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Posted 3/31/11 , edited 3/31/11
Hello everyone, I need some help with a paper that I'm supposed to write for my college English Comp class. For this paper I'm supposed to write an ethnographic essay on a subculture. For this project I have chosen to write about American Anime Fan Culture. Part of my project requires me to conduct interviews with members of the sub culture to better understand it. This is where you come in, due to time constraints I'm unable to go out and attend a convention or a meeting at our universities anime club which is why I'm asking you. All I need you guys to do is answer the survey below with as many details as possible. I would prefer that you answer all of the questions but you don't have to if you don't want to. Also if you don't feel comfortable posting your answers publicly feel free to PM me your answers. Please remember that this is for a college level project so it is important that you answer in a mature, adult manner.

1.) Do you consider yourself to be a member of the fan culture? Why or why not?
2.) How would you define a member of the culture? What does it take to become a member? How did you become a member?
3.) Of course there are member wanabes out there who the community in general will reject. What kind of behavior do you think warrants this judgment.
3.)How would you describe the community? How do they act? How do they regard other members of the community?
4.) What do anime fans do? (other than watch anime)
5.) Have you ever attended a convention? If so what was it like? What sort of activities where there? How did the other attendees act? Were there any people there who obviously didn't belong there?
6.)What sort of activities have you personally taken part in? Why or why not?
7.)What does it mean to you to be a part of this culture?
8.) Any thing else you'd like to say?

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the survey and you will receive proper credit if I decide to use any part of your reply in the essay.
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Posted 3/31/11 , edited 3/31/11
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