Kinect's Potential
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Alright so I've had Kinect for X-Box 360 since xmas now, and only have 2 games for it, why? Because there's nothing else out yet. People are bad-mouthing it because of this, when really it is an incredible piece of technology.

Dance Central has provided me with more than one brilliant workout and fun at the same time. Kinect Adventures is great fun too.

Anyway my point is, its not got anything else coming out for a while when it could really be revolutionary if it wanted to be. For people who hate exercising, it really is awesome. Better than Wii potentially, because there is no need to hold anything or stand on anything and the voice control is impressive.

One good thing, Dance Dance Evolution is out this month and I can't wait.
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True, it's a incredible piece of technology
some even made awesome hacks with it
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o hai its a kine-- i mean eyetoy

-child of eden-

to be honest i feel tis rubbish
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I think it's a good idea in theory, but if you think about it, you could always just do that stuff for real ._.
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i broke my friends it fell note to self not made to fall off tv
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Locked because OP has nuked.

Anyone, feel free to recreate this topic as your own.
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