Post Reply Do you think Mukuro would become like Daemon Spade?
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Posted 4/4/11 , edited 4/5/11
I Love Mukuro because he is so nice and sweet to Chrome. I mean, their scenes are very romantic. I hate Daemon Spade for obvious reasons. But the first Vongola Family is very similar to the Tenth Vongola. Tsuna is the whiner version of Primo. Rambo acts like 15 year old Lambo. Primo and Rambo have a Tsuna and Lambo relationship going on. Knuckle and adult Ryohei act a LOT alike. So, yeah. It is basically retelling the story, so it seems. But there is something that I am uneasy with. Daemon Spade was Primo's Guardian and betrayed the family. Mukuro Rokudo is a Guardian but he's made it clear that he doesn't want to be one and he keeps saying that Tsuna is his next target and hee wants to take over the world.

Mukuro is like Byakuran and Daemon Spade. Both Mukuro and Byakuran wants/wanted to take over the world. and well, the similarities between Daemon and Mukuro are kinda obvious.

There is a difference tho. Daemon wanted to destroy the Vongola to make a nastier more evil Mafia. Mukuro Rokudo wanted to destroy the Vongola and all Mafia. Daemon wants to "improve" the Vongola by making it evil and living solely for the Vongola, I mean the Vongola is Daemon's life. He wants to destroy it to make it evil. Mukuro wants to destroy the Vongola and take over the world. He doesn't live for the Mafia, he lives for himself. and before Chrome back when Tsuna was fighting Mukuro. Well, Mukuro and Daemon were just exactly alike. It is because of Chrome that Mukuro became more likable. (I guess the secret to making men more likable is to bring in a helpless girl that he cares about more than anything.) I mean, before Chrome, Mukuro was just like Daemon. Evil and Hatable. Then Chrome came, and he became sweet, loving, he cares about her more than anything. He always refers to her as "dear Chrome," "Precious Chrome," and other affectionate names. There was even a 180 on his friends. When Tsuna was fighting Mukuro, he didn't care about his friends. He would possess them and he didn't care if they were to live or die. But doing the Vongola vs. Varia match, we saw a clip were Ken and Chikuzu escaped and Mukuro stayed behind. So, he went from,"I will possess my friends' bodies even if it kills them, I don't care," to staying behind in the Vindice Penitentiary so that his friends can escape.

Honestly, I don't know where are they going with Mukuro. He made it clear that Tsuna is his next Target, so he may betray them in the end. Or ..... I really don't know. But betrayal does seem likely. Maybe it would be a fair fight instead of a shady fight. I don't know. I guess I would love him now and hate him later.

But what do you guys think? Is Mukuro going to be another Daemon Spade?
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Posted 4/22/11 , edited 4/22/11
I dont think so. As you said Chrome is special to him. Chrome refers Tsuna as "Boss" and Kyouko Haru Lambo I-pin and Biachi as "Friends" Do you think Mukuro would hurt them? AAnd isnt the guardian of Mist actually Chrome?He does say Tsuna would be his next target but Hibari also says that. And Hibari was there for him. In the manga. I dont think Mukuro would do such deeds
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