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Describe yourself as a member of the Gotei 13!!! Be sure to keep in mind that our timeframe is set to 20 years after the events of the Bleach anime/manga!

Here's the form:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Description:(However length..., can be about your looks, likes & dislikes, or your life's story. A picture of your character would also be fine here)


I'll do mine first:

Name: Toyoki Ryusei,(also known as Toyoki-Taichou, Captain Toyoki, and Foo)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair Color: Black w/ a white strand in the front, Full black in Gigai
Eye Color: Hazel, Blue in Gigai

Born within the walls of the Great Seireitei, I was a 5th generation of the noble Toyoki family. Family was well-respected in the world of souls. As a young boy, I sought to uphold my noble family name by exceeding in becoming a shinigami. My father started my training the day I turned 2 to live up to the title of a "Toyoki" child. However, both parents were killed during a mission to the Material World by a unconfirmed Hollow. I was only 6. Orphaned, I was looked after by the Soul Reapers of the Shinigami Academy who continued my training to becoming one of the most successful shinigami in Soul Society.

Training in the Academy wasn't an easy obstacle to overcome. Enduring endless hours of bouts with a sword, rigorous study, and learning the arts of Kidou magic (something I was TERRIBLE at); it was quite the experience that I would never forget. Through the Academy, I met many friends including: former 2nd Division Captain Tartarus (Piececraft) and 1st Division Captain puff8806 (Kisei). During my years at the academy, however I came across a major road block that almost destroyed my hope of becoming a shinigami.

I was 13 and young, just a year before becoming a Taichou and we were on a mock field-excercise in a remote area of the Material World when I came across a female Hollow, with warm, green eyes that sucked me in and could read even my very soul. She befriended me, and soon after, I found myself looking forward to the field-exercises at the material world. In short, this was the first person I have come to love in my life. Together, we avoided both the shinigamis and the hollows, all the while keeping our meetings secret. However, the noble shinigamis of Soul Society discovered this dilema; as a result, they threatened to remove my status as a shinigami, cast me out into the streets of Rukongai, and to have my family disown me as a Toyoki family member. I was released after only three months of confinement in the Seireitei Prison, with all my honorifics intact. After released, I never saw the female Hollow again.

A year past, and now I was 14 and ready for any challenges that stood in my way. I was young, reckless and quite bold. Having already graduated from the Academy with top scores at the age of 12 (almost failing Kidou exam), I was ready to fulfill my duties as a shinigami of the proud Gotei 13. I was accepted into the 2nd Division at first, under the command of Soi-Fon and had risen to the rank of Vice-Captain in 4 months. However, the Third Captain was retiring that year and the First Captain of that time was looking for a Soul Reaper worthy enough to take the position.

Already regarded as one of the most skilled Soul Reaper in Soul Society, I decided to try to shoot for the postion, trying to surpass Tartarus (Captain Piececraft) , who was already the 6th Captain during that time. I achieved the rank of 3rd Division Captain through the extremely difficult Captain Promotions Test. I was elated.

However during my first year as a Captain of the Gotei 13, I had to face the ULTIMATE Shinigami Challenge. The Legendary Grims Reaper was released after centuries of being sealed in a random artifact because of his defeat by the last shinigami, who was the Commander-General of the 13 Divisions before Yamamoto. Only two shinigamis in history has ever had the honor of defeating the Grims Reaper. As we engaged in eternal combat, I was forced to use Bankai, which opened up the full potential of my powers, and many people speculated that I had Quincy blood in me, which I was to find out later, I did. Miraculously, I somehow survived the encounter and managed to defeat him. The Reaper, defeated, seeked refuge in another random artifact, this time in Vice-Captain Michael's (Spades) zanpaktou. There it waits, for the next worthy opponent he will fight after 100 years has passed. However, he defeated the Reaper, thus ending the cycle once and for all.

Recently, something has been bothering me, so I personally asked for Hasan-Taichou, Captain of the 12th Division to look up everything he had about my noble family, my past ancestry and such. We found out that indeed, I had Quincy blood in me. From my mother's side Toyoki Yuzuriha. Finding out this deeply guarded family secret, the Central 46 Chambers ordered that the Toyoki family no longer held any power in political and military decisions, while still holding the title as a noble family. My grandparents, head of the Toyokis, were ashamed of me and vowed to never speak to me again while not necessarily disowning me.

Today, I am a proud Captain of the Gotei 13. Of 19 years of age, I still have a playful, reckless side to me. However, I am usually a rule-enforcing type, and will not hesitate to abide by them, although I do enjoy a good laugh, as well as joking around a lot. I along with my great friends from the Gotei 13 Court Guardian Divisions, will strive to maintain peace in Seireitei. How long the peace will last, only time will tell.......


Toyoki Ryusei

Picture changed 9/23/2010
Picture added 03/10/2008
Description edited 07/03/2009
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Those who had a evaluation before, please go here. Find your character sheet and copy/paste it here. Thanks!
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27 / M / Not Where I Want...
Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11
Name: Hasan
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 194
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Red

Back story:
Hasan died on a date protecting a woman he had just met that evening. He wandered around like a lost soul almost being devoured by hollows. Until a shinigami performed the seal. Hasan was skeptical at first but as he felt the warm glow he knew it was glow. When he came to he was trampled by the child bandits of Rukongai.

After being trampled he was blamed for the stolen goods and locked away. Upon further review he was let off the hook. While incarcerated he studied the students performing as he became adept in my he was way off practice. As he was let out he asked to be part of the academy.

Such it all began for Hasan

"From the pits i rise...accidentally on purpose so know my sorrows and drown in happiness for when i bathe in glory your fail shall be my sponge"
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26 / M / In fields searchi...
Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11
Name: Ichigo Yamaguchi
Gender: Male
Age: 18 appears as 21
Height:6' 3"
Weight: 159
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: red

Description: Now Ichi trained hard to overcome his inner self. He face the devilish new look in him. All the years he pulled off to impressed everyone is now over. Now he ready to get down with his business. He just a smart, wise, and respectful man to do well in his home. To achieve his goal, Ichi must lurk the power inside of him to see what reallly his true self hides. All though he being well in human world while he still alive, now he must face to be a soul reaper to fight on with any opponent's that get in his way.

New human me

New Okami (wolf) me
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26 / M / in hell muhaha
Posted 3/31/11 , edited 4/3/11
Name: Okami saiko (last name was black star
Gender: male
Age: 20
Height: 5'12
Weight: 180
Hair Color: blue
Eye Color: red

Life whit his friend in a secret town for bean born whit wolf ear that turns into a wolf and hated by other people into one day hollows attack his town and soul reapers came to kill them after that he decides to become a soul reaper to get power to destroy all hollows
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25 / F / Charlotte
Posted 3/31/11 , edited 5/10/12
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29 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 3/31/11 , edited 4/1/11
Name:Norou "Hazuma" Tsukimono
Height:6 foot 7 inches
Hair Color:black shoulder lenth
Eye Color:Dark Blue Odd eyes
Description:Norou has Dark Skin,kanji tattoos on his arms and legs. Norou was born and raised in the same District as Zaraki Kenpachi during extremely dangerous times where criminals and murders rampaged without a care in the world. His family owns a spear weilding school that gained a large amount of fame over the years, his father eventually gaining the nickname "The Ultimate Spear" due to his skills and being rumored to have never missed a target. Due to this his father was challenged a lot and Norou was often attacked by people trying to gain an edge. Being attacked so much gave Norou heightened survival instincts and reflexes which make up for his bad swordsmanship but enhance his natural spear weilder abilities. When Norou began training to use a spear as a kid, he was kidnapped while his father was away and was forced to try and escape on his own while doing so he ended up Killing his kidnappers, this traumatized the young Norou making him fear fighting. Later on Norou began to notice people started avoiding him and some people would call him "Hazuma" he thought nothing of it until he started getting attacked more frequently. Eventually when He joined the Shinigami Academy he learned that he had developed a split personality in order to cope with his fear of fighting. Due to the way his was trained Norou has become an expert in hand to hand combat. Norou has metal soled sandals that he uses during fights. Norou also has a strange tendency to get lost even on short trips. He once got so lost he ended up in the Dragon Palace for a while. He comes from a long line of Spear masters whose zanpakuto have always been spears.
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Posted 4/1/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name: Seya
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Description: I was born in the World of the Living. My dad left me and my mom when I was born. My mom was in pain after he left, maybe not much…after she found someone new…supposedly. When turned nine years old my mom died after becoming really ill. I was left to fend for myself. I was killed by a hollow who had the deposition of my father, this is all I remember. I don’t know how I got shinigami powers. It’s a mystery to me.

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Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name:Yottsu Bakemono
Gender: Female
Age: 458 years after death.
Height: 6 feet.
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair Color: Short and black with a small tinge of gradient red.
Eye Color: Bright, seemingly glowing yellow.

When a human dies, its soul leaves the body and departs from earth towards the netherworld, the Seireitei. The dead safely settle into this afterlife with a familiar physical form to begin the next stage of their existence. Some however, may not properly find their way into the Seireitei, or simply miss it entirely. Safeguards are in place to ensure that these lost spirits are returned properly to the desired destination, and not lost to the eternal nothingness beyond. These are the Safety nets. Thirteen miniature realities sitting just beyond the boundary of the Seireiteis existence. Each one manned by auxiliaries from its respective Gotei division with the singular duty of catching stray souls and send them back down to the soul society.

Yottsu Bakemono, recently risen from earth, was one of the few unfortunates to miss their destination and instead found her way into one of the safety nets. The seventh to be specific. Largest of the nets, used as the central hub to help maintain the others. Forming into the safety of the facility which had pulled her in, Yottsu was obviously shaken and scared, like many others. She had just died after all. Fortunately, the facilities workers were equipped to deal with the trauma and properly take care of her until she was to be sent down to the soul society one week later. Since she had just entered the spirit world, she had to wait the week to become "attuned" before being sent back, or risk the danger of disappearing en route.

Through the following week, Yottsu was given a small, comfy room to stay in, and space to move about. After the initial confusion, she had taken to moving about the facility where she could, taking in the alien scenery and its residents. During this time she was also subjected to routine testing for her mental health and stability, and to help cope with her situation. She even had the luxury of making friends with another lost soul who found her way into the 7th net, Shio Mizu. They spent most of the time talking about their previous life. Unfortunate no longer seemed an appropriate description for her situation, as she is being given treatment that those who landed in the soul society could have only wished for.

As with all good things though, it had to come to an end. Her week was up, and Yottsu was being prepared to be sent down into the Rukongai with Shio. Strangely though, as she was preparing to leave, everything had begun to go wrong. A series of unfortunate events that would see her down the path to what she is in the modern day. Firstly, the gateway closed off before either could make it through. They were told of a slight disruption in the system. Soon though, the machinery in the room began to malfunction and shut down. The two were ushered out of the room as workers scrambled about in the face of the problem, as this situation was also unfolding throughout the other 12 safety nets as well.

Yottsu was returned to her room, and her door locked. She could only sit there and wait the problem out. Her room had a window from which she could see out into the courtyard, which she was now looking out through. Even from her room, she could hear the screaming from the other end of the courtyard. People were running desperately from something. At first, she couldn't tell what was happening, but soon it became apparent that they weren't running from something, Everything behind them seemed to be bathed in a strange red miasma that rapidly spread across all space. Yottsu didn't even have time to turn and run before the miasma pushed through her window and enveloped her room, and within mere moments, the entire safety net.

What happened next was never clear to her, or anyone else for that matter. What she could remember though, was the power. The overwhelming surge of energy throughout her entire being. Even that though was almost impossible to remember. Everyone in the safety net, Yottsu included, had completely lost their mind. Madness reigned, and everyone turned on each other with an insatiable blood lust without thought or direction.

1 hour after incident
Yottsu regains consciousness. The door to her room was dented and damage by those who wanted in. It didn't take much for her to finish the job and tear down the door.

3 hours after incident
Yottsu had acquired a strange sword that had been discarded. The blade seemed to reject her use, but the energy emanating from her simply overpowered any resistance. The blade was already smeared in blood.

5 hours after incident
Notable figures in the Soul Society have become aware of, and are investigating the situation.

6 hours after incident
Yottsu finds and kills Shio Mizu.

10 hours after incident
One shinigami returns from the investigation, raving mad and attacking all around him with an extreme power. He is eventually put down.

11 hours after incident
All connections to the safety nets are cut and the safety nets are let loose into the void. The situation is kept secret.

34 hours after incident
Yottsu is a bloody mess. Injuries everywhere as a result of the constant fighting. The power flowing through her, and everyone else, seems to prevent death from anything less and an immediately fatal blow.

53 hours after incident
The last shinigami is killed as Yottsu beheads him, distracted as he too killed another. Yottsu Bakemono is now the last person alive in safety net 7.

112 years after incident
Stewing in her own insanity for so many long years, Yottsu is no longer even capable of dying. She has become more stable as a result of the miasmas "healing" effect.

113 years after incident
Simply being left to herself for so long, and with the "healing" effects of the miasma, Yottsu regains sanity, despite the miasma being responsible for her insanity in the first place. The entirety of the safety net is torn asunder. Even reality itself seems to have been damaged.

185 years after incident
Using the immense power at her disposal, Yottsu has reformed the miniature world, rebuilding its destroyed form and molding it to her liking. The process is long but it keeps her mind from slipping back into madness.

206 years after incident
The souls of those who died still linger in the safety net, unable to leave. Their bodies still contain the energy from the miasma, and have been perfectly preserved.

257 years after incident
Yottsu has devoured half of each soul, adding to her natural spiritual energy. The other half of each soul was replaced in their respective bodies. They still lay dormant.

298 years after incident
All of those who had died in safety net 7 have been revived. Each one is under the complete domination of Yottsu Bakemono, as their souls are a part of her. There has been an unintended side effect though. Each of them seems to have grown a white mask across their faces, with the visages of evil monsters. Attempts to remove them prove unsuccessful as they simply regrow. Shio Mizu is given the majority of her soul and does not develop a mask like the others.

375 years after incident
The mighty power of the miasma has begun diffusing from Yottsus' body into the air around her. This does not seem to affect her power.

412 years after incident
Yottsu has figured out how to open tears in reality, or portals. She soon discovered the location of Safety net 6, but the damage done there was so severe that she didn't even bother with it.

440 years after incident
Yottsu reconnects to the Seireitei via portal, and subsequently, earth. She also learns that since her power has diffused into the safety net, she cannot access it if she leaves to other places.

450 years after incident
Yottsu learns how to pull small amounts of energy from the safety net to augment her power in times of need. She also discovers that even with her natural spiritual energy, she would be considered a powerful force within the soul society.

456 years after incident
Yottsu accesses archives in the Gotei and discovers that the safety nets had been cut from the Seireitei, and that she had been simply abandoned to her fate.

458 years after incident, modern day
Yottsu Bakemono is furious with the Gotei, who played a major role in sending away the safety nets and simply forgetting the problem. She does not show it though, as she has also ingrained herself among them. She has killed one of the shinigami responsible for the order given but that was only one small step. Yottsu currently sits within the safety net with occasional ventures to the Gotei. She also makes visits to earth to steal items she deems valuable.

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Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name: Keshiva Tanttka
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Weight: 107 lb
Hair Color: Dark red
Eye Color: Bright red

A former low ranking shinigami of the 3rd Division. Keshiva was one of the many shinigami who made the bulk of the Goteis occupants. As a member of the third, her days were filled with filing and paperwork, training, interacting with the other division members, more training, and occasionally being sent out for the destruction of hollows. A very average existence of just another low ranking shinigami.

But of course nothing lasts forever. Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can change ones life dramatically, sometimes for the simplest reasons. Kisheva had taken guard duty from a sick friend, and patrolled the dark nighttime hallways with a bit of paranoia, as this was not among her normal duties. As luck would have it, her ears caught the sound of movement not to far from her. Upon further investigation she happened upon another guard, incapacitated on the ground. She would have turned and ran, to go sound the alarm, but it had seemed the assailant, or what quickly became apparent, assailants, had not quite left the scene. Around the corner strode a young woman, clad in strange black robes, with short black hair and glowing yellow eyes. Flanking her were two shinigami. One, a large bald man carrying an equally large claymore, along with a large stack of papers, obviously stolen from one of the archives behind them. The other, a woman, with long black hair tied into a ponytail, wielding a demi-lune. Both of their faces concealed by hollow masks.

Keshiva shakily unsheathed her zanpakuto, raising it towards the thieves. That was about all she did though as the masked woman immediately lunged towards her, catching Keshiva in the throat with the demi-lune. She was dead before she hit the ground. Beheaded.

Unfortunately for her, that was not her end, as the young woman in the black robes had sought use of her. Keshiva awoke again. The previous events seemed a dream to her, with her new reality not seeming much different. She had woken up in a particularly fancily decorated room, inside a large mansion, with no sign of the Gotei, or even the Seireitei, anywhere. In the months that followed, Keshiva learned of the events that had preceded, and what had become of her. She was now effectively a slave, soul bound to the young woman in the black robes, whose name she never learned. As of yet, not much had been asked of her. during this time however, she was subjected to horrible things. Becoming a test subject of the young woman, who, as time passed, seemed less and less human, and not the least bit sane.

Resistance quickly gave way to fearful acceptance, and now, as she roams the halls of the mansion, she looks at the others, which there were many of, and sees the exact same as her. Pitiful broken servants of a mad woman.
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23 / M / somewhere
Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name: Jack
Age: 16
Height: 5'10
weight: 150 lbs
Hair color- light brown
eye color- green

(but green eyes)

Description: A young shinigami who doesnt remember much of his childhood besides the fact that he grew up around a scientist with a woman who would do anything for him. Jack later found out it was mayuri and nemu kurotsuchi (sp.) He then stayed with them for awhile, then one day when out with nemu getting something for mayuri i got hit by lightning. Jack believes that He was either Mayuris son, or an experiment that came out a shinigami somewhat like nemu.
19 years later
Jack awoke in the middle of a roukongai (sp.) woods and then after a year of wandering went back to the gotei for a year then became a fifth seat and started moving up the ranks.
That is why jack has a lightning zp.. he doesnt remember much but him and his zp are close.........
Jack was is a kinda of time warp where when he was gone 20 years, it only looked like he aged one.
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28 / M / florida tamarac
Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/24/11
-Name: Ed Mizuzaya
-Age: 20
-Height: 5'5
-Weight: 150
-Hair Color: Black
-Eye Color: Black
-Color Skin: Dark tan

Ed Mizuzaya : A shinigami that sees the good on everyone , somethime he can be like a child and act like a retad , but wen it comes to serious business the whole personality chages ! -_-
Litt bro of a Retierd Taicho Iva(Nini).

A shinigami ones told him , ''never give up of what you realy want'' seans that day ! he decide to follow that shinigamis foot steep and become as powerfull as that shinigami , Her name was Iva or like everyone in gotei13 know her NINI .
At the age of 14 Ed mizuzaya proudly enters to the Gotei 13 in the 12 Div. as the 7 seat of that div.
years pass and Ed got promoted from the 7th seat to the 5th seat ! there he finaly had the pleasure to meet his old Vc , Mimi ! Ed saw her like another Big Sis . the time pass and wen Vc. Mimi got promoted to Taicho Comander , Ed decide to follow her step and become a Vc just like Mimi but hes dream was more of Becoming A taicho like his older sis Iva .
At the 12th he did the best he could for other and his Taicho Hazan. Ed follow his orders to top .
some years pass and the lab got destroy and recontructed ! then agane as a mad scietis that happes alot .

Now in the present .................
Ed is now train in some of the Medical asistans and mad sciese stuff . so beware of his mad medical sciest ! bwahaha !!
-Ed Mizuzaya is now following his way to become a Taicho or Vc ! lets see what happends in this shinigamis life...........
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24 / M / Within my own wor...
Posted 4/12/11 , edited 4/13/11
Name: Ryuan Yotsuki
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair Color: Black w/ Red Highlights
Eye Color: Sky Blue
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30 / M / In the Endless Void
Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/19/11
Name:Kenshiro Masaki
Weight:288 lbs
Hair Color:black w/ grey highlights
Eye Color:green
Description:Kenshiro is one of Genryusai's top apprentices. He was saved by Genryusai when he was attack by several Hollows while he was a rookie.Because of his skill and bravery amidst of the conflict, Kenshiro was taken under the wing of the Captain Commander. He was often tasked of inflitration and destruction on things that are deemed dangerous to both Soul Society and Karakura Town.18 yrs has passed since the events that happened in Soul Society, He is assigned as the 5th seat of the 8th division in order to maintain peace throughout Soul Society.Kenshiro excels in pure swordmanship and uses very little Kidou and follows the code of the Bushido.

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M / were am i ?
Posted 5/14/11 , edited 5/14/11
Name: Waldo moodago
Gender: Male
Age: looks like a 18 to 20 year old .
Height: 5' 6
Weight: --------------
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blueish gray.

-Story :
A new shinigamy with no purpouse, he does has his told .

He seams to have no feeling.
He does not like to show emotions , he thinks is a sigh of weakness.
He's loyal to the person he was selected 2 be with .

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