio: Orders are only followed when loyalty is present. Unfortunately, none of us have any sense of loyalty to you.
Maora: Maora feels sick. I'm leaving early today!
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Shizumasa: The 3 of you will be fired if you can’t finish all these work by today.
Maora: What!? That's awful…
Haine: Shizumasa-sama is planning to not let us have any time to search for Takanari-sama! We understand! We will do it, Shizumasa-sama!!
Maora: Haine-chan!?
Haine: I have to do something…! Please, everyone, do as he says! Shizumasa-sama, I need to talk to you in the Student Council President room…

Haine: I'll just ask Shizumasa-sama directly! I'll ask him where Takanari-sama is! I'm sure Shizumasa-sama will understand if I ask him properly! I mean, they are brothers after all… Kya…Um…Shi…zu…
Shizumasa: Forget about him already. He doesn't deserve any of your attention.

Haine: Shizumasa-sama… N-no…I refuse to do so… I love Takanari-sama.
Shizumasa: What you are feeling now is only a momentary illusion. You are only lonely because I wasn't there for you all these while. So you hallucinate, and thought that you have fallen for him who looks just like me.
Haine: No!

Shizumasa: Our engagement has been finalized. You'll hear about it from Kazuhito-sama sometime next week.
Haine: No...way...
Shizumasa: We will officially register our marriage after we've graduate from high school. But I plead with him for us to be engaged as soon as possible.
Haine: Lies... I haven't heard anything from Father…! Lies! This can't be…
Shizumasa: He must be thinking that you'd have no objections to it. Everyone knows that you are in a love relationship with "Shizumasa". Plus, your relationship is that of an Emperor and his Platinum. I'm sure he's really looking forward to it…believing that you will be delighted by the news.

Haine: That can't be true…
Shizumasa: The Touguu family has loaned some money for the repairing of the house that got burned and the compensation of the helpers. I'm sure you won't want to spoil your current relationship with your Father now that you are finally able to be on good terms with him, right?

Haine: I used to yearn for Shizumasa-sama's lips so much…Just thinking about it, was able to make me feel really happy. But, why…? Why do I feel like something is breaking apart inside my heart every time his lips touches mine now

Haine: Takanari-sama where are you...? What are you doing now...? I want to see you Takanari-sama...

To be continued...

Chapter End

Phew! I'm got tired.. lol well, i wish this'll help you.. i couldn't stand the suspense and i tought you neither could, so here it is! Thank you to and CPR34 for the translations! i hope the chapter will be out soon!!well, see you!
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OMG 0.0 thank u for the translantion!!!im soo psyched on reading this!>///< shizumasa is sooo evil!! >:[ anyhoo~thank u again for the translations!
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DAMN! hella awesome. only if there were pics...TT^TT but did takanari reel;y die?!?!?! MY TAKANARI!!!!!!
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thank you!!!!! T_T
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