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The format:

1) Give a name for your Zanpaktou
- Espejismo and Mistisia

2) Describe the properties of your zanpaktou
-Copies the abbilities of other ZP.
-Own Element Ice , shadows

3) Give command to release Shikai and Bankai
-Shikai-Shape there Dreams Espejismo and make them an illution Misticia .

-Bankai-Make there Dream Come true Espejismo and destroy them with your power Misticia .

4) Describe powers gained in Shikai.
Any power that the other ZP as I will Have .

-Own Powers of Espejismo and Misticia .
-My speed increase a litt.

-Ice poison -
This atack put your 5 seans out of battle . First i will have to make a cut on you , my Zp will relize a chemical that will make your seans crazy .Like that Espejismo and Misticia can make Ilusions of your own , Dreams ,Past Memores Ect.

-Ice wind age -
-An Icy Wind that can freez everithing on its way . it can stop Attacks or a Person .

- Icego-
-I create a huge spear from my Zp and trow it at the opponent at my comnad it can explote and separets into many other spears . I can also make them follow you using the controle my Zp has on them .

Las sombras
- This abillity allows me to control shadows at my will .
the shadows my atack u if i comand them to.

Shadow Ice
- This abbility lets me atack the opponets with Ice that emerge from any shadow.

5) Describe powers gained in Bankai----- STRICTLY TOP 3 SEATED OFFICERS.
All of the Shikai abbilities .
Pluse some of his own .
-My speed increase a litt.

- Espejismo and Misticia become visible , in there physical form.

- this will trap you in something that looks like this :

all your seans are crazy lost , in this bubble thing i control Everithing .

- Emotionatio-
- This allows me to play with your emotions

-This abilities lets me controle any emotional memories or dreams that had happend in your life.

- This abbility lets me your Nightmares become physicaly (Person , Animals , Monsters , Ect. ), Espejio and Misticia take the physical form of what you fear the most . (Person , Animals , Monsters ,Ect. )

6) Describe physical manifestation of Zanpaktou

Espejismo and Misticia




7) Drawbacks?
-Any drawback your Zp abbility have I will also have .

-Espejismo and Misticia cant atack you they can only play with your emotions .

-Any drawback your Zp abbility have I will also have.

- My emotional statues chages eventualy becoming the same way u feel .
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