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Ragnarok Online!
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22 / M / Heckie
Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/6/11
I LOVE Ragnarok and its millions of servers out there :P

I mainyl been playing To See Beyond RO and DareDevil RO ^_^

Do any of you guys play the official iRO or any other Ragnarok servers? o.o I dunno why but I cant stand them >3< then again I love Super High Rates x3
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23 / F / In your room ♥
Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/9/11
I've played iRO but it's DEAD right now. [Well, at least the valkyrie server is lol]
It was really fun while it lasted though (O w O)
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Posted 4/17/11 , edited 4/17/11
wow, I used to play Ragnarok like 7 years ago O____o I spent a lot of money buying level up cards just to play it [well, not really my money] but it's already dead and I already quit playing like 5 years ago...

I installed new ragnarok at my laptop last november but haven't played it til now ._. well at least u don't need to buy level up cards now just to play >:D

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Posted 5/2/11 , edited 5/3/11
RO was the first mmo i ever played

I really liked and enjoyed the game, that game has one of the best massive pvp if not the very best, IMO
Woe is what made me play the game for several years and i guess its also the reason why i got hooked on MMOs

i never played on IRO since back in the day i had no way to pay for the subscription and the free official servers would take too much of my time to level and gear up.

so i played on a pserver with 3x3x1 rates for like 5 or 6 years then quit for some years and when i heard about the new jobs i tried it again but i lost interest soon since most of the classes had bugs and stuff

and right now i play on a mid rates 500x500x100 drops (except boss/miniboss cards) but not that often, in fact i haven't log in the last 3 months

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26 / M
Posted 5/27/11 , edited 5/27/11
I haven't played in a couple years but i think i still remeber my log in info, what ur screen names? PvP anyone?
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26 / M / USA
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/3/11
i played Gathering RO
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33 / M
Posted 6/5/11 , edited 6/5/11
i used to play RO but serioulsy, not only the game , but also the gamers were completely DEAD. when i asked some dudes to make a party and kill a boss or do some leveling , nobody answered anything, the only thing many ragnarok online players do is just sit down in one town all the time without doing anything . when that started to happen i quit playing Ragnarok and started to play WOW ,League of Legends and lately Nostale , these games are really alive. there are many enthusiastic players. but ragnarok online really disappointed me in that aspect.
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26 / M / beside Amane_Misa...
Posted 7/5/11 , edited 7/6/11
I was playing in XileRO
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24 / F / Chicago, IL
Posted 8/9/11 , edited 8/9/11
I started the whole RO gaming seven years ago.. and i've been in love with XileRO for 3-4 years now xD
i seldom log on though
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31 / F / England
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11
Ro is old. So very very old.

Saying that, I've been playing it on and off for years. Mostly off now. Considering where all the private servers have gone.
My last server that I actually got into, would be the ones I did with my ex. Poi and Baku. The latter not going anywhere.
Before that, ScytheRO. Back when there were only 18 players, Zai's early days. :P
I've server hopped and such, but it's not the same anymore. Still, it was good. ^^

- Kit (Kitsune Chan)
Posted 8/12/11 , edited 8/12/11
I play using the official iRO Valkyrie server. It is fun to play and leveling up is not too easy but not too difficult even if you are a loner. Take quests to get additional experience points

Don't even think of being a "loner" if you want to level-up a support/full-support character. I did it on my FS Priest and I got stuck at base level 74 until now

If I have nothing to do and just want to kill time, I hang-out outside City of Prontera - South Gate.

I do use Mystic RO but only to test some skills. It is really boring to play if the game is too easy to level-up

So far Ragnarok Online is the BEST MMORPG I have ever play. I have tried other MMORPG but the gameplays all sucked.
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35 / F / USA
Posted 8/16/11 , edited 8/17/11
i tried RO a couple times before, but eh...never got into it. it seemed like too much of a grind fest, and it was difficult to find your quests as they weren't really marked by anything. if i didn't have a friend playing with me, i wouldn't have known where to go or what to do.
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32 / M / Philippines
Posted 11/5/11 , edited 11/5/11
ragnarok is still popular right now especially in Asia
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25 / M / Canada
Posted 12/29/11 , edited 12/30/11
The official server is now free to play so i might play it again the "legit" way because I only played on high rate servers.
Posted 6/30/12 , edited 6/30/12
Ahh, the topic I'm looking for~!
Anymore people play iRO? I play on the Valkyrie server, and started about two/three weeks ago. It's pretty fun so far. I've made a FS HP, and usually hang out at South Pront, if you guys ever wanna just chill with me there and level together. My IGN is Xyliar.

I also play BlackoutRO, which is a high rate. My main character is: Tiara!

Happy gaming~
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