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Impressions on Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

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Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11
Well I was so bored while watching ep 2 that I`ve postponed watching ep 3 and ep 3 bored me almost to sleep.
I`ll probably only bother watching the episodes where the loli is in.

And what is the story in this one?
Seriously, I can`t see a point with this one.

Just watched ep 4.
Ok so the plot has to do something with that cockpit thing, weird plot :P
If I`m gonna "stick around" it has to be at least as ok as this ep.
This ep only had some funny scenes, it has to have more.
And there has to be more then just a 20 sec scene with the loli :P
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Posted 5/1/11 , edited 5/2/11
Meh, in my opinion, it's not worth watching. I'm getting tired of harem animes this year. It's like you already know who the guy is going to end up with in the end.
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