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Posted 3/31/11 , edited 3/31/11
As you all know, the REBORN series in CR ends at 203. and I doubt that they are going to continue the series any time soon with what's going on in Japan. So many people lost their homes and whatnot. and while my heart does go out to Japan. I was wondering if anybody was following the Manga Katekyo Hitman REBORN? I was just going to wait for the anime. But now, I decided to go ahead and read the manga. They are fighting the Shimon family, now. It's ironic, when I first started reading the manga, the first thing it mentioned was a terrible earthquake and how Namimori, Japan is earthquake free.
The manga is pretty good. But I like the anime better. I am studying Japanese. and anime helps me practice my Japanese. I often times try to repeat what the anime characters are saying in my best Japanese accent. So, for us Japanese students, I would think the anime would be better. Besides, I can't read anything, yet. Well, the only thing I know how to read is katakana. Plus, the anime is in color and I really don't like black and white images. and the misspellings makes it kinda difficult to understand. I saw a fight between Hibari and Adheheid and Yamamotto and the scary looking guy. and I have no idea about their flames. With the anime, you automatically know about the enemies flames. With the anime, the fight scenes are more fun to watch.
But I have no idea if they are going to continue with the anime or if it's just going to be postponed indefinitely. and the manga does have very funny parts. I laughed so unbelievably loud and hard.

Well, anyway, is anybody going to read the manga? finished with the manga? is currently reading the manga?

God Bless Japan
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Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/5/11
I'll try it's tooo long though..........Pray for Japan guys and join His Children
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