Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: The End of a Chapter - Epilogue [Told by Crow]
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Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/31/11
At the end of the series.

This' a short story which Crow is like the narrator. Hope you guys like it :).

Crow's POV
It's been fun. My friends? Yeah we had many duels together, going up against Team Unicorn, even the more lesser teams. I'll never forget them.

It was thanks to Yusei.Him, along with Jack were the only friends I could ever have. Along with Leo and Luna. Aside from Martha and Lister, they were my closest family. And tha Martha was like my mom and Lister being like my adoptive father.

Now, everybody went their seperate ways. A portal opened up for Yusei, and he went to New York, Leo and Luna went to California. For me, a portal had just opened up into Washington. My new name, I now go by Johnathan -Andrew- Levin. And my new profession is a motorcycle racer.

(a/n: For those that didn't know, during the final episode it showed Crow as a motorcycle racer).

Yeah, me and my new brother; Jordan head out to the race track. Which him along with our other brother; Kevin watches me race. No, it's not Turbo dueling. Just normal racing.

This' one chapter I'll never forget.
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