Genie of the Sacred Mountain: Chapter 5: For the one that matters the most….
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The thunderous scream that reverberates within the entire sacred mountain. And the untimely sighting of Uji Gami spirit in his legendary transformation caused enough commotion to trigger an avalanche of people seeking pilgrimage, along with those who have ulterior motives of their own, to gather around the vicinity of the Oumiwa Shrine.

Sponsored volunteers kicked start the restoration process for the main shrine at the foot of the mountain, while gardeners tidied up the unkempt shrubbery around it. Through the red gate halfway up the top of the mountain, aligned with majestic cedar fine trees, lies the residence of Uji gami, the Sacred Mountain Guardian himself. And the mysterious Priestess who waited for the return of her master, along with all the other loyal souls who wished for eternal servitude, out of respect and gratitude, towards the legendary Guardians who grants wishes.

Meanwhile.., wearing one of the Priestess, colorful kimono-- without a sash, I looked out from the veranda, which is conveniently equipped with a long range view finder… Wondering, how come… no one dares to approached the red gate…?

I felt a warm gentle embrace coming from behind, a reassuring delicate touch, as you chan reached inside my kimono… Uaahh… ‘A mere touch, and yet… here I am… grasping for breath… I’m so pathetic…’ I thought to myself.

“Thinking again…?” You chan softly whispered. “The bath is ready… Shin” he added, with a teasing grin on his dial.

I couldn’t help it, but the teasing smile on You chan’s face gives me an impression that I’m walking into another prank… ‘Well… what the hell!! It’s not like, that there’s still something I haven’t lost yet… which includes my sanity… unfortunately.’ *Deep sigh*

While I was soaking in the bath, I finally realized that, ‘I’m not the only one… hanging, at the end of my rope… I’m not the only one hoping for a miracle… Everybody hits a brick wall at least once in their lifetime’.

The deafening scream…, the bright light that I vaguely remembered, when I slipped and fell into the freezing water-- last night, before I lost my consciousness; were real…? If so, it must have been… You chan’s true form… A white dragon…?

The warmth brought by the sunshine peeking through the small opening in the window and the fresh cool breeze seemed to compensate each other--moreover, the warm bath water I’m soaking in, felt so good…. As I closed my eyes, my entire body completely relaxed. Until....

“Yaahh!” I shouted, after realizing, that a slimy octopus was giving me a full body massaged.

‘Hey! It’s me…’ You chan’s voice echoed in my head.

‘What are you doing..!?’ I asked out of shock.

‘Trying to make you feel good… what else?’ You chan replied with a very sincere tone of voice as it echoes in my head, before he transformed back into my copycat image.

“Gomen nasai, I wrongfully assumed that eight tentacles are better than a pair of hands… I didn’t mean to scare you again… Shin” You chan said, with an apologetic looked in his eyes.

‘It doesn’t matter how many times I see him changing from one form into another, I still don’t think I would be able to get used to it….’ I reckoned.

“Honestly, what were you thinking? Would you like to end up as cooked octopus!?“ I scolded You chan while he was still sitting on top of me in the bath.

“You do care…” You chan said, with a teary eyes.

Just by looking at him: I couldn’t hold it anymore, those precious tears…. All for my sake… my heart melted… I reached out for You chan’s lips this time… rather than waiting for it.

“Wow! I never thought you have an aggressive bone in that body of yours.” You chan’s astonished response, as soon as our lips parted. “I liked it!” he added, with sparkles in his eyes…

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up… and kiss me!”

Without any hesitation, You chan… graciously complied. A gentle passionate kiss along with the steep penetrating warmth that digs deeper into our innermost being… While the rhythmic progression increased the pace of intimacy, the rolling ripples on the water turns into violent splashes as the moment of our unconditional surrender occurred at the same time. Aaahh…! While, our awareness transcended; all the way beyond cloud nine.

The bath water temperature grows cooler by the minute and yet we hardly noticed it… until we heard a knock on the door, “Uji gami sama, Shin dono…, your breakfast are ready” Youko chan’s sweet voice suddenly snapped us back into reality.

A perfect traditional Japanese breakfast was already prepared and served in the main reception room. When we emerged, after having a bath together; wearing an identical yukata, blushed in deep pink and very relaxed… Youko chan gave us a teasing looked as we sat down. I guess we cannot hide it from her…, especially with her keen sense of smell… not to mention my bashful smile would have probably said it all.

After we have our fill, we thanked Youko chan for the wonderful meal. And walked my way towards the veranda… Looking through the view finder again, I noticed that the number of people gathering around the main shrine had doubled.

‘Hmmm, interesting… ‘I thought to myself.

“Thinking, thinking…. Always thinking… So, what are you thinking about this time?” You chan asked inquisitively.

“Nothing much, I was just wondering… Why people, still believes… and still searches for miracle. When, science has already proven more or less; that there is no such thing as miracle.”

You chan turned me around and held me in his arms, as he uttered, “I cannot answer for anyone else, but my own…. As for me, I exist for the one that matters the most… You.”

End of part one…

Author’s Note; “For those who spend their precious time… sharing my happiness as they read through this Romantic-Fantasy story… Arigatou Gozaimasu!”
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Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/5/11
Author's note:

Some of those insightful queries that keeps me awake at night, normally finds it's way into the stories as well... I hope you don't mind, if I share it with you. *Smiles*

Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/6/11
Hmm...that last statement got me thinking too....O.o
Hey, the octopus surprised me too! <33 I don't blame Shin for being surprised from the octopus! LOVE ITTT!!!
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