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The format:

1) Give a name for your Zanpaktou
2) Describe the properties of your zanpaktou
3) Give command to release Shikai and Bankai
4) Describe powers gained in Shikai
5) Describe powers gained in Bankai----- STRICTLY TOP 3 SEATED OFFICERS.
6) Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou
7) Drawbacks?

** PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MAKING RIDICULOUS ONES!!! You can make it for Laughs and Kicks... BUT PLEASE make another one for official purposes!

........................And I'll start off first:


Name: Seishinken (Spirit Blade)

Properties: Total Spirit Particle Manipulation

My zanpaktou. Un-released and humble:

~~~Shikai Form~~~

Command:Sasayaki, Seishinken! (Whisper, Spirit Blade!)

The center pommel of the hilt is a sapphire instead of a ruby and in the sapphire is a kanji embedded, "Spirit"

Powers gained in Shikai:Since I already have an incredible ability and control over spirit particle manipulation, by releasing my blade to Shikai form I have a more immense control over spirit particles.

Drawing Power- My power is drawn from the spirit particles.

Form Weapons- I can use the particles to form my zanpakutou's blade into any shape.

Destruction- I can use the particles as a form of energy I can control with my own will and cause damage.

Protection- I can use the spirit particles as a barrier in front of and around me.

Assasination- My abilities are highly valued by the Covert Operations Corps as I can quickly, and silently dispatch my opponents with the spirit particles I control. I can also use my control of spirit particles to "sense" how to avoid my enemy's attack, if it is laced with spiritual energy.

Other things that are noteworthy to mention-
Think of Byakuya's Senbonzakura and Ishida's Quincy Powers, but with more control of the particles and the particles are both from my power and from the particles in the environment. My zanpaktou will glow light blue, as the spirit particles I am controlling are usually turned light blue in color.


~~~Bankai Form~~~

Command: Dragon, be my strength... Spirit, be my guardian...Ban Kai. Dragon Lord Seishinken!

Basically, my blade turns into the physical manifestation of Seishinken. With our combined strength, we both control the spirit particles with unmatched power, and unity. The dragon can also physically attack our opponents as well as fire a high velocity Hyper Spirit Beam from it's mouth, (similar to the high level lightning kidou).

The Dragon(Physical Manifestation):

Drawbacks. Shikai Form: My control of spirit particles is limited to the point that I cannot control the spirit particles in a fast moving attack coming at me, like a White Lightning. There is barely any spirit particles in the Material World, so I only have access to my own reiatsu when fighting there. I am very vulnerable to opponents with similar abilities. My range of the spirit particle manipulation is limited, so a person with very, very high speed attacks and agility that are higher than my own can outrun my attacks and perhaps even get within sword's reach of me. Also, an incredibly powerful kidou attack can shatter my spirit particle barrier.

Drawbacks. Bankai: Naturally, it can only be effective in open spaces since a dragon needs quite a bit of room to manuever.
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Those of you who already had an zanpakutou. Please go here. Find your zanpakutou, then copy/paste it here in this thread. Thanks!
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1) Name: Leviathan & Mizuko (Water Beast & Water Child)

Sealed State

2) Shikai calling: Savor The Destruction, Leviathan
Surf The Tsunami, Mizuko

3) Shikai description: I have no weapon but my claw, i produce and control my water, field water, and kidou water to form any solid weapon or shape


4) powers from shikai: the effects it has are temporary paralysis, instant death, and healing. paralysis occurs when the water drenches the spine. instant death if swallowed with killing intent. healing if swallowed with no intent or healing intent. Infinite Water Bullet Hadou and Infinite Flood Bakudou. 5 forms when fighting 0 - 4

Mist Forms

5) Bankai description: Dark blue gauntlets and grieves and a glimmering silver armor.

6) Bankai powers: water summonings which takes away all armor to bring to life a water beast. without summoning each attack is followed by a wave of water(can be used with mind but faster with hands) all the saame effects of the shikai and shunpo speed is increase and can steal reiatsu.


7) wielder:

8) Drawbacks: lost of stamina and attack power, reiatsu is consumed highly when controlling the water, can only heal 3x per day, instant death can only be used 3x a week. Mist forms 3 and 4 assist and hurt both me and my opponent
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Otherwise known as The Theatrical Guillotine, Kyakkos-Lamia claims herself to be an aggrieved spirit whom has been fabricated into reality. Where the obscurities of inhumanity gobbled her up in the most devilish nature, mutating her into what she is today.


Kyakkos-Lamia, Sukeban's fellow zanpakuto that holds an outer shell. This outer shell sticks to Kyakko's skin while in sealed shikai form. When in unsealed shikai form she is unmasked, unless a mask is required for defense purposes. Though, always eager to remove herself from the defensive phase of spars and battle, Kyakkos-Lamia has never hesitated to join in. But she feels the most pleasure of enforcing correction when in her Bankai state! This is where she's fully able to let loose.

(Both Unsealed & Sealed Shikai Form)

(Bankai Full Throttle Form)

Commands to Summon

In all situations of serious to non-serious spars and/or battles, Kyakkos-Lamia will always be summoned in two ways:

-When being summoned from Sealed to Unsealed Shikai Form, Sukeban says this: "...Kyakko, its time."
-When being summoned from (Sealed/Unsealed) Shikai Form to Bankai Form, Sukeban says this: "...Lamia, open your eyes."
~And for downgrading, going from Bankai Form to Unsealed/Sealed Shikai Form. Or to Unsealed Shikai Form to Sealed Shikai Form, Sukeban won't hesitaite to say: "...Pull the E-Brake..."

Physical Form(s)

Shikai (Sealed)

Shikai (Unsealed)

Bankai (Full Throttle)

Occurrences During Summoning

Upon summoning from the Sealed Shikai form to Unsealed Shikai/Bankai, the current form of the blade does not change or move from sight. In fact, the other weapon just appears. This maneuver can at times catch the foe off guard. During the attack, the current weapon will quietly fade away.

Properties & Powers Gained


Kyakkos-Lamia is engraved with the Four Ancient Styles of Mao, the cause of her nickname, The Theatrical Guilloine. Knowing them so well, they are drenched within each stage of her zanpakuto forms.

Sealed Shikai

Noh, the most ancient of the styles. That while in actual theater it is the asian style where the mask is always worn. In actuality with the zanpakuto's sealed form, it is all black. Wearing a coating of disguise that restrains its lust for danger & attack. Instead, in this form it is of peace and it is graceful. But when unsheathed, the sealed shikai form of Kyakkos-Lamia can be used as a natural katana. It can be used in natural sparring matches and battle matches. That and it will not hesitate to shove (weak) kido off its course from her.

Unsealed Shikai

Kyogen, second ancient to that of the Noh. In actual theater it is the asian style where the masks are only worn when transformation occurs. A style that Kyakkos-Lamia, when engaging in battle simply performs the best, will hold greater speed to that of Sukeban even when Sukeban is within full (or any stage) of stealth mode. Though Sukeban can use the Kyogen style on her own when Kyakkos-Lamia decides not to fully take participation. But Kyakkos-Lamia is able to perform it at its best.
A "superficial" (not meaning big) mask will appear upon her (Kyakko/Sukeban) face when the attack is performed. The Kyogen style specializes in speed, precision/accuracy, long range attacks that keep the opponent at a long range for a game of "cat and mouse". This goes all into the meaning that the Kyogen Style is fully capable of using 1,000 Cuts of Death. Quick and sharp enough to do its job, the weapon fitted with the Kyogen Style can be used to slice firmly through nearly anything and keep going. But in all sense, the Kyogen style is the graceful fast tempo to slow tempo (or vice versa) "dance" meant for battle that is all offensive. It can allow the process of a proficient flash step (dodge) but defense is not its strong suit.

Unsealed Shikai

Bunraku, the puppet free of strings stands to be the “swift wind” out of the Four Ancient Styles of Mao. Theater-wise, Bunraku consists of (3ft-4ft) puppets being moved by puppeteers dressed in black. Though the head puppeteer is not in black, all background music is performed by the Samishen player (and orchestra). Chanting and song(s) create the many voices for the puppets.
And as a style for battle, it holds excellent balance to the point that a fight could seem planned. Though balance for the user allows the chance to stumble and/or fall to be near zero. Compared to the speeds of Kyogen, it is slower but still efficient. It holds a better grace, allowing long jumps; ease in motion and in reaction. The flexibility knows no conscious but has its bounds in respects to battle. This in turn plays a part in the strategy poise when it comes to Bunraku's perfect form. This unfortunately doesn’t measure up to Kyogens accuracy and precision but it shows that there is a form for everything (reaction and action). Plus, the form allows all attacks to posses more power, efficient (deep yet quick) strikes and momentum. Bunraku, as a style that is the puppet free of strings holds an illusion in nearly all that it does. But it is not an illusion of the mind, an offensive/defensive technique. Instead, this illusion is the illusion of the style; one that the user and the opponent both experience!
As far as the illusion goes, in Bunraku’s specific maneuvers, the point maker of the attack (often called the Puppet in Bunraku) is accompanied by aftershock(s) (often called the Puppeteer in Bunraku). Because of this, “illusion of the style” the offense is not higher or less then Kyogen’s but its defense if definitely at advantage.

-When the two styles, Kyogen and Bunraku are used together. Any Bakudo and/or Hido that Sukeban chooses to use is more concentrated (stronger)-


Kabuki, the most modern of all four styles, is the Guillotine for Kyakkos-Lamia. In theaters, Kabuki is the classical and stylized asian dance drama. Those of the performers that wore the elaborate makeup performed in jidai-monos (historical/pre-Sengoku period stories), sewa-monos (domestic/post-Sengoku stories) or shosagotos (dance pieces). As the climax factor of Kyakkos-Lamias power, it is fitted with the 10 fold upgrade of everything in its inventory. Just like that of the theatrical Kabuki, the fighting style can move within that of a slow or fast tempo. Either way, its upgraded speed will not be matched. Better then that of Kyogen and Bunraku put together, Kabuki sustains accuracy/percision all the while keeping a perfect yet bizarre (no pattern) form. It is not graceful but it is formidable & definitely stylish! And because of its loud and radical movements that include flexibility and endurance, it needs no illusion to its style. Instead, it has a wind like movement of its own. One that can not be copied, in or out of motion. The reaction and action times placed within the Kabuki style places a large UMPH on all of its given attacks. Attacks:

Faster Striking Speed
More Power
More Momentum
More Weight
Strikes that leave no mess but fine yet deep gashes

As it is... the warrior dance whom wields a high offense and high defense! The Kabuki style is the only style that holds a throttle of strength and a beautiful vision. A vision, that is shared with whoever is the opponent. And even without this vision being shared, Bankai's vision and light weight defense (armor), allows the Kido used to be a step more concentrated then beforehand.

Signature Attack(s):

Chambers of Hell (Striking, Crushing,Revival, Great Wailing):
Otherwise simply known as a Suh Rin-Mai (A Cold Dance's Death), is known for its outrageous power and down right non-patterned blunt force. Yet in order to do such a signature attack that is set within the Kabuki Style, Sukeban must say a incantation decided between her and Kyakkos-Lamia. It will relieve the ban or "seal" Kyakkos calls it, on what level of Kaze & Lightning Sukeban may generate. The incantation decided upon was this:

"Tsubasa-takeru (warrior/military wing), send your Megumi (blessing, kindness) in Enmas (King of Hell's) Amaya (night rain). That will help spread the Yuuka (excellent aroma) of eternal death. Hitomi (pupil of the eye) look upon thee."

The moment the incantation is said the ban/seal will have been temporarily relieved. In a 4 ft. Radius of her standing (Sukeban as the center), the ground is incinerated. Lightning acting as a igniting cylinder around her, will singe markings into her armor. The fierce wind and lightning that comes up around her will place the layer of a beast upon her body. The cylinder will split at its sides and then flare outward at the enemy, just as Sukeban launches herself at her foe. Using all four of the chambers:

Chiyo-Daiki (1000 Generation (Eternal) Large Radiance)
Is known for its perfect form of complete style and elegance. Its form its unmatched and its sudden appearance showcases real grace. Yet in order to do such a signature attack that is settled within the dangerous sanctum of max holding capacity, Sukeban must recite an incantation. This incantation will relieve the ban or "seal" Kyakkos calls it, on what level of lightning Sukeban may generate. The incantation decided upon was this:

"Daichi (vast land), grow your Misaki (beautiful blossom) of Beniko (red vermillion)! Share its Mami (true beauty) as it must Shigeru (to grow thick, to be luxurious). And when it is Yutaka (abundant, plentiful, rich) the devil's Hotaru (firefly) will be sent as messenger. And winds whispers of death she shall breathe!"

When saying this, Sukeban's concentration will be like unbreakable steel! The Rai Generation will have already been in progress, boiling up to reaching far past the non-lethal limits and up to the upmost max (dangerous holding capacity). First generating into the Rod Blades until they appear like rods of pure light! The lightning will then hold up into her armor and then her body. Appearing to be an embodiment of light for a quick moment, the light will glow brighter and brighter as it rises and then fires down through her system. Exiting into the earth below her, the ground will feel an immense tremor brought on by the large ball of entering (compressed) rai. Traveling below ground, like a seed it will find its place and settle. After three full pulses (posts), the compression will force it to unravel and burst through the ground. Coming up, it will solidify on its way out and take form of the tree of Enumerations. The hardened lightning is hot enough to burn and cut/stab its way through whatever is caught in its path.

Levels Of Kaze/Rai

(1) Ichi

(2) Ji

(3) Futeki

(4) Uroboros

Ichi ("One") is the first level where the rai/kaze remains lethal, unpredictable and yet strong in all of its natural tendencies. Green Zone

Ji ("Two") is the second level where the rai/kaze has a greater concentration, flexibility, speed, power & different color. Yellow Zone

Futeki ("Daring, Fearless, Intrepid, Bold, Tough") is the third level where everything within the Ji level is taken right up to the point of where the user is pushing it. Strain will begin to place itself on the user but there is a highly unlikely chance of self infliction during battle. Orange Zone

Uroboros ("Death & Rebirth") is the final stage. This is where everything about rai/kaze, all of its attributes, its power, its flexibility, its stealth (speed), concentration, strength, "umph", push, color, unpredictability, everything is taken beyond the regular max! This is where self infliction has risen to a 98.9%. It is not only validly dangerous for the user but the enemy as well. Red Zone

Lotus Burning

Nine Tail Lashings, The Heron Maiden, Rai/Kaze Kimono, Firm Palms, Samishen-Puppeteer, Mobile Light, Rai-Thread Puppeteer, SenRai & Malicious Kaze

Numb Guillotine, FuGlutton Puppeteer, RaiGlutton Puppeteer, Winds Carrier Flesh Edition, Winds Carrier Blossom Edition & Hanamichi

Chambers of Hell & Chiyo-Daiki

Common Attacks:

NOTE: SOME Kyogen and Bunraku attacks can be switched into one another's styles

Lotus Burning ~ANY
In battle there are times when wounds can be pesky and bleed all over the place. So to fix this problem, Sukeban has come up with Lotus Burning. A technique where her body will heat up to allow the surge of electricity/lightning to move freely through her body. And as soon as that is accomplished, it will begin to concentrate on the wound to burn it shut. This is nowhere near being a healing technique. It merely burns the wound closed so Sukeban doesn't happen to bleed to death during battle. That and if Sukeban ever feels lazy, she can cut down on her visits to the medical division.

Nine-Tail Lashings ~ KYOGEN
The metal links (pieces) on the Cherry (Blossom) Tortoise Whip will charge with high levels of Rai. When charged, the links will steam due to being so hot. Kyakkos-Lamia, an expert with her whip will allow its irregular snake like flow to emit wind attacks (ex: cutting wind waves/acrs). With the right sequences of whip movements, a slashing sequence of wind attacks will dash down at the opponent with enhanced speed. One that her whip is very well known for!
When not using the Cherry (Blossom) Tortoise Whip and instead the Moon's Fang, the blades will be equally steaming hot. Increasing its cutting ability that requires no charge. Yet it takes a little longer for the blades to charge with Rai, when done, it can deliver twice as many Rai coated Kaze attacks. And when fully charged with built up Rai, Sukeban can gain distance from her opponent to then send a 3D attack. This 3D attack is a large kaze arc that is backed up with Rai in the same form as the arc. The kaze arc will use so much force taht it will force the enemy back and cut them at the same time. All the while the lightning will be backing up the wind and doing its job at burning the opponent.

Wind's Carrier Flesh Edition ("Seeds of Bliss") ~ KYOGEN
Winds Carrier Flesh Edition is one of the two commonly used attacks of the Kyogen Style that deals with transformation. And because of this, it can not be done in any other style (ex: Bunraku). Which also reveals that Kyakkos-Lamia must be present for this attack to take place. What is done during battle with the opponent is that a large portion of spiritual pressure is unhidden suddenly, puncturing and pushing down on the ground. Kyakkos-Lamias weapon will have already been tilling the soil that is being fought on. In direct attacks with her whip, strong pounding winds and harsh lightning will spark and pass around them. The moment the spiritual pressure vanishes is when the pounding wind and strong lightning will suck in, creating an oval shaped capsule (looks like a large seed). This oval shaped capsule will be forced down into the earth. Now, this capsule consists of:

(3rd Outer Layer) Lightning (Called the Lightning Pod, the very outer shell that helps shoot the capsule down into the ground)
(2nd Outer Layer) Wind (Called the Air Layer, layer that gives the capsule breathing room)
(1st Outer Layer) Spiritual Pressure (Called the Containment Layer, it holds the contents of the capsule together until it is ready to let out)
(Repeated Layers) The Repeated Layers would be the layers of thick compressed lightning and the layers that are called the Walls of Wind)
(Inner Layer) Spiritual Pressure (This Spiritual Pressure has holes in it and because of what its around, the holes will get bigger. This Layer has no name since it is the only Inner Layer of the capsule)
(Nucleus) Bustling Wind (This bustling wind is a wind that doesn't seem to want to quit. It eventually draws in the winds that are in the repeated layers to keep it moving while the capsule is not in motion. The compressed lightning will gather and unravel. Once that occurs, the spiritual pressure will eventually be forced out. The air layer will remain and help push soil out to provide room with the help of the exiting spiritual pressure. Then there's the lightning pod, the lightning pod will have already dissipated when the capsule settles into the ground).

When the once compressed lightning unravels then the complicated formation will have already been taken care of. It will take form of either a Mud Catfish or a Snakehead, with the bustling wind helping it move along after blowing it up (not blowing it up as in explosion). Moving quickly with the help of the bustling wind, it will puncture through the surface of the earth. Once doing so its body will give off a current of lightning which is strong enough to only shock the enemy a few good times. But since the bustling wind is what gets it moving, there's a chance that all of its wind will get used up. If that happens then this "being" will resort back to its original form. Resorting back to its original form will be quick and cause it to become a whirlwind of lightning with a center of captured air from the outside. But, its natural maneuver will be to leap out from the ground and open its mouth to swallow its foe. Though it can not fire the wind from its mouth in any shape or form, it will move to swallow its foe (no digesting involved). Being swallowed throws the opponent into the bustling wind. The fish will close its mouth and go back into the ground only one foot under. The captured foe will be pummeled by the wind until it runs out which will take one minute. When it runs out, the "being" will resort back to its original form and a strong discharge of lightning will cause an explosion.

Wind's Carrier Blossom Edition ("Seeds of Light") ~ KYOGEN
Winds Carrier Flesh Edition is one of the two commonly used attacks of the Kyogen Style that deals with transformation. And because of this, it can not be done in any other style (ex: Bunraku). Which also reveals that Kyakkos-Lamia must be present for this attack to take place. Though, having a near similar development to that of the Flesh Edition of Winds Carrier, the Blossom Edition has a different view of its own. With a certain amount of shunpos, Sukeban and Kyakkos-Lamia will not ease up on attack on the opponent. They will charge lightning within their bodies and when ready, the lightning will surge down their body and shoot down into the ground. What is shot down into the ground are what are known as Deposit Rods. These Deposit Rods are compressed lightning just waiting to be activated under the time zone limit of (min: 30 seconds max: 2 mins). Within this alloted time, many times at Sukeban and/or Kyakkos advantage, the Deposit Rods deposit will expire. And when that happens, depending on the type of deposit (a Cherry Blossom Deposit or a Emperor One Deposit) shows what kind of up from the ground attack will occur. If it is a Cherry Blossom Deposit the lightning will be bright and will fire Lightning Needles up into the air from beneath the ground. Then there's the chance that it would have been that of the Emperor One. If it were, then the lightning will be darker. Now, when these expire, they will throw a strong current of lightning up from the ground that will break the ground up. Its form looks like that of a tree's branches.

Malicious Kaze ~ KYOGEN
Kyakkos-Lamias whip will whirl around her but because of her speed she will spin too causing a tornado to form up sucking the enemy inward and sending out wind bullets.
Though when done with that of the Moon's Fang, the speed is slower. And so the Moon's Fang's bar must be taken away so that the chain can be revealed. Sukeban will influence kaze to whirl around her at speeds strong enough to drag up half buried objects and lug them off. As wind gathers, becoming lethal and cutting in nature as the tornado forms soon around her. Rotating her body, being pulled up off her feet, she will guide the tornado close to the enemy. All the while using Moon's Fang to attack the opponent from within the tornado's eye.

SenRai ("1000 Lightning") ~ BUNRAKU/KABUKI
Lightning will discharge as a current in all directions from Sukebans body. Vibrating off of Sukebans current weapon(s), the constant current will become magnetic. Sukeban's weapons will react by holding a magnetic charge of their own and attract. Keeping them apart will allow the magnetic current to flow out and push against the opponents weapon and attacks. (The force does not work well against lightning and wind attacks. But does well against melee and metallic weapons.) Though, this is only an act of preparation!
While Sukeban continues her dance of battle known for that of her weapon at the time, every swing will charge her blade(s). The stronger the charge became in her weapon, the weaker the magnetic current became. After three turns (via post), steam will burn up from her weapons greatly in a hot mist like form. The now weak magnetic current will be gone and a lightning current will take its place. Rising up into the air disguised by the hot mist, it will cause sparks to appear like twinkling lights. This is a good disguise as well for kaze attacks.
[In Kabuki, the mist & lights don’t occur. Instead, the magnetic current is pulling inward instead of forcing out.] The force and the lights deplete. The wind revolves the mist out of sight as a thousand butterflies consisting of powerful volts of compressed lightning reveal themselves. On Sukeban’s command they strike down upon the opponent and can at times pursue if she wishes for them to do so. At such speeds it can knock the opponent off their feet, causing great burns as well as last longing pain and throbbing numbing to the body. But when used in the Kabuki Style, the swift swarm of the butterflies is like that of a cutting arc of burning light. Each butterfly maintains its own wind point that can help puncture and cut down the enemy as well.

Samishen-Puppeteer ("Puppet's Samishen Aftershock") ~ BUNRAKU
In order to gather an abundant amount of wind to perform this attack, Sukeban must swing her "Moon's Fang" around herself (kind of like what renji has to do; a full 360 degrees) three times. With a gathered amount of wind, the "Moon's Fang" will slice downward and send a cluttered swarm of wind blades. Pulling apart, the wind blades will be hidden by the wind itself as they rush toward their opponent. Yet there are times when Sukeban wants to bump it up a notch! And to do so, she will swing both blades at once several times. And with a heavy and hefty lunge accompanied by a swing. From that swing warriors made of wind holding their own kaze swords and weapons will sprint out through the wind at the foe. Where they will attack once but hard!

Rai-Thread Puppeteer ("Puppet Strings Released") ~ BUNRAKU
In this Bunraku attack, there is a certain maneuver that must first be done. (I provided a nice picture below but there is a difference). The difference is that Sukeban will be completing this maneuver on her own. (No, there will be no combining) Charging lightning within her body, she will get ready and perform the motion that is shown in the picture. And on the other side of her, in the same pose as she is in, will be a clone. It will look like an individual created solely of lightning and nothing else.

Departing from this pose, the Lightning Puppet will fight alongside Sukeban. The outside layer of the puppet is wind that moves over its body to keep the lightning in. This puppet can punch, kick, block and can remove the wind layer from certain spots to release a straight-forward blast of lightning at the opponent. There is even a suicide maneuver called "Suicidal", where the wind layer of its body will push in. And the lightning will erupt from the layer causing a forceful wind to emit as well as a blast of lightning. As far as this "clone" having weapons, its body is its only weapon.

RaiGlutton Puppeteer ("Puppets Threatening Rant") ~ BUNRAKU
Taking in a deep breath, Sukeban will charge herself up. The lightning resonating off of her as she holds both handles of Moon's Fang (when the bar is gone). With the ground now chipping apart because of the build up of lightning (that is reaching its near limit), her body will steam. And what's left is Sukeban's current appearance with a heightened power of Rai.

With this heightened level that was pushing its limit, (mostly used when being pushed into a corner or unable to use Moon's Fang)... She will be able to:

FuGlutton Puppeteer ("Puppets Lullaby of Contempt") ~ BUNRAKU
Exhaling quickly, the wind will swoop down in the form of a bird, the wing (of the bird) passing harmlessly through Sukeban's side. The bird will dart at the enemy, carrying a large amount of wind up to Sukeban which will be forced down to dent the earth (ground). Gathering up Kaze power to where its at its near limit, the bird will implode on itself. And when that happens, Sukeban's current appearance will be that with a heightened power of Kaze.

With this heightened level that was pushing its limit, (mostly used when being pushed into a corner or unable to use Moon's Fang)... She will be able to:

Rai/Kaze Kimono Aftershock ~ BUNRAKU
When done with that of the Kaze (Wind), Sukeban will move, folding fast moving winds upon her body. Though it seems like a normal (yet unique) armor, these speedy winds moving in contradicting directions can aid in defense & offense. It can deflect melee attacks and add an extra power to her own melee attacks, most likely sending the opponent flying in a spinning motion.
When done with that of the Rai (Lightning), Sukeban's body will be lit up with revolving lighting that swirls around her body. This can be useful in downing other lightning attacks, and/or causing damage with melee attacks.

Hanamichi ("flower path") ~ KABUKI
Honhanamichi “main flower path
Karihanamichi “copied flower path
Shichisan “seven-three

A well known move of the Kabuki Style, Hanamichi, has three parts within itself that make it the entertaining attack that it is. Having first to gain a distance between herself and the opponent to begin this mechanism, Sukeban will be going into perfect form. Once making the motions to revolve and charge the lightning into her Rod Blades, a thick and powerful strike of lightning will descend upon her. It will cause demolition to the ground below her as her movements will continue again. But this time it will bring about rough winds that create a tornado around her. Flaring out sharp wind, it will narrow down to becoming a funnel that circulates furiously around Sukeban. This funnel is known as the Honhanamichi ("main flower path"). The wind outside of the Honhanamichi will condense into that of a scife without a handle seven feet and three inches (shichisan (seven-three) away from the Honhanamichi. That scife is called the Karihanamichi (“copied flower path”), which revolves without resolve around the Honhanamichi without a pattern. But it is fully able (& designed) to cut down anything in its territory. The Karihanamichi is able to go inward (closer to the honhanamichi) once every two circulations; its speed is nothing to be skeptical of. Though when standing on the outside the entire Hanamichi looks like that of a sphere with an outward force, if the opponent makes it past the Karihanamichi and into the Shichisan, then he or she is susceptible to the inward pull of the funnel (Honhanamichi). Though not made of cutting waves or cutting wind, it can knock the opponent into the blade of the Karihanamichi!
Sukeban is able to move freely, closer or farther away from the opponent while this attack is taking place. And because of the constant charging lightning within the revolving Honhanamichi, Sukeban can enlarge the funnel (Honhanamichi) and strike the enemy/opponent with a straight forward shot of lightning (Lightning Lance). And if it is meant to shoot out from the Hanamichi and pursue the enemy, then this will happen. The lightning will stop in at one point and gather up in a cluster before shooting at the enemy again (only able to do that 3 times).

Mobile Light (Compressed Lightning) ~ KABUKI
When stacked and compacted as well as compressed layers of Rai come together, they form into a beast of large proportions. Though the whole beast has mostly yet to be created, parts of it has. On impact, there is a crash and force as if the created being is 100% solid stone/metal/alloy. When shattering, it will revert into its original form but because of the quick transition it will explode.

Numb Guillotine ~ KABUKI
What is known as the Numb Guillotine is not simply one attack but a series of melee techniques that boil down to four general end results: Decapitation, Immobilization, Massively Injured or Dead. Though, this is not even close to the damage Kyakkos-Lamias Signature Moves can do, it utilizes and truly shows the characteristics of the Kabuki Style. Empowering each attack with only the safe lethal max of lightning (electricity/Rai), Sukeban will go into several different dances. These dances equipped with the strong characteristics of the Kabuki Style and the safe lethal max of Rai; enhances the barrage of kicks, punches, elbow strikes, leg drops, chops, leg sweeps and on a special occasion, the Mischevious Bullet (Spinning at top speeds, her nails will come up as sharp wind. Already a spinning lightning bullet, she shoots through the air at the opponent and when hitting him/her, the claws, speed, lightning and wind will take full effect).

Firm Palms ("Palm Beating") ~ KABUKI
This attack is more of a melee emitted attack that generates through Kabuki's perfect form. Using the dance form of Buddhas Fury in the technique known as The Hidden Thrashing of Buddha; Kaze (Wind) condenses in the form of palms. These palms come out in different forms (fist, open hand, etc.) to pound the opponent back or airborne. Once airborne the opponent is likely to be hit more then once with even greater force. When Sukebans wishes to place a finishing touch on it, the palms arise into the air and gather energy (lightning/Rai). When done, a ball of lightning almost oval like forms in a cluster. Then when done, its tentacles (like that of a jelly fish) will form out. And then dart out to stab through the opponent. It's sharp, quick and able to maneuver past obstacles. While this is happening Sukeban must stay still and have full concentration. If the "tentacle(s)" stab through an artery there is a chance of temporarily paralysis of the limp that the artery is in. As in temporarily (30 seconds).

The Heron Maiden ~ KABUKI
In actual theater the Heron Maiden is a beast that experiences the four chambers of hell, though in turn it makes her stronger. This is a dance of the bird that causes Sukeban to move bird like. In danger the movements are stealthy and when in grace or most likely perfect form/style, the movements will be slow. Yet since this bird like dance is somewhat the "master" of fast to slow (and vice versa) movements, being caught off guard is HIGHLY unlikely. When going through a transformation she will throw off her (might as well say imaginary) kimono. Doing this will throw out a thick layer of forceful wind that could surprisingly break off large structures. Within this dance, between the fingers of The Heron Maiden are wind marbles. Though when released they shoot out at the enemy like bullets, surrounded by the surging power of lightning. The Heron Maiden is also known for the Kaze Claws that are fitted perfectly on her nails/fingers. They can claw through most things like that of a blade. And when striking the opponent with the "Predators Grip", especially near the lungs. These claws have been known to pierce through flesh & bone.


-Sealed Shikai Form/Noh is only able to disrupt weak kido
-Unsealed Shikai Form/Kyogen has a low defense (nearly none)
-Unsealed Shikai Form/Bunraku is a bit slower then Kyogen
-Any attacks within the Futeki Level can cause strain upon her body
-Any attacks within the Uroboros Level cause damage upon her body
-Some Attacks require her to be still, make certain movements or wait a certain amount of time

Vice- Captain
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26 / M / in hell muhaha
Posted 3/31/11 , edited 4/23/11
1) Give a name for your Zanpaktou: Hyouketsu, Nenshou

2) Describe the properties of your zanpaktounormal blades only the blade is red and the other is light blue

shikai form


bankai form am still drawing them

3) Give command to release Shikai and Bankai :evaporated Hyouketsu, Nenshou :bankai burn and flow in shuuryou (end)

4) Describe powers gained in Shikai Hyouketsu control water at will , Nenshou control fire at will
attack in water and flame the attack i use go for water and fire
the rest is unknown i use them in battle

Wave slash :like a getsuga tenshou only in fire or water

Whip: keep a energy flow stable to make a whip of fire or water

Mist defend : use flow water all around them make a fire ball to make a fog and let me hide to attack from anywhere but cant use water of fire to attack while use mist

Wolf blast: create wolf of water and fire to hunt and attack the enemy there size can be change to 7 to 9 feet

strongest attack

(Dragon end) created a lager water and fire dragond whit a tremendous destructed power that of a taicho most use only in bankai do to eat a lot of energy

5) Describe powers gained in Bankai: short swords the blades absorb energy from the air and pass it to my body to my the power more 20x more stronger and faster the energy don"t stop flowing till i end bankai

6) Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou: Nenshou


7) Drawbacks: in bankai the absorb of energy hurt my body and i must release the energy continue less to devoid the damage to my enemy
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29 / M / at the Earls wait
Posted 4/1/11 , edited 4/1/11
1) Give a name for your Zanpaktou: Aruji(Landlord)
2) Describe the properties of your zanpaktou: When released his zanpakuto turns into a Fire Lance, not a lance made of fire but a spear that when swung a certain way sends out projectiles(darts,metal balls,ect), it can also colapse to the size of a dagger. Aruji's main power is called Ryouiki Seishi(domain control) the power of field generation,these feilds are under my control and do various things.

3) Give command to release Shikai and Bankai
"Lets chase them down"
4) Describe powers gained in Shikai

5) Describe powers gained in Bankai----- STRICTLY TOP 5 SEATED OFFICERS.
His previous techniques power-up and he also gets some new ones

6) Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou
A young dark skinned Woman in a Scarlet Kimono. She has a very controling and playful personality.
7) Drawbacks?
It isn't a very good one on one weapon, it works best on multiple or Giant targets
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24 / F / Florida
Posted 4/1/11 , edited 4/2/11
1) Give a name for your Zanpaktou : Jounetsu

2) Describe the properties of your zanpaktou: Fire Manipulation
Shikai form:

Bankai form:

3) Give command to release Shikai and Bankai: Shikai command: Blaze Jounetsu. Bankai command: Set the sky a blaze Jounetsu

4) Describe powers gained in Shikai: Being able to control fire

5) Describe powers gained in Bankai: Being able to control a fire dragon
What I control while my Zanpaktou is in Bankai:

6) Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou: A fire dragon

7) Drawbacks? It makes muscles sore after battling intensely and makes the wielder drowsy.
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23 / M / somewhere
Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name: Denkou Johou (lightning division)

Command (shikai): Open your doors, Denkou Johou

Command (bankai): Let us battle in peace, Zennou Ibitsu Denkou Dohyou (almighty distorted lightning arena)

Description of shikai: A single sword with a yellow hilt and handle. The blade has a blueish tint to it. (Just like average zp length and whatnot)

Powers gained in Shikai: My speed increases by over four times. I can shoot lightning from my sword and hands. I can also manipulate static electricity. I have two types of lightning, blue and yellow. The yellow lightning has a high paralyzation rate, but does not do too much harm, though it may singe my opponent. The blue lightning has no paralyzation abilities, but it is faster and more concentrated than the yellow lightning. It can cut you like a blade, ie draw blood or cut right through my opponent. Also 102 butterflies made of pure lightning (alittle bigger than a hell butterfly) come to my aid. When they are yellow they can only land on you and paralyze you. When they are blue they can turn into spears of lightning and try to draw blood. After the spears fire, or they land on you, depending on the type of lightning they temporarily go away.

Additional shikai moves:

Powers gained in Bankai: All of the powers/ moves in my shikai but they are alittle bit faster and alittle stronger. My speed is doubled from what is is in shikai (eight times faster than my original speed). My lightning butterflies increase to 202.
An unescapable Arena like the great Roman one (before it started falling apart, as big as the actual arena too) forms around me and my opponent. It enables us to battle in peace, so noone can escape until I seal it, can no longer maintain it, get knocked out, or die. It is also a great training area. The arena itself poses no threat to opponent unles they get slammed into a pillar or something like that. There are stands, and an open flat battle field in it in which we can battle on.

Additional Bankai move:

Manifestation of zp: A yellow butterfly, and a blue one, alittle bigger than a hell butterfly. They have black outlining like a monarch butterfly.

Drawbacks: My lightning butterflies need anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute to re materialized after they attack. Some of my moves can only be used within a certain range of me. If I get knocked out in my bankai (only me this does not effect my opponent) then there is a 75% chance of me going into a coma.
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Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/2/11
Name: Maarhalo

Description: An ornate demi-lune with a deep blue shaft lined with an intricate gold pattern. The crescent blade is a midnight black with a similar gold pattern trim along the back edge. The weapon is cursed by its users master to draw its power from her toxic reiatsu.

Shikai: Upon releasing Her cursed zanpakuto, Keshiva begins to channel the power of her master through her to increase her own spiritual energy. Though this allows her to far exceed her normal limits, it comes with dangerous side effects.

Reality Edge: The blade of Maarhalo glows red with the ruinous power of its master. For a brief moment, the demi-lune is capable slicing apart a thin line of reality itself, staying for a few moments before repairing itself. This thin break in reality is highly dangerous, and will cause serious internal and external injuries on contact.

Soulshatter: For a slight moment, Keshivas left hand and lower arm will course strong with her ruinous power. At this time her arm will become intangible, phasing through everything. Normally harmless, if her hand should come into contact with the center of somebodies chest, they will become racked with crippling internal pain as their very soul is clawed at.

Gift of Grace: Pouring power into her finger, Keshiva jabs at her opponent. On contact, The stored energy is discharged into the opponent. At first, this will cause their senses to sharpen, strength and senses increase, and pain will dull. This poisonous power was never meant for their bodies though, and that power will quickly turns to weakness, the senses dulled, and the pain increased twofold. The person is also likely to become violently ill as a result of the exposure to the terrible power.

Bankai: A low level shinigami such as Keshiva cannot naturally achieve bankai. This has been circumvented simply by pouring more power into her. Her speed and senses recieve significant boosts, but it is her strength that is most improved, strength considered superhuman even by the standards of bankai

Portal: Keshiva is able to open tiny organized holes in reality. If they weren't so small, they could be considered portals. What she can do though is open it to a place far away, from which a red miasma will spill out. The miasma could be seen as an extremely potent form of the Gift of Grace. By simple contact, a persons physical and spiritual powers will increase to untold proportions, levels they could never hope to naturally achieve. That power had better be put to use quickly however, as the miasma has a profound and debilitating effect on a persons mind. An effected person will eventually devolve into a gibbering insane mass, and depending on the amount of miasma they have been exposed to, this can be permanent.

Nameless Blade: Keshiva asks her master for the temporary use of her Zanpakuto, and only in this powered state can she hope to wield it for any length of time. The blade was once a noble spirit, but no more. It has been reduced to a mindless power starved creature that hungers for the souls its master offers it. To strike with this weapon is to ensure death, as the blade rends the soul from the body, devouring it whole. (This is an instant kill ability. It will never be used in RP combat. Only for story purposes and only with the permission of who it would be used on.)

Physical Manifestation: When Maarhalo was cursed by its users master, it sealed the spirit within the blade to prevent its own power from being used. It can never show its physical form as long as the curse holds.

Drawbacks: Having poisonous spiritual energy forced through your body is about as pleasant as it sounds. It is extremely painful. That alone lowers the overall pain threshold Keshiva can withstand. Each injury burns twice as intense as it would on any other person. After using shikai or bankai, Keshiva can experience, but not limited to, internal bleeding, vomiting, general weakness etc.
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28 / M / florida tamarac
Posted 4/2/11 , edited 4/23/11
Name of ZP: Serhi , Serchikyū (Sermizu)

Comand release Shikai: Korosu to sa reru mizu o hakai suru ----------(Kill and destroy Sermizu)

Powers In Shikai : The power of ''Sermizu'' makes two copies of my self , now on the feel theres Three Ed's each one with there element ! they can also use Kido.
NOTE : they are not like the naruto clones lol im just using the example of this pic lol

Ed # 1 - (original) Water this Ed can use his water and turn it into Ice or mist .
Ed # 2- Fire
Ed # 3- Earth

Abillity in Shikai :
Abillity# 1 : Bamyūda no ryū -----(Dragon de la Bermuda )
-An abillity that reguest speed . In this abillity the 3 Ed's atack with ther own element . the original Ed blinds the oponet with a heavy Mist , not alowing the oponet to see the other moves that the other Eds are about to do , then the thre Ed's surounds the opponet in thre diferent location making a triangle , from there each Ed atack with dragons made of there spesific element . If the oponet survive theres one more atack in wich involves the the Ed's ZP . By plasing there ZP together in a shape of a triangle dragons made of water , fire , earth , and ice atacks the opponet in a blasting explotion !

Abillity # 2 : Hakai no mizudearu ------ (Sermizu of Destruction)

- This abillity is simple but powerfull .
-Ed (original) makes a wave of water , the effect are different dipending on every Shinigamy , Hollow Ect . This wave will be as strong as the opponet is .
Example: If the opponet is a taicho - the power of the wave will be as strong as He / She is and Ect.
-Ed # 2 makes a wave made of Fire the level of power of this wave is more of a seat officer.
-Ed# 3 Makes a wave made of Earht the level of power this wave is more of a seat officer.

Abillity # 3 : Nanatsunoumi nanatsunoumi--------- (Los Siete Mares) ---(the seven sea's)
7 waves of frozen water that increase there level of power . (Last one is a taichos streng)

Abillity # 4 : Element combination .
This ability is simple .
Is basacly a combination of two elements for example:
Earth and Fire = Lava
Water and Earth = mud
Fire and Water = mist or boiling water


* - second stage Shikai - This happend by realising the true power of the shikai mode .
This is what i call the shikai true self .- in this stage of shikai the two Ed's (Fire)(Earth) transform into there true self the have characteristics of both Ed (the original Shinigami) and a dragon .

Ed of Fire (Serhi)
Physical form , his dragon characteristic are red but its shinigami ones would be like the original Ed .

Ed of Earth](Serchikyū)
Physicl form , his dragon characteristic are green but its shinigami ones would be like the original Ed


DRAWBACK !!!!!!!! XP
-Dragon de la bermuda - I can only use this abillity every 30 min.

- Physical manifestation of normal Sermizu :
- A dragon that as no size , the size of this dragon is unkown .

Comand in Bankai: Anata no uchinaru pawā o mitsukete, uchū o Elementrizu hakai suru tame ni sore o shiyō suru !--------------
(Busca tu poder interior y usalo para destruit el universo Elementrizu)--- (Find your inner power and use it to destroy the universe Elemetrizu)

Powers in Bankai:
-The two other Ed's disapier and now Elementrizu is visible and it atacks at his own will .
also my power in streng and speed increase .

I can use the abillity from shikai
(Sermizu of Destruction)
-Ed makes a wave of water , fire , earth , and ice, the effect are different dipending on every Shinigamy , Hollow Ect . This wave will be as strong as the opponet is .
Example: If the opponet is a taicho - the power of the wave will be as strong as He / She is and Ect.

(Los Siete Mares) ---(the seven sea's)
- 7 waves of frozen water mix whit , fire , earth that increase there level of power . (Last one is a taichos streng)

Natural Abillity of Bankai .
-Abillity # 1
I can now control the three element's (Water) , (Fire) , (Earth) at my will enviromentaly and using it to atack a person :

-Abillity using element of water - I can controle the water in your boddy at my will .
-Abillity using element of Fire- I can controle the heat in your boddy at my will.
-Abillity using element of Earth - can control the Nature oround the feel of the battle at my will .

- Elementrizu's (Sermy's) abillity !
Name- Elemental Atack - A blast in wich all the elements (mostly water) fuse , blasting the opponet with diferent elements .

Bankai DRAWBAKS !!! XP
- wen using the water element - wen I control the opponets boddy water or heat I can also hurd my self with no intention (what happens to Him/Her happends to me )

Elementrizu's ability Drawback
- He can only use this abillity every 7 min .
- wen using this abillity the ZP goes into Shikai ! but I need to wait 7 min. so that Ed # 2 appear and 14 min. so that Ed # 3 appears . also I cant use Bankai no more in this battle .

- Physical form of Elementrizu
A dragon that can control the elements , mostly water .
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24 / M / Within my own wor...
Posted 4/12/11 , edited 4/13/11
Name: Hioushou

Properties: Fire Manipulation

Sealed Form:
(Picture coming soon)

Shikai Command: Burn the Skies, Hioushou!
Shikai Form:
(Picture coming soon)

Shikai special abilites:

Bankai: Shinku Hioushou
Bankai Form: (Red One)
(Picture coming soon)
Bankai Special Abilities/form:

Drawbacks: Standard water and earth weaknesses.

Physical Manifestation:
(Picture coming soon)

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30 / M / In the Endless Void
Posted 4/18/11 , edited 4/27/11
Name of ZP:Ken no Seigi

Properties: Boosts attack and defense; transmutation

Shikai properties:Ken no Seigi can boosts the attack and defense of the user as well turns his skin to steel at will.He can manipulate steel into any object and it has a life of its own.Aside from those abilities, the sword itself can transform into any weapon he thinks of.

Shikai Release Command: Protect and seize,Ken no Seigi!!

Picture: coming soon

Physical manifestation of ZP: In its shikai form, it looks strange because it only has a very long handle and blade.It is often mistaken as a English Flamberge sword due to its size and length.Its bankai form is yet to be seen.

In order for him tho achieve his Bankai, he trains in a special place where immense gravity and pressure exists.

Drawbacks: In its shikai form, his speed is greatly reduced and more prone to damage done by kidou. In order to balance this, he wears a special suit that is 130 times heavier than a normal armor to get used of the speed reduction.To compensate the damage done by kidou, he mixes his shikai with his blood to form a magical armor that can resist kidou for 8 minutes.
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Posted 4/21/11 , edited 4/21/11
Wakahisa Kenshin's Zanpakuto

Sealed - Yuzuruha

Shikai- Fuseina Utsukushi-sa Yuzuruha (Deceptive Beauty Yuzuruha)

Bankai- Kurai Tentai Yuzuruha (Dark Celestial Yuzuruha)

Shikai- Physical / Kido (Fire Element)

Bankai- Physical / Kido (Fire Element)

In her sealed state, Yuzuruha is a large masamune with a black hilt, a circular guard, a prominent fuller, and a green sheath.

Shikai release command: "Saigai ni uwaki...Fuseina Utsukushi-sa Yuzuruha!" (Flirt with disaster...Deceptive Beauty Yuzuruha!)

In her Shikai state, Yuzuruha becomes a gunblade with an azure blade and a black stock; she also has a fox emblem on the gun barrel and a nine-round chamber.

Powers gained in Shikai:

Bankai release command: "Karera wa hōhō o shimesu...Bankai! Kurai Tentai Yuzuruha!" (Show 'em how it's done...Bankai! Dark Celestial Yuzuruha!)

Once the command has been spoken, all seven Foxfires are released from Fuseina Utsukushi-sa Yuzuruha, then merge together to form a flat, human-sized, Halo-shaped portal (the portal is translucent with the exception of the rim, which burns with an azure flame). I then plunge the gunblade into the portal until it disappears entirely. The portal suddenly displays a magical seal on both sides, and I press my hand to the center of said seal.

The entity that steps out of the other side of the portal is a silver-furred, seven-tailed fox that is about the size of an adult tiger. It holds my masamune in its mouth, and its ears, tails, and claws are cloaked in azure flame. It is...Kurai Tentai Yuzuruha!!!

Powers gained in Bankai:

Physical manifestation:
When materialized, Yuzuruha appears as an extremely beautiful silver-furred fox yokai...
Yuzuruha: Awww, stop it Waka! You're just jealous!

...who's loveliness is second only to mine.
Screw you!
You probably guessed this by now, but Yuzuruha is very feisty and carefree...even during battle.
What's there to be afraid of when the two of us are together?

Shikai- As her Shikai techniques are fire-based, Fuseina Utsukushi-sa Yuzuruha is at a serious disadvantage when fighting an enemy with a water-based zanpakuto. In these instances, "Kitsune-hi no Dengeki", "Inari no Jinja no Shugo-sha", and "Kitsune no Sakuryaku" are rendered useless (as they always retain attributes of fire), meaning the only technique I can use is "Awarirīsu" (because once the Foxfire joins with my body, it loses its fiery appearance).

Yuzuruha's "Inari no Jinja no Shugo-sha" technique does not play well with other allies, as the Foxfires attack indiscriminately and on their own accord.

Bankai- Kurai Tentai Yuzuruha's Maō no Ikari technique is based on conducting geothermal energy, so it cannot be used unless she is touching the ground. Also, this technique is fire-based; therefore, an enemy possessing a water-based zanpakuto will be able to counter it easily.
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In the Depths Of...
Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/26/11
(Rising Moon)

Bankai - Kyokutsuki Fuhen (Eternal Rising Moon)
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anywhere but there
Posted 4/26/11 , edited 4/27/11

Please revise &/or polish your ZP description. Please indicate its drawbacks to balance its properties. You can also just indicate that you're still training to achieve your bankai to give your character a little more background story.
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