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Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/3/11
If you don't want to RP one of the KKM characters, then you can create your own here =)

What you will need ---->


Characters name-
Characters age-
Demon/Human/Half blood-
If a demon, then what powers do you have?-
Characters appearance-
Characters personality-
Characters likes-
Characters dislikes-
A picture of your character- (In spoiler)
Posted 4/3/11 , edited 4/3/11
Username- 4EverInMyHeart
Name- Cookies

Female/Male- Female
Characters name- Amaya Tagami
Characters age- 96 (But look 21)
Demon/Human/Half blood- Demon
If a demon, then what powers do you have?- The power of fire
Characters appearance- Long, jet black hair, blue eyes, tall and beautiful
Characters personality- Happy, kind, caring, can be quite serious
Characters likes- Cakes, reading
Characters dislikes- Clowns
A picture of your character-
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