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Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11

My favorite type of pokemon are DARK types...
Nice and mysterious too...
I also like confident pokemon and ones that dont think ahead of themsleves so they charge in fighting the enemy
Posted 3/31/11 , edited 3/31/11
I like normal types only because they could fight any polemon without any major weakness my favorite normal type will have to be eevee and audino (found In pokemon black and white ^*)
Posted 4/10/11 , edited 4/10/11
My favorite type will have to be...Electric :DD
Posted 4/13/11 , edited 4/14/11
my favorite type is ghost
Posted 4/14/11 , edited 4/14/11
I love water types there soo calm and beautiful
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Posted 4/15/11 , edited 4/16/11
cool looking ones 8D LOLOLOLOL
Posted 4/16/11 , edited 4/16/11

-ohhhgawwd wrote:

cool looking ones 8D LOLOLOLOL

Haha nice one XD
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