Mystical Island of Embryo's Birthplace [RP]
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On earth, there exists a special island of magic... the birth place of the embryo, hearts eggs, dreams, and all guardian characters. This island is a beautiful place with beaches, butterflies, bird, many varities of animals, and creatures of myth. Upon this island, is a palace, with the High King and High Queen, who run the island, and have set up a school within their palace. Other posititions of power include the High Monk, the High Priestess, Priestesses, Monks, Phyicians, the High Phyician, Princesses, Princes, Dukes, Duchesses, Dorm Heads, Teachers and the School Principal. Though, they go by some ancient settings, having candles to tell the time, horses and other such beings to travel, medieval arts such as fencing, scholarly, lancing, manners, the proper way of speaking, archery, magic and holyness. They run some other classes as well that are from modern times, like english, maths, literature, science, geography, history, astrology, zoology, grammar, physics, sports, health and chemestry. They run two classes as well, one for night-beings, and the other for day-beings. Pets are allowed, and there are four dormatries: sun (males), star(multigender), moon(females) and cloud (teachers and other people of high importance.
Once you arrive on the island, you have to sign a magical contract which states you will not utter a word to anyone about any occurances that happen on the island. The contract is tied to your thread of life. You enter the island at your own risk. No appearances on the island go unknown or uncontracted, for the High Monk and High Priestess can sense all that enter the island.

Okay, to keep this simple; and unoverpopulated by one race or three charas and zero of anything else.
Charas: [List of charas available]
Unlimited characters are allowed to have no charas.
Ten characters are allowed to have one chara.
Seven characters are allowed to have two charas.
Three characters are allowed to have three charas.
Two characters are allowed to have four charas.
One character is allowed to have five charas.
One character is allowed to have six charas.
One character is allowed to have seven charas.

Note for Species Column:
Only one animal to be selected for wereshifter.
Only one animal to be selected for animal humanoids.
(*) in slayers, means any species.
Species: [List of species available]
Unlimited characters are allowed to be human.
Five characters are allowed to be wereshifters.
Five characters are allowed to be vampires.
Four characters are allowed to be mermaids.
Two characters are allowed to be angels.
Two characters are allowed to be demons.
Three characters are allowed to be witches.
Three characters are allowed to be wizards.
Two characters are allowed to be elves.
Two characters are allowed to be fairies.
One character is allowed to be djinn.
Two characters are allowed to be animal humanoids.
Five characters are allowed to be (*) slayers.

[Creatures on the Island]
The following monsters do exist on this island:
Demon Horses
Demon Cats
Demon Dogs
Dark Unicorns
Saber Toothed Tigers
The following beings also exist on this island:
Tamed dragons
Tamed griffins
Magical Butterflies
Talking animals (rare)


Positions: [Selected by yourself, approved or changed by sealdust]
High King:
High Queen:
High Monk:
High Priestess:
Princess (2 remaining):
Prince (4 remaining):
High Phyician:
Phyician (3 remaining):
Priestess (4 remaining):
Monk (2 remaining):
Dormitry Heads (Sun Head: , Moon Head: , Star Head: , Cloud Head: ):
Teachers (unlimited):
School Principal:
School Leaders-Chair positions:(Queen: , King: , Ace: , Jack: , Joker: ) (Chara required):
Student (unlimited):

[Dormitries and Houses]

Dormitry: [Approved or changed by sealdust]
Moon Dorm:
Sun Dorm:
Star Dorm:
Cloud Dorm:
House (Team) [Given by sealdust]


Fill in the forms, Humanoid for a species that has human/part human form. Creature for any pet or being you would like to control. Even a pet mouse has to go into creature section, regardless if it's magical or not. Magical Power for a magical power you would like to create... like 'FireStorm' or 'Electrical Tide', magical powers may be practiced by witches and wizards, though the requirements in clan may include were-shifters, humans and unicorn. If it's a spell, put in spell ability, if it's a potion, put in potion ability. Or if you have to chant something to use or activate it. I will update a list of Magical Powers on this post.
Birthplace: (Island or Not on Island?)
(Species (Human or no?):
(Power? -limit: 3 things at most-:)
Name: (if any)
Species: (Dragon/Unicorn/Dinosaur)
[Magical Power]
Point of Existance in Time:
Reason/Beliefs behind Creation:
Spells to Summon/Cast it:
Background of History:
How it was Used:
Clan Ability: (Yes/No)
Spell Ability: (Yes/No)
Potion Ability: (Yes/No)

For Creature Section Above:
Let's mix it up a little, and have a pokemon in here for the creature section too. No pokeballs! No pokemon world! Just maybe a pikachu or bulbasaur or oddish. They can control their element or ability, and may be just a random creature on the island. Include a picture of the pokemon too, to be approved!


1. You start roleplay after your character is accepted.
2. I couldn't honestly care whether you keep it PG or not, but follow the rules that apply to Forums in Shugo Chara and Crunchyroll. That means no nudity in pictures. Nothing more than a kiss and sharing the opposite sides of the bed.
3. Do not enter silly arguments. It is very annoying. Do not insult anyone OOC [Out Of Character]
4. Story-text type. No play-text types. Proper english! No 'Ophella: Went to the mall. Sees Baker. Who are you?' It is very confusing. Instead, write 'Ophella walked over to the mall, and notices Baker. "Who are you?" she asked.'
5. No godmodding, powerplay excetera. Keep it realistic. No, 'uses poster of herself to confuse police and runs in the other direction'. You will get weakened after a while in battle. Injuries do hurt. If you lose enough blood, you can faint. If you lose even more blood than that, you can die. But you control your characters only, not anyone elses.
6. I will delete your character from existance if you don't roleplay with it. Like....ever.
7. OC's only. And it wouldn't hurt to create a brand new character from scratch. It's actually easier to keep up with everything if you do create something from scratch.
8. Do not have your character go out, like or date your character! If they are both your characters, find some other character of someone else to be all mushy over/about.
9. If I see you breaking the rules, the first notice over it will be a small message sent to you. I don't even want to have to pull anyone up in the first place. Keep each other in check. Remember, one person is enough to get the message through.
10. If your character looks like Rin and Len from Vocaloid, and has the same name/ability or anything else similar to it, the character WILL BE REJECTED.
11. Do not use smilies to show which face your character has. Describe it. Is it the face of an abandoned puppy or a miserable beggar. etc.
12. If you are speaking OOC put it in (brackets). So the story isn't confused with 'Ophella looked over the edge of the bridge to see her reflection. Oh my gosh, I totally failed my HSC'. Put (Oh my gosh, I totally failed my HSC) in brackets.
13. Read through this. Put your left hand on the top of your head, and pat it while your right hand makes circles on your stomach. Lol. You don't have to do that. Just hop around in a circle. Or make some sarcastic remark on how the second sentance of this rule is just crazy. Or say that you did that. Either way, I know you've read the rules if you're going to laugh out loud when you send in your character application.

Questions Anyone?
Did I make this too confusing?
Posted 4/24/11 , edited 4/25/11
I have a question. Can i be a mermaid and have a chara?
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