Actors you hate at first but eventually loved them.
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Posted 4/1/11 , edited 6/12/11
I saw a thread with the title " did u ever liked an actor/actress but started to dislike them later on?" so I thought of putting up a counter part for this thread, because as for my personal experience I disliked some artist at first but I eventually loved them after watching some of their shows. erase if duplicate.

Song Seung-heon - i never watched endless love because i hate his appearance back then , he was so skinny, but after watching my princess i am now addicted to him and his dimples. = )

Matsumoto Jun

I was reluctant to watch hana yori dango because of his appearance as well, i thought he was not good looking, but when i saw him acting in gokusen i decided to give HYD a shot and then got addicted to him as well!

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Posted 4/1/11 , edited 4/1/11
Hiroki Narimiya

I didn't like him at all in Gokusen but when I stared watching more of his dramas I started to really like him =]

Charmaine Sheh

when I was young she was in so many series... I found her acting annoying and I didn't like her look...
now when I watch her stuff I find her adorable and I think she's a great actress
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Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/3/11
yamashita tomohisa
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Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/4/11

i used to think he was ugly. and i used to think why is he so famous? i see him almost in every forum. then i watch nobuta accidentally (i was supposed to watch the drama above it, but i clicked nobuta accidentally) but i watch it anyway. then, i can't pinpoint the exact time when i fell in love with his character. well, thought it was just akira whom i love but eventaully i check out his other dramas and concerts and interviews. and then i know it's not just akira it's PI himself. i remember saying that i have a crush on him in my bestfriend who is addicted to asian dramas as well. she end up disappointed when she search pi in the net. but after 2 or 3 days she have a crush on him as well. i guess Pi have this charisma that you'll only see when you watch him or see him move, i mean you'' not gonna appreciate him on the picture if you haven't seen him moving or talking. then i know i was so wrong. he is very handsome indeed.


first saw him on full house. and he's partner there is song hye kyo who is just pure beauty. i remember thinking wtf? why him? he looks ugly and they partner him to her. but as the drama grows he also grows as well. he is actually very cute in the drama especially when his with song hye kyo scenes. he have a really strong appeal. now he isn't just cute. he is super hot as well.

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Posted 4/10/11 , edited 4/10/11
Song Seung Hun

Ryu Soo Young

...and it's all because of My Princess.

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Posted 5/9/11 , edited 5/10/11
zanjoe marudo

i used to hate him, but after watching more of his dramas he ain't that bad and i started to really like him.

sam milby

i used to find his accent distracting (when he speaks filipino) when i first watched his movies. (he was new in philippines back then), but the more i watched his movies and dramas, the more i find that he's getting better at the language and he's a good and handsome actor indeed.
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Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/19/11
Calvin Chen :))
HONESTLY, I am a certified fei lun hai fan but I don't like Calvin at first. lol. But When I saw some of his dramas, esp: Love buffet, I started liking him. OMG
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Posted 5/19/11 , edited 5/20/11
oguri shun

bec. of his role in hana kimi, because i preferred toma for maki, but when i watched hyd and detective conan , i suddenly find him a great actor..!
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Posted 5/20/11 , edited 5/20/11

Lee Min Ho - I hated him in BOF, but then I saw Personal Preference and I realized I hated him for the wrong reasons. Hes a great actor. I was too quick to judge.

Jang Geun Suk - Pretty much the same thing ^ ^''
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Posted 6/16/11 , edited 6/16/11
Well, I absolutely didn't hate him, just didn't like the looks of Kan Ji Hwan when I saw a picture of him in the Drama "Try Lying to Me / Lie to Me". I said to myself: "He's so ugly! I absolutely won't watch the Drama!". I'm such an idiot, judging whether I will watch a Drama or not by the looks of the actors. Now? I just adore him as a whole! He's a great actor!

(If only there wasn't the website on the image...It kinda runs it!)
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