[KDrama~2011] Big Heat
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# Directed : Park Chan-yool (박찬율)
# Screenplay : Ha Moo-soo (하무수), Jeong Min-hwa (정민화)
# Airing dates : 2011/04/21~Now airing ~ Thurs 23:00

The process of the 4 member group "Big Hit"s road to fame and the youngsters that have a grudge against society but not giving up on their dreams.


* Choi Ah-ra as Eun-ha

Kim Joo-yeong as Kim San

Park Seong-woong as Hwang Jwa-soo

Lee Joo-hyeon as Goo Bon-geol

Jin Won as Seo Joon

Jo Seong-wook as Dok-go

Jo Seong-woo-I as Tae-hae

Oh Song asJoo-pil (주필)

Kwak Hyeon-hwa

Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/5/11
Pfft. As if there aren't enough j-dramas about troubled youth.

Now Korea has to jump on that bandwagon with a musical twist...

I'll be skipping this.
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New idol-themed drama, “Big Hit”, to feature two upcoming debuts

Following the success of “Dream High“, another idol-themed drama will be making its way to the small screen. Titled “Big Hit“, the 13-episode long drama co-produced by “Drama Cube” and “E Channel” held its first production conference on April 18th.

The drama centers its focus on the debut and promotion process of virtual rookie four member idol group, ‘Big Hit’. The drama is also unique in that it features two cast members that are actually training to debut in the industry later this year.

PD Park Chan Yool revealed that as it is being broadcast through a cable channel, not public, the drama will delve into some of the more realistic and controversial issues surounding the entertainment industry, like idol contracts.

The PD assured, “We’re confident that this drama will be of higher quality than ‘Dream High’. It will be a completely different color, something in its own league.”

The four leading roles are characters that have been wounded in the face of society, but still manage to find the determination to continue working for their dreams.

The PD continued, “I realize that there are similarities with ‘Dream High’, but the difference lies in the fact that we’re using fresh faces just starting their acting and singing careers. We’ve already completed 70% of the filming, with content that can only be covered by a cable channel.”

The cast includes an all-rookie line-up, including Kim Joo Young, Oh Song, Choi Ara, Jo Sung Wook, and Jo Sung Woo. The drama will begin airing through E Channel on April 21st.

Source: SPN via Naver, Hankyung
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